Your Dad in the Delivery Room - What to Consider

However, some dads are excited by the idea of experiencing the birthing experience with their daughters. Before saying yes or no, think about all aspects of the birthing process and how you truly feel about dad being there. ... read more »

What Happens When Dad Doesn't Want to Attend the Delivery?

Not all men are created equal and not all men should be there when the baby is born. There are some very real reasons why a man would want to skip his baby's delivery but there are also some fake fears, if you will, born in the imagination thanks to Hollywood. ... read more »

Dads Turn Baby Time into Personal Fitness Routines

Two fathers, in particular, have turned their baby time into personal fitness routines that benefit dad while entertaining baby. These fathers have even turned their baby-inspired workouts into books. ... read more »

Male and Female Involvement in the Birth Process

How involved are men in the birth and child-rearing process? Researchers in Spain recently completed a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing in an attempt to answer that question. ... read more »

Study: Older Dads Less Likely to Have Positive Experience with Pregnancy

Researchers in Sweden recently published a study in the journal Midwifery showing older men are less likely to have a positive experience during pregnancy and childbirth than younger men. ... read more »

16 Pregnancy Tips for Dads-to-Be

There are many things a partner can do to support the pregnancy and prepare himself for parenthood. ... read more »

Men: What a Positive Pregnancy Test Means for You

When your partner shows you that pink line, plus sign or other positive pregnancy test indicator, you're likely to be overcome with emotion. As men, it can be difficult to understand what you're feeling and to know what to do about it. ... read more »

How Fatherhood Can Change a Man's Hormones

Fatherhood changes a man’s hormones, too. Studies indicate a new father’s testosterone levels drop when his child is born in what might be nature’s way of helping him to be more nurturing. ... read more »

Why More Dads are Staying Home with the Kids

Some dads choose to stay home with the kids simply because they want to, while others are home because of health reasons, unemployment, or other economic issues. ... read more »

Parenting Styles: Positive Parenting

The idea behind this parenting style is to raise children who listen, accept constructive criticism and respond to expectations and discipline with attentiveness and open conversation. ... read more »

Do Dads Resent Staying at Home?

Today, more men are staying home with the kids than ever before, but despite the rise in stay-at-home dads, there could be an unresolved issue some working moms are missing. Is your stay-at-home dad resenting you for being the one working outside the home? ... read more »

Getting Dad Prepared for Fatherhood

Mom has 40 weeks to prepare for motherhood. Dad, on the other hand, is often forced to sit back and watch all these beautiful changes take place during the pregnancy. ... read more »

Getting Dad Closer During Breastfeeding

After 40 weeks of pregnancy, there is a deep-seeded need to have something personal between mom and baby that no one else can touch. It’s hard moving from being the only one who has a personal connection with baby to being the once pregnant woman. ... read more »

Where Can I Get DNA Paternity Testing?

There are two methods of DNA paternity testing - the doctor initiated paternity test and the home paternity test. ... read more »

What Happens At the Paternity Testing Appointment?

During the paternity testing appointment, all paperwork will be completed and signed before the physical testing is started. There could be a large amount of paperwork, so calling the DNA paternity testing office before the visit is a good idea. ... read more »

How Much Does Paternity Testing Cost?

The cost of the paternity test will vary depending on the state where the test is run and the situation surrounding the paternity test. ... read more »

How Accurate is Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing is used to establish the biological paternal parent of a child. The paternity testing, like any other test, is close to 100% accurate but not completely 100%. ... read more »

Sympathetic Pregnancy: Dad Gets Pregnant Too

Exhausted. Nauseated. Achy. Irritable. Sleepless. No, it's not the pregnant woman it's her husband's pregnancy aka Couvade Syndrome. ... read more »

How to Prepare For a Vaginal Delivery

About 2 in 3 women will deliver the baby vaginally. Our 12 step program will help you prepare for the vaginal delivery. ... read more »

Can a Paternity Test be Faked?

There are very few ways for a paternity test to be faked. If the blood or saliva is taken at the DNA testing facility, the results will be accurate. ... read more »

How To Get Court Ordered Paternity Testing Done

After a woman finds out she is pregnant or after she has a baby, she may want to ask the suspected father to undergo paternity testing. ... read more »

Including Dad-to-Be in Your Pregnancy

It’s easy to understand how a dad-to-be can feel left out of the pregnancy process. Here are a few tips to include him. ... read more »

Is Maternal Instinct Real?

There are experts who believe maternal instinct is not a genetic, basic drive at all, but rather a learned behavior developed during pregnancy and infancy via hormonal changes and close bonding. ... read more »

Why Do Dads Want Sons?

It is disheartening how many forum topics address this question. Why are sons so important to fathers? If the question was asked 50 or 60 years ago, the answer would be simple – fathers want to pass on the family name and keep the bloodline alive. ... read more »

Are You Defined by a Parenting Style?

The idea of describing a set of parents based on a set of pre-determined characteristics is not a new concept, though the need to define parents and place them into parenting style categories is a modern ploy. ... read more »

Is Being an OAP a Badge of Courage?

Recently, I’ve noticed a huge influx of men and women putting themselves in the exclusive OAP group as if it is a badge of courage. OAP stands for only active parent, which means the other parent is not active from a relationship or parenting angle. ... read more »

Inexpensive Daddy-and-Me Toddler Dates

There’s just something special about spending some time with your dad away from the rest of your siblings and your mom that makes it extra special. Even from a young age, kids enjoy doing activities with their fathers, no matter the occasion.  ... read more »

How Dad’s Parenting Style Differs

Though women get to carry around their baby for nine months prior to giving birth, dads play a crucial role in parenting that just can’t be mimicked by the mother. But research suggests that dads do it in different ways that kids crave as they grow and learn. ... read more »

Top 4 Myths about Dads

Somewhere along the way, dads got labeled as the least competent parent. Though it’s true there are more single moms than dads, the myth that dads aren’t as competent as moms needs to be busted. ... read more »

Dad's Responsibilities in the Delivery Room

Dads have crucial roles to play during delivery and though they’re more of a supporting actor instead of the main attraction, their presence is essential to help their spouse get through the process with their wits intact. ... read more »