Learn all you need to know about cesarean sections!

Can I Have A Cesarean Section After A Myomectomy?

During a myomectomy, one or many incisions are made into the uterus, the myoma is cut out, and the defects are sutured. Can I have a cesarean section after myomectomy? ... read more »

Giving Birth

It's an amazing experience to bring a baby into the world, so it's normal for pregnant women to look forward to giving birth.  ... read more »

How Bad Does Labor Really Hurt?

The million-dollar-question many pregnant women want answered is about the truth behind labor pain. Labor pain, like all other forms of pain, cannot be described in a way that pertains to all pregnant women. ... read more »

C-Section Rates Vary Widely Among US Hospitals

C-section deliveries are more expensive and risky than vaginal deliveries and C-section rates have risen by nearly 12% from 1996 to 2011. ... read more »

Natural Birth Boosts Brain Proteins

There are definitive medical reasons for scheduling a C-section delivery. Many of these reasons ultimately help reduce the risk of labor complications or the C-section is used as an emergency delivery option if fetal complications are observed. ... read more »