Breast Milk May Prevent Deadly Intestinal Problem in Preemies

Digestion issues are not uncommon for infants because they are very new to the whole eating process after all. However, there are some times when digestion and intestinal issues can become deadly serious. ... read more »

When is Bad Baby Breath a Bad Sign?

However, your baby’s bad breath might be a cause for concern if it is persistent and lasts more than just a day or so. It could be caused by a more serious problem. ... read more »

The Dangers of Introducing Solid Foods Too Soon

Whenever I babysat for my sisters when my nieces were still infants, I was always glad that the only feeding I had to do was through a bottle or with liquid food of some kind because I was terrified that they would choke and I wouldn’t know what to do. ... read more »

Study Indicates Massage Therapy Could Benefit Preterm Infants

A study published in the journal Early Human Development and conducted by the University Of Louisville School Of Nursing showed that massage therapy may help reduce stress for preterm infants. ... read more »

Breastfeeding and Antidepressants

Many women stop taking antidepressants when they become pregnant or when they begin breastfeeding, with the understanding that it's better for the baby to go without these drugs. But is this true? ... read more »

Sharing a Bed With Newborn and SIDS Risk

It’s understandable that new parents are enraptured by their infants and want to be near them, but research indicates that parents who share a bed with their newborn may actually be putting them at risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). ... read more »

Preventing Emergency Care Visits for Infants

Some new moms are even more prone to visit the emergency room for any and every little thing, which can get expensive fast. Another option is to have a nurse on call for home visits, but this is also expensive. ... read more »

Disfigurement in Infancy is Often Temporary

There is one story my mom always tells when the subject of childhood safety scares comes up during family discussions. She was very careful to make sure nothing bad happened to me as, but one slip-up gave her a story she will never forget. ... read more »

How to Decorate the Baby Room During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Getting the baby's room ready is a time-honored tradition and can be done safely if you read our 12-step program. ... read more »

What Not to Do When Your Baby Swallows Something Harmful

You may have heard that it’s a good idea to keep ipecac in your medicine cabinet in case your baby swallows anything he shouldn’t. Ipecac is a medication that induces vomiting, so it seems to make sense as a treatment in that case. ... read more »

Do Not Trust Mr. Yuk

Before a toddler knows what’s poisonous and what’s not, there needs to be a way to warn them easily. That’s when Mr. Yuk was designed. ... read more »

When the Gag Reflex Interferes with Eating

The gag reflex shows up around six months, and it is meant to help prevent babies from choking on their food by causing an upward motion of the tongue. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Tennis During Pregnancy?

Conflicting reports about playing games such as tennis can be confusing, but here are some guidelines that will help you to decide if playing tennis during your pregnancy is safe. ... read more »

Should Baby be a Part of the Juicing Fad?

I don’t know about your town, but my town is going absolutely juice-crazy. Every day a new juice place pops up that offers fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices straight from an industrial strength juicer. I’m definitely not complaining. ... read more »

Is My Baby too Young for Food Allergy Testing?

As the parent of a child with life-threatening food allergies I immediately thought the child was having an allergic response to food, but could the parents order food allergy testing at nine months old? ... read more »

Should Your Baby Have the Flu Shot?

Flu season is right around the corner. With flu season comes the influx of flu vaccination offers. The CDC reports around 20,000 children require hospital care each year from the flu, but how young is too young to get the flu vaccine? ... read more »

Did I Cause My Son's Food Allergy?

When I was raising my twins, I remember the pediatrician telling me to hold off on introducing common food allergens until they were 12 months old. I followed the guidance of my pediatrician, but with the first introduction of peanuts my son suffered an allergic reaction. ... read more »

Is Your Child Losing the Baby Weight?

We’ve all heard mom’s talking about their struggle with losing their baby weight. What most moms don’t consider though is whether or not their baby is losing weight too. It’s actually quite common to see a drop in weight for babies in the days after birth. ... read more »

What You Need to Know about Foreign Travel with Baby

Before taking your baby outside of the country, you should first understand the risks and problems associated with foreign travel for infants. ... read more »

No Peeking! Are Ultrasounds Really Safe for Babies?

I’m always amazed at the way expectant mothers are able to interpret the images of their ultrasounds. What look essentially like grey and black blobs to me suddenly become hands, fingers, faces and knees to these excited women. ... read more »

Top 5 Toddler Food Choking Hazards

It’s pretty exciting when your toddler begins to eat solid food, but eating solid foods also comes with new trials like picky eating and unfortunately, choking hazards. ... read more »

iAlert, the First Smartphone Monitored Car Seat

At the first glance, the car seat looks like any other well-made product. It’s a comfortable and easy-to-use car seat that features a removable headrest for better rear-facing installation and it comfortably sits any infant or toddler up to 35 pounds. ... read more »

When Do Babies Learn to Fear Heights?

Falling from something tall can hurt an awful lot. That’s why researchers find it slightly odd that infants don’t start to fear height until they are about nine months old. ... read more »

Baby Can Learn to Swim Earlier Than You Might Think

Have you ever seen one of those horrifying yet intriguing videos online where they throw a newborn baby into the water? Supposedly, babies can swim instinctively, or at least float in a way that allows them to survive until someone helps them. ... read more »

When Can You Teach Your Baby to Swim?

