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Should I Get Vaccinated During Pregnancy?

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is the group of medical and public health experts that develops the annual recommendations on who should be vaccinated with what and when. ... more »
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Dramatic Rise in E-Cig Calls to Poison Control Centers; More Than Half Involve Kids 5 and Under

Electronic cigarettes "represent an emerging public health concern," according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). ... more »
Travel and Pregnancy Babymoon

Safe Travel Tips for Babymooners

Traveling while pregnant introduces some new elements that need to be addressed during the planning stage but most healthy pregnant women can enjoy travel until well into the pregnancy. ... more »
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CDC Urges Pregnant Women Affected by West Virginia Chemical Spill to Remain on High Alert

More than 300,000 residents of West Virginia have been unable to use the tap water running into their homes, workplaces, restaurants, schools, and elsewhere. ... more »
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Flu Vaccine Protects Baby From Much More Than the Flu

The 2009 H1N1 flu pandemic offered unprecedented opportunity to study the effect of flu vaccinations on pregnant women and the babies they carried. Before 2009, less than 18 percent of all pregnant women in the US got flu shots. In 2009, that rate rose to 45 percent. ... more »
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Flu Vaccine, Explained

It is vitally important that pregnant women get the flu vaccine. Pregnant women comprise one of the risk groups at greater danger for complications and more likely to get sick. ... more »
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Colds and Flu in the Delivery Room

Pregnancy puts a woman at increased risk of the flu and catching colds. In addition, pregnant women are more likely to get it, more likely to feel sicker with it, and more likely to experience complications that require medical care. ... more »
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Sickle Cell Disease, Fertility and Pregnancy

Women with sickle cell disease are more likely to have problems during pregnancy; these problems can affect both the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. ... more »
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Mindfulness Training Reduces Urge to Smoke

A group of scientists has discovered that mindfulness training reduces the urge to smoke. This research could help millions of women quit smoking during pregnancy. ... more »
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Efforts to Reduce Spina Bifida and Other Birth Defects Are Working

Fortunately, the rate of birth defects in the United States has plummeted by 32 percent in the last decade according to a press release issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC. ... more »