Sex and sexual positions

When To Have Sex When Using Ovulation Predictor Kits

Learn the perfect time for sexual intercourse when using ovulation predictor kits. ... read more »

Sex and Men

Learn all about men and sex: male libido, male circumcision, STDs, premature ejaculation, and more! ... read more »

LH surge and Sex

If he has enough sperm, once a day is the preferred frequency of sex. Having sexual intercourse after ovulation will not get you pregnant. ... read more »

Bringing Back the Thrill to the Bedroom

Thrills in the bedroom are far from natural and couples need to take the time to understand needs, wants, desires and the process to make these a reality when the time is right. ... read more »

Relationship Between Penis Size and Fertility

The bigger the penis the more manly the man, but medically speaking, penis size does not necessarily correlate with manliness. Just like no two people have the same fingerprints, no two men have the same penis, but that doesn’t mean one man is more fertile than another. ... read more »

Common STDs in Men

STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are passed from one person to another via unprotected sex. Syphilis, HIV, and gonorrhea are three major STDs men have to worry about. ... read more »


Can my husband masturbate while we TTC? ... read more »

Is It Normal for Semen to Leak Out of the Vagina?

Sperm leakage happens. Some women notice some discharge immediately after sex and think that sperm and semen leaking out of the vagina is the cause of infertility. Is it? ... read more »

Sex Positions

Sex positions are positions that couples use for sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant or just for fun.  ... read more »

Coconut Oil for Smoothest Moves Between the Sheets

Food fads come and go and one particular edible has become the hottest trend around for bedroom pleasure, not the dinner table. Lovers everywhere are reaching for coconut oil. ... read more »

How to Make Love When You Are Trying to Get Pregnant

Fertility and pregnancy should not be the only reason for making love. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the person you love without the underlying need for a baby. ... read more »

Bringing Sexy Back With Role Playing

Sex is at the heart of trying to conceive (TTC). It is not uncommon for couples to have sex multiple times a week or even multiple times a day, in an effort to conceive. However, the longer a couple tries to conceive, the more planned and tedious sex can become. ... read more »

Sexy Songs: Bringing Back the Magic

Trying to conceive does not have to always be a game of fertilitycalendars and conception calculators. Sometimes, in the heat of tryingso hard, all you have to do is let romance happen and there is no better time than Valentine's Day. ... read more »

When to Work on Your Sex Life

At the heart of pregnancy is sex. If couples do not have intercourse, independent of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive techniques (ART), pregnancy will not occur. Sex is an intimate activity driven by emotion. ... read more »

Sexting: Romance for the Digital Age

While couples trying to conceive can use sexting to promote intimacy and sexual interest, there are a few rules to the game. ... read more »

Sex and Pregnancy: 3 Common Questions

Pregnancy brings about obvious changes to a woman's body but it doesn'thave to bring changes to the intimacy level between a woman and herlover. Questions about sex and pregnancy are common but many women areafriad to ask them. ... read more »

Three More STDs Men Have to Watch Out For

STD prevention is easy: don't have unprotected sex. The easiest and most effective preventative tactic is the use of condoms. ... read more »

Your Fertile Window: The Best Time For Sex

The "Fertile Window" are the days in your cycle when intercourse is most likely to result in pregnancy. This fertile window last for 6 days — it begins 5 days prior to ovulation and lasts until the day of ovulation. ... read more »

Sexual Position in Third Trimester

Which is the best sexual position in the third trimester? ... read more »

Masturbation During Pregnancy

Can I masturbate while I am pregnant? ... read more »

10 Ways to Improve the Sperm Count

You can improve the sperm count by following these 10 simple steps which include less sex and masturbation. ... read more »


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Sex and Pregnancy

Is it OK to have sex in pregnancy? There are some instances in which sex may need to be restricted. ... read more »

Sex While Standing

Can we get pregnant while we stand having sex? ... read more »

Post Coital Bleeding

There are several reasons for finding blood coming from the vagina after sex. Post coital bleeding can happen when you are pregnant and when you are not pregnant. If the bleeding is not severe it's usually not an emergency. ... read more »

Can You Get Pregnant From Dried Sperm?

