Can You Stop Menopause by Freezing an Ovary?

According to research and practice in the UK, women may be able to stop menopause and preserve fertility for as long as they’d like. We currently freeze eggs and sperm, so is it such a big medical jump to freeze ovaries whole? ... read more »

Embryo Adoption Adds New Twist to Adopting a Child

The terms embryo adoption and embryo donation are often used interchangeably but some state laws attach specific definitions to them and require state-sanctioned regulations and uses. ... read more »

Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

Egg freezing is a method of fertility preservation for women. Cancer, age and family history of premature menopause are the most common reasons women choose to freeze eggs. ... read more »

Fertility Treatments: What is Vitrification?

Freezing sperm, eggs and embryos for later use has been part of reproductive science for many years, though the traditional freezing process is flawed. During the time it takes to move a substance from room temperature to freezing, water collects and ice crystals form. ... read more »

Woman Goes on Freezing Frenzy to Prolong Fertility

Sarah Elizabeth Richards shares how her desire to someday become a mother led to a year-long freezing frenzy in the hope there would be enough healthy eggs available when the right man came along. ... read more »

Teen With Cancer Chooses Cryopreservation to Retain Fertility

One day when Hailey was playing with her baby sister, she realized how important it was for her to become a mother herself someday. ... read more »

Women Feel Positive About Egg Banking

A new study shows that women feel positive about saving their eggs, although many women think they will never use the eggs they have stored. ... read more »

Fear of Infertility Causes Social Trend

Recently, a friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. This is wonderful news because my friend was once told that she would never have children. ... read more »

Embryo Banking and Cancer Treatment

Embryo banking is an option for women facing fertility problems, but women with cancer can also use the procedure to increase their chance of having children after treatment. ... read more »

Gonadal Suppression and Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy can reduce or eliminate fertility for female patients. Before starting therapy, women who want to increase the chance of conceiving after treatments are complete often seek out methods fertility preservation. ... read more »

Egg Freezing and Divorce

An unnamed 38-year-old woman in New Jersey is divorcing her her husband of 8 years. What separates this story from an otherwise common tale, is that the woman is asking her husband for $20,000 in the divorce settlement so she can freeze and store her eggs. ... read more »

A Simple Guide to Egg Freezing

Many women are now choosing to wait until they are 35 or 40 to start a family. While this may be the best time for a woman to conceive, it is not the best time for the female body to conceive. ... read more »

How Successful Is Egg Banking?

Recently, I was talking with a friend who was having trouble deciding when she wanted children. She and her husband were mostly sure that they wanted kids at some point, but they were both just settling down into their careers and didn’t think they were ready to handle jobs and kids. ... read more »