Medications With Alcohol During Pregnancy

  Pharmaceutical products with ethanol would fall under Category D of products screened by the US Food and Drug Administration. This category is for drugs which are known to cause various health risks to fetuses when the drugs are taken during pregnancy. ... read more »

The Safety of Nasal Sprays during Pregnancy is Unclear

When you’re pregnant, even the most minor ailments can seem especially disheartening. You’re already in pain from your baby bump, so the added stress of any illnesses or complications can make you feel like you’d rather just stay in bed all day. ... read more »

Bromocriptine (Parlodel)

What is Bromocriptine (Parlodel) and how is it taken? ... read more »

What is a Pregnancy Registry and Why Should You Be in One?

A pregnancy registry is a study that gathers information from pregnant women who need to use medications during their pregnancies to improve their birth outcomes. ... read more »

FDA Pregnancy Category System Of Antibiotics

The Food and Drug Administration lists antibiotics in categories based on safety for use during pregnancy. It has five categories to indicate the potential to cause birth defects during pregnancy. ... read more »

Prozac And Pregnancy

Is prozac safe to take when you're pregnant? Several studies comparing women who did take Prozac with women who didn't take it showed that pregnancy outcome did not differ between the groups. ... read more »

Categories Of Medications Given During Pregnancy

Medications fall into certain categories which signify how harmful a drug might be during pregnancy. Drugs are categorized into category A, B, C, D, or X. ... read more »

How Safe is Sudafed During Pregnancy?

How safe is Sudafed during pregnancy? Some say the drug should only be offered to pregnant women after having a "risk/benefit" discussion with their doctor. ... read more »

Are Newer Drugs Safer during Pregnancy Than Older Drugs?

There are new drugs released all the time. The Food and Drug Administration does not require formal pregnancy testing on drugs before approval is granted. When in doubt, the drug is placed in category B or C, which means the drug has not been thoroughly tested. ... read more »