There are literally hundreds of forum threads online asking this very question, but little offered in terms of educated answers. Foreplay, masturbation, and cuddling are all common ways to get semen on hands and penis, but what happens to sperm when semen dries? ... read more »

Menopause and Sex

There are no more periods to deal with every month, so sex should be fantastic...right? Women nearing menopause years or those in menopause often find this dream of a renewed sexual energy and vigor depressed by the realities of menopause. ... read more »


The missionary style is the most common sexual position, but it is also the base for many varieties of other positions. The Victory is simple to perform, ... read more »

What is an Orgasm?

An orgasm is the intense feeling of physical pleasure that human beings experience at the climax of sexual stimulation. ... read more »

Great Postpartum Sex in 12 Steps

The traditional rule of "no sex for six weeks" after giving birth has no real basis in science, and many couples want to resume having sexual intercourse earlier than the 6 weeks. ... read more »

Sex Myths And More Questions About Sex

Let us debunk some myths about sex, getting pregnant, and pregnancy. ... read more »

Why Does Great Sex Seems So Unattainable?

Great sex is the main focus of many men. They watch porn films trying to learn moves to please their partner, they listen to the wild and obnoxious exploits men claim in the gym locker room. ... read more »

Top Sex Mistakes Men Make With Women

Many men feel they have women all figured out when it comes to how to pleasure them in the bedroom. Experience and multiple partners do not correlate to every situation, however. ... read more »

Why Do Men Want to Skip Sex?

Yes, there are men out there who are willing to skip sex for a variety of reasons. Hollywood and relationship myths will have many people believe women are the ones who make up reasons to skip out on bedroom activities, but men can skip out as well. ... read more »

Why Do Men Cheat?

Ladies across the world consistently ask the question, 'Why do men cheat?' In a recent study, 200 men were asked about their relationship habits and why they chose to cheat or not to cheat. The answers may be a bit different than those many women expected. ... read more »

Who Wouldn't Want a Sex Addiction?

Many people who suffer from sex addiction start out believing they simply love sex. Sex addiction can lead to lost connection with family and friends, failed marriages, and other problems. ... read more »

Talking Libido Can Be Hard

When it comes to libido, there is a common misconception that men are always revving to go in the bedroom while women are the ones that drag their feet toward intimacy. ... read more »

Solving Relationship Problems May Improve Sex Life

Over time, if the problems are not rectified, the couple can say goodbye to a love life of any kind. Relationships are based on communication, interaction and trust. Male and female sexuality are also based on these three elements. ... read more »

Sexual Frustration Does Not Need To Rule Your Life

Sexual frustration does not always have to deal with the frequency of sexual intimacy. Instead, it often deals with the ability of a man to please his woman and vice versa. ... read more »

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is ejacuation that happens too early. The time it takes a man to reach ejaculation is often the subject of heated, personal thoughts. ... read more »

How to Boost Male Libido

When trying to combat a low libido, men often turn to medications and prescription treatments to increase sex drive and erection time. ... read more »

How is Your Sex Life?

Great sex is all about relaxation, confidence and understanding the definition of great sex. The following are the 3 top guidelines for how to improve your sex life and have great sex. ... read more »

Foreplay: What's in it For Me?

Men and women think about foreplay in completely different ways. In order to make the most of your sexual experience, there needs to be a common understanding about foreplay and its effect on sexual pleasure. ... read more »

Does Penis Enlargement Really Work?

When men worry about penis size, they often resort to supplements and solutions that promise penile or penis enlargement. However, most solutions have very little effect on real penis length or width. ... read more »

Can Pornography Be Addictive?

Pornography addiction is thought of as an addiction of the very real effects it can have on life and daily function. Wtih pornography addiction, pornography is a constant thought and often replaces personal, intimate contact with other human beings. ... read more »

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

The Wheelbarrow is a rear entry sexual position. After insertion from behind, the male lifts the legs of his female partner and holds them on either side of his body. ... read more »

Worm - Sex Position

The Worm is a version of the missionary sex position. The male lies flat and the female mounts him with her back to him. ... read more »

Sybian Sexual Position

The Sybian is a comfortable sex position that allows many variances for different couples. The sybian sexual position starts with the male partner lying on his back on an ottoman or other prop. ... read more »

Super-Woman Sexual Position

The super-woman sex position is a bit more extreme than other sexual positions. The female must place her hands on a sofa or chair. ... read more »

Stand and Carry Sexual Position

The Stand and Carry Sex position is performed with the male partner holding the female partner in his arms during intercourse or penetration. ... read more »