Learn all you need to know about cesarean sections!

Can I Have A Cesarean Section After A Myomectomy?

During a myomectomy, one or many incisions are made into the uterus, the myoma is cut out, and the defects are sutured. Can I have a cesarean section after myomectomy? ... read more »

Giving Birth

It's an amazing experience to bring a baby into the world, so it's normal for pregnant women to look forward to giving birth.  ... read more »

Why won't my doctor let me VBAC?

There are reasons why a woman may be told by her care provider that she is not “allowed” to attempt a VBAC even though she is a good candidate. ... read more »

Why Defensive Medicine Scares Me as a Future Obstetrician

Defensive medicine is something that I wish I wouldn’t have to practice. I want to provide care that is the best for mom and baby, not the type of care that my insurance company will want to see. ... read more »

The Gentle Cesarean Birth

For those that need or want a cesarean section, the option to have a gentle cesarean birth – or certain aspects of it – is quite appealing to many moms-to-be. ... read more »

HBAC: Home Birth After Cesarean

A topic I see discussed online quite a lot is that of HBAC, which stands for home birth after cesarean... ... read more »

Antibiotics Help Reduce Infection If Given Before Surgery

The risk of infection after C-section delivery is just as high as the risk with any other type of surgery. Typically, antibiotics are given after surgery and while effective, there could be a better way to reduce the risk of infection. ... read more »

Lowering IQs One Chemical and C-Section at a Time

In a previous blog post I talked about C-sections versus vaginal births and the impact of that decision on brain and mental development of offspring. In short, children born vaginally get a brain boost compared to children born via C-section. ... read more »

How Bad Does Labor Really Hurt?

The million-dollar-question many pregnant women want answered is about the truth behind labor pain. Labor pain, like all other forms of pain, cannot be described in a way that pertains to all pregnant women. ... read more »

3 Things You Want to Save During and After Pregnancy

I was diligent my first pregnancy. I kept every note from the doctor, every appointment card and every small snippet of medical information given to me about my pregnancy and my fetus. That baby book resembled a Tolstoy novel by the time I gave birth. ... read more »

Repeat C-Sections Come with Problems

According to BJOG, women who have five or more C-sections are at increased risk of birth complications - some life-threatening. ... read more »

Is VBAC an Option for My Next Pregnancy?

For some women, having a vaginal delivery is a rite of passage and many don’t feel they really experienced all there is to experience in motherhood without a vaginal delivery, but not all women will be able to have children vaginally. ... read more »

Natural Birth Boosts Brain Proteins

There are definitive medical reasons for scheduling a C-section delivery. Many of these reasons ultimately help reduce the risk of labor complications or the C-section is used as an emergency delivery option if fetal complications are observed. ... read more »

Is a Vaginal Birth Really Important to Mother/Child Bond?

There are some women who never get the chance to have a vaginal birth – and I’m one of those people. Various health concerns forced my three pregnancies to end in C-sections. ... read more »

What is Prodromal Labor?

I remember being pregnant with baby one and baby two – no contractions, no symptoms of labor – nothing but planned C-sections due to my interesting ability to grow larger than normal fetuses. ... read more »

C-Section Rates Vary Widely Among US Hospitals

C-section deliveries are more expensive and risky than vaginal deliveries and C-section rates have risen by nearly 12% from 1996 to 2011. ... read more »

Is Vaginal Birth Safe after a Cesarean Section?

If you have had a cesarean delivery in the past and wish to have a vaginal birth, you have an increased risk for uterine rupture. The uterine rupture occurs at the site of the cesarean incision and is caused by the pressure required during vaginal birth. ... read more »

How Big is Too Big for a Vaginal Delivery?

Most women hope that they can deliver their baby vaginally, especially if it's their first. Having a baby is a unique experience, so it’s natural to want that connection with your offspring as opposed to the impersonal Cesarean delivery. ... read more »

Do Twice the Babies Mean Twice the Labor?

What was the truth about her double duty, however? Was she facing twice the labor concerns just because she was getting twice the babies? ... read more »

C-Sections More Common When Women Snore

New research suggests that women who snore during pregnancy are more likely to have C-sections and babies with lower birth weight. ... read more »

What Your Placenta May Mean for Your Pregnancy and Delivery

I knew the placenta was an important aspect of pregnancy, but I was soon to learn it had far deeper implications for pregnancy and delivery than I had suspected. ... read more »

Is it Safe to Have a Baby if You Have Herpes?

Just because you contracted genital herpes at one point or another does not mean you have to abstain from having a baby for the rest of your life. As long as you take the proper precautions, you can have a safe and natural delivery with no complications. ... read more »

Breech Births Don’t Always Require a C-Section

If all goes according to plan with your birth, your baby will come out headfirst. He or she might be in a standing position up to the 36th week of your pregnancy, but after that, the position will be shifted in preparation for delivery. ... read more »

Want a Quicker C-Section Recovery? Chew Gum

If you go through a cesarean section, either by choice or by circumstances out of your control, there will be some recovery time necessary after the surgery. ... read more »