Pregnancy and Alcohol: Psychological Factors

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School-Age Drinking Increases Breast Cancer Risk

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Can Light Drinking Affect Fetal Development?

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Can I Drink Wine During Pregnancy

You should not drink any alcohol during pregnancy. Wine contains alcohol and you should not drink wine during pregnancy. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is bad for your baby and heavy drinking can cause birth defects and fetal alcohol syndrome, including wine. ... read more »

Foods and Substances to Avoid During Pregnancy

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Is Early Drinking Linked to Verbal Development?

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD), ARND, and ARBD

The full pattern of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome usually occurs in offspring of chronic alcohol abusers, most often in women who drink 4-5+ drinks daily. However, it can also occur in women who drink less. ... read more »

Medications With Alcohol During Pregnancy

  Pharmaceutical products with ethanol would fall under Category D of products screened by the US Food and Drug Administration. This category is for drugs which are known to cause various health risks to fetuses when the drugs are taken during pregnancy. ... read more »

Alcohol and the fetus

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is a significant public health problem and may result in a wide range of adverse outcomes for the child. ... read more »

Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Early Drinking Habits

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Both Men and Women Should Refrain from Alcohol for an IVF

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A Drunk Baby is Not a Happy Baby

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Even a Glass of Wine Might be Too Much for Breastfeeding Moms

Recently, I celebrated a birthday with a friend who had just had a baby. She was turning twenty-seven, and her newborn baby was with the grandparents for the evening. She explained that she hadn’t had alcohol since her baby was born three months ago. ... read more »