It might surprise you to know that children can start learning how to swim as young as six months old. However, they don’t actually start swimming until they are about three years old. ... read more »

The Risks of Co-Sleeping

Like most bad habits, co-sleeping with your baby is easy to start but very hard to stop. When you feel excited about finally having your little one home with you after nine long months of waiting, the time apart at night will be difficult. ... read more »

Cool Babies are Safe Babies

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is something every mother fears. Many find themselves uneasy for the first year of their baby’s life, constantly wanting to check to make sure their little one is breathing. ... read more »

Breastfed Babies are Less Likely to Get Salmonella

It’s obviously extremely important that you prevent your baby from getting salmonella, but sometimes it isn’t as easy as keeping the utensils clean and cooking food thoroughly. ... read more »

Does Your Baby Have Eczema?

You’ll probably freak out about any rashes you find on your baby’s body. You’ll always be checking your baby’s skin for any issues, and when you notice redness or dryness you’ll be tempted to call the pediatrician’s emergency line. ... read more »

Even Packaged Meat Could Harm Your Baby

Many of us fondly remember the days of grocery shopping with our moms as children. She would strap us into the car seat and drive us to the nearest supermarket to get all of her weekly purchases out of the way. ... read more »

Handling Baby Eczema

I had heard of eczema, but never on little babies. What is baby eczema and how could mothers take care of it so they aren’t stuck with baby albums full of splotchy red babies? ... read more »

Are There Prenatal Gymnastics Classes?

What happens, though, when babies just don’t turn around? What if they turn around and then change their minds and turn back? I know breech births exist, but what do they really mean and can they be avoided? ... read more »

Is the Air Clean Enough for Your Infant?

Do you live in a place that’s known for clean air? If not, you could inadvertently be hurting your infant. There are enough factors to worry about that you actually can control when it comes to a new baby, much less things like pollution that you can’t. ... read more »

Can Your Baby Really Learn from an iPad?

Today I watched a video of a baby touching her first magazine. The title of the video was, “A Magazine is an iPad that Doesn’t Work.” The baby was extremely confused as she tried touching the static images to make them move. ... read more »

When You Find Baby Making a Salad out of Your Poinsettias

I did research about plants and babies to find out which are poisonous, and research shows that few plants are actually fatal. ... read more »

Before Baby Arrives, Take Polly to the Vet

There are countless benefits to having pets. Especially when you have young kids in the house, pets can be an endless source of entertainment and love. ... read more »

What You Need to Know about Infant Ear Piercing

Whether you’re following tradition or simply enjoy the aesthetic, you might decide to pierce your baby’s ears. Many parents feel that, since their little girl will have her ears pierced eventually, it is better to do it when they won’t remember the pain. ... read more »

Are Infant Simulators a Good Idea for Women?

These infant simulators may be good practice for women who want a little more experience before having children. Several of my friends are only children and have no younger cousins. This means that they often have no experience around babies and toddlers. ... read more »

Is BPA Making Children Obese?

A few years ago, my husband bought us new metal water bottles because we tend to just reuse plastic bottles we buy at the store, and he was worried about ingesting too much BPA. I didn’t actually know anything about BPA in water bottles, so I looked it up. ... read more »

Why You Should be Sharing Their Pacifier

Some members of my family wash their infant’s pacifiers with hospital-like sterilization processes every time it hits the ground, while others simply pick it up and pop it in their own mouth for a quick cleaning. ... read more »

Should You Use a Bath Seat for Your Baby?

Sitting up is one of the first major milestones in your baby’s life. Once he or she can sit up and look around, your baby will have the opportunity to get a good look at the world around them. ... read more »

Should You Skip the Sling?

Baby slings are one of those new inventions that truly complete the modern-mom look. They come in stylish colors in patterns, and every mom-on-the-go in New York City and beyond can be seen toting their baby in a casual sling that compliments their outfit. ... read more »

Don’t Be Too Frugal with Baby’s Formula

One subject that always caused disagreement in the house when I was there was whether or not they should refrigerate the baby’s leftover formula. ... read more »

Hairspray Is Especially Dangerous for Baby Boys

A few months back, I researched the side effects of cosmetic products on pregnant women. If you work in a salon, you need to be careful which types of products you handle because many contain toxins that are dangerous to a developing fetus. ... read more »

Why Your Infant is Too Sweet for Honey

When I opened my daycare a few years back, the regulations stated that I could not serve honey. I was puzzled by this. Why in the world would honey be bad for babies? Honey is all natural, if you buy it organic, and it’s one food that will never go bad. ... read more »

Mommy, Read Me that Story You Did When You Were Pregnant

Everyone knows I love to give books as baby gifts. It’s just what I do. What I didn’t realize until recently is that mothers love receiving these books, and not just because they are a great start to a library for their future little ones. ... read more »

How Much Exercise Should Babies and Toddlers Get?

Make sure you don’t neglect your children’s physical health as well. Babies and toddler need structured physical activity in order for them to thrive and develop healthily. ... read more »

Aluminum in Infant Formula

Though most doctors agree that breastfeeding is the best choice after pregnancy, many doctors also agree that sometimes it’s just not the best option. If breastfeeding negatively impacts the health of the mother and infant, then formula is recommended. ... read more »

How Depression Can Hurt Your Baby before Birth

Experts urge pregnant women to relax during their pregnancy and avoid situations or events that are particularly stressful, because babies born under those conditions tend to be less healthy in general. ... read more »

Why Baby Foods Aren’t Suitable for Weaning

Many babies go safely from breast milk straight to solid foods with no trouble. A recent study supports this method and suggests that parents should try a strict milk-based diet until their little ones are ready for solid food. ... read more »