Raising a Preemie: That Little Bit of Formula

Preemies are like tiny little creatures with all ten fingers and toes. With that tiny little body comes a tiny little appetite. Some new twin moms choose to breastfeed and others choose to bottle feed.  ... read more »

What Causes Poor Lactation?

Pregnancy, childbirth and raising a newborn bring up a multitude of awkward moments for the new mother, especially when she has the unenviable task of listening to the advice of her husband’s grandmother discussing her own experiences with those events. ... read more »

Extended Breastfeeding: The Ultimate Take-Out Meal

I have become fairly accustomed to seeing women breastfeeding their babies in public. I never really noticed it before my sister was pregnant. She was given an assortment of breastfeeding accessories at her baby shower. ... read more »

Is Breastfeeding While Pregnant Safe?

Breastfeeding is considered healthiest option for baby and can be continued for more than one year. Back to back pregnancies can mean mom is still breastfeeding one child while pregnant with another. ... read more »

Breast Milk Kills HIV Cells: But Not Without Help

Breast milk antibodies have the ability to kill HIV cells, and researchers say that the same milk that causes infection can also prevent infection, with a little help. ... read more »

FDA Warning on Codeine and Breastfeeding

The FDA today warned breastfeeding mothers who take codeine for after-birth pain to carefully watch their babies for signs of life-threatening drug side effects. ... read more »

Is Breast Milk Safe for Him?

There are countless questions and discussions about men being addicted to or in love with breast milk. Behind the discussions are women wondering if sharing breast milk with hubby is the best idea. ... read more »

How Long Can I Breastfeed Exclusively?

One of the hottest topics of debate in the breastfeeding community over the last decade has been about when to introduce solid foods. ... read more »

Can I Breastfeed My Adopted Child?

One of the best means of feeding baby is through breastfeeding, but adoptive mothers can’t breastfeed if they haven’t carrying the baby for the pregnancy – or can they? ... read more »

How to Handle Breast Leaks at Work

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed baby, but it doesn't afford many women the option of staying at home the entire first year after birth. When you must return to the workplace you must also prepare for leaking breasts at any and all times. ... read more »

Effective Vaccine for Baby Produced by Your Own Breasts

One of the most amazing feats your body will perform late in the third trimester is the automatic production of special breast milk called colostrum.  ... read more »

Breast Milk Overflow? Consider Donating to the NICU

For many mothers who welcome their babies into the world ahead of schedule, ensuring that their tiny miracles get enough to eat can be an incredible challenge. For the youngest of the preemies, their digestive systems are not even developed enough to process milk. ... read more »

Breastfeeding Offers Extended Vacation from Menstruation

Even before you’ve actually given birth to your baby, you’ll need to make the decision about whether or not you’ll breastfeed. If you make the choice to do so, you’ll need to start almost right away when your baby gets hungry for the first time outside the womb. ... read more »

Can Breastfeeding Improve Your Baby’s Brain Growth?

Breastfeeding has been a hot topic for women since instant formula was created. Some women think that breastfeeding is the only way to go. Some think that it’s good for the first few months, but then formula can used, and some women only ever use formula. ... read more »

What to Do When Your Breast Milk Runs Dry

A friend of mine recently stopped breastfeeding because she suddenly stopped producing enough milk. Though her doctor insisted that she could still breastfeed if she wanted to by trying to increase her supply, she graciously took it as nature’s hint. ... read more »

Is B.O. a Breastfeeding Requirement?

It’s bad enough that you’re heavier than you used to be, disheveled from sleepless nights and pulsing with leftover hormones when you’re a new mom, but do you also have to be stinky from body odor? ... read more »

A Drunk Baby is Not a Happy Baby

Everyone has at least one thing they judge. It may be shameful, but it is a reality of being human. There is always at least one person who we look at out of the corner of our eyes and think disparaging thoughts. ... read more »

Why Baby Foods Aren’t Suitable for Weaning

Many babies go safely from breast milk straight to solid foods with no trouble. A recent study supports this method and suggests that parents should try a strict milk-based diet until their little ones are ready for solid food. ... read more »

Why You May Have to Stop Breastfeeding

My older and younger sisters have each taken very different approaches to breastfeeding in regards to duration. However, they both had that choice. Unfortunately, some women are forced to stop breastfeeding due to elements outside of their control. ... read more »

Whatever Decision You Make about Breastfeeding, Stick To It

Once you begin breastfeeding, you must stay committed to it until you are ready to wean your baby. There are many benefits to breastfeeding, including a “shot” of immunoglobins in the first few days of breast milk after pregnancy. ... read more »

Hindmilk Versus Foremilk

Though feeding your baby with the milk you produce seems like a very simple and straightforward process, the milk you are producing is actually very multifaceted. ... read more »

Breastfeeding Adapts to Provide Beneficial Stomach Bacteria

All of my sisters started breastfeeding their children right away. Some of them stuck with it longer than the others for one reason or another, but they all made the choice to start out with breast milk because they wanted to give their children all the nutrients they could. ... read more »

A Breast a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

The last time I mentioned my husband’s allergies, she told me he was not breastfed, but his younger brother was. Could this really explain the difference in how the two men responded to the changing seasons? ... read more »