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Get pregnant and enjoy a healthy pregnancy in 2019!

Is this the year you will get pregnant? Have your baby? Start a family? The New Year not only offers a clean slate but gives us all a chance to begin new and life-changing experiences. 2019 will be the year when many couples will get pregnant and start their families, or add to their growing families. If you have decided that 2019 is the year for you, read on!

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We’ve got all the information on what you need to do right now to get in shape for pregnancy, what you should be eating, and how you can get pregnant now! For Dads-to-be, we bring you the lowdown on fertility testing, how to help your partner chart ovulation, and pregnancy tips for dads-to-be. If you are already pregnant, learn about what your nutrition goals should be, how you can (and should!) pamper yourself during pregnancy, and which of your favorite exercises and sports are still safe to do to stay in shape.

Wishing you an exciting and memorable 2019!