Fertility 101: Lesson 08 - I Want That Coverline

    The coverline is a horizontal line drawn after ovulation to help differentiate temperatures before ovulation (low) and temperatures after ovulation (high). ... more »

    Fertility 101: Lesson 07 - The Big O Ovulation And Your Temperature

    Your BBT or Basal Body Temperature is your body's temperature at rest, when you have slept for several hours. The best time to take your BBT is first thing in the morning when you wake up. ... more »

    Biphastic Curve

    Your temperature may go up and stay up above the coverline for 14-16 days after ovulation. That is called a "biphasic curve". ... more »

    Coverline and BBT Charting

    The coverline is a horizontal line drawn in your basal body temperature BBT chart after ovulation has been established. ... more »

    Setting Ovulation and Coverline Visually

    How is a visual interpretation of ovulation and coverline done? ... more »

    Fallback Temperature

    A fallback temperature happens when your basal body temperature that was above the coverline drops for 1-2 days below the coverline. ... more »

    BBT - How To Do A Basal Body Temperature Chart

    Learn how to chart your basal body temperature (BBT) ... more »

    Coverline - Temps to Overlook

    The coverline is drawn after your basal body temperature has risen because of ovulation and stayed up for at least 2-3 days. ... more »

    Coverline - How To Draw It On Your Temperature Chart

    How to draw a coverline when fertility charting. ... more »

    Coverline - When Is It Being Drawn

    When your waking body temperature rises more than 0.2 or two-tenths of a degree higher than the previous six days, and it stays that way for at least two days, you can start drawing your coverline. ... more »

    Coverline - What Is It?

    How do I determine my coverline? ... more »