Postpartum Constipation

Your postpartum constipation may be temporary if you hadn't eaten anyfood for a day or two before giving birth. After all, if there is nofood in your digestive tract, nothing can come out. ... read more »

Interventions on Labor & Delivery

Most of the time labor and delivery goes smoothly, but sometimes interventions are necessary to ensure the safety of mother and baby. ... read more »

Why Can't I Use the Bathroom?

While dehydration is not typically a problem thanks to IV fluids, fear of urinating may cause a woman who has just given birh to refrain from heading off to the bathroom too quickly. ... read more »

The Truth about Episiotomies and Lacerations

Because she is my best friend I had the confidence to ask a squirmy question—didn’t you get an episiotomy? I thought this was just common practice when a woman was delivering. ... read more »

Operative Procedures: Forceps, Vacuum, Episiotomy

While the female body is perfectly created to give birth to children, there will be times when Mother Nature needs a bit of help. The use of operative procedures during a vaginal delivery is just like giving a little boost to mom's birthing process. ... read more »

Can You Take A Bath After You Give Birth?

Few people talk about the healing time your body will need after birth because the focus tends to go all to your adorable new baby, but you need to make sure you take the time to let it heal. Birth will take its toll, and you’ll probably be sore from head to toe afterwards. ... read more »

What Is an Episiotomy?

For decades, episiotomies have been routinely performed to help speed delivery during the pushing phase of labor and to prevent tears to the vagina. ... read more »

Giving Birth

It's an amazing experience to bring a baby into the world, so it's normal for pregnant women to look forward to giving birth.  ... read more »

Perineal Soreness

Many women experience perineal soreness, pain around the vagina and rectum, after giving birth. Perineal soreness is common, especially if you gave birth vaginally. ... read more »

What Happens After the Baby is Born?

Once the baby has moved through the birth canal and out of the vagina, the labor process is almost over. However, a few more contractions are needed to detach the uterus and push out the placenta. ... read more »


When the vaginal opening does not appear large enough to pass a baby's head, doctors may choose to perform an episiotomy, an incision that widens the vaginal opening. ... read more »

Do I Really Have to Wait?

It is not so unusual to have babies a year and a half or two years apart. What really stuns me are the women who are pregnant when their babies are only a month or two old. ... read more »

The Benefits and Risks of an Episiotomy

Unfortunately, there are some instances when your body cannot handle a certain condition and it might need a bit of medical assistance to help labor along. One such method of assistance is an episiotomy. ... read more »

Common Postpartum Problems: Episiotomy Issues

If you received a small incision in your perineum while giving birth, this procedure is called an episiotomy. It is sometimes necessary in order to make more room for your baby during delivery. ... read more »