Performance Artist Shares Story of Tragic End to Pregnancy

Nicole Stewart's show Bun in the Oven was supposed to be funny, filled with happy stories. It wasn't, but as the saying goes, the show must go on, so it opened as scheduled in October 2013. ... read more »

Is Any Form of Tobacco Safe During Pregnancy?

It's impossible to dispute the fact that cigarette smoking is harmful to one's health. Women who smoke during pregnancy risk harming the developing fetus, especially the developing brain. ... read more »

What Is a Vestigial Tail?

All humans have a tail during embryological development, and usually, the tail disappears in the first trimester. If not, the baby is born with a vestigial tail. ... read more »

Man’s Low Testosterone Levels Could Begin in the Womb

A recent study suggests the level of testosterone his body produces in adulthood may be determined while he's still in the womb. ... read more »

3-D and 4-D Ultrasound During Pregnancy

Ultrasounds, often referred to as sonograms, are digital images taken of a fetus in-utero. Typically, a 2-D ultrasound is used to determine fetal growth, organ development and gender. ... read more »

Antidepressants and Newborn Lung Complications in Infants

A recent study indicates there is a small but increased risk of a particular lung condition the infant may develop when its mother takes an SSRI during the late stages of pregnancy. ... read more »

Effect of Prescribed Methadone on Infant Vision

Misuse of drugs during pregnancy has been found to increase the risk of infant visual impairments. Researchers from the Princess Royal Maternity in Glasgow recently published a study in the journal Pediatrics on the infant visual evoked potentials (VEP). ... read more »

The First 12 Weeks of Human Development

During the first trimester of pregnancy, major changes take place in fetal development. Read about the first 12 weeks of human development, week by week, and see what happens to your baby! ... read more »

For Your Baby, How Loud is Too Loud?

Inside the womb, your baby is a delicate being. As he or she develops, it’s important that you keep them out of harm’s way. Otherwise, their growth could be inhibited. ... read more »

Put Headphones on Your Belly

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably read up on ways to improve your baby’s psychological development while he’s still in the womb. Many mothers choose to read to their baby every day so that he or she can become accustomed to the human voice. ... read more »

Do You Know How Smoking Impacts Your Developing Baby?

It is fairly common knowledge that smoking tobacco during your pregnancy will have negative effects on your baby. These effects, however, are still fairly unclear in the medical world. ... read more »

Snoring Could Interfere with Fetal Growth

Even if you’ve never snored before your pregnancy, you and your partner might be heavily disturbed by the loud snoring that will likely come on during gestation. ... read more »

An Everyday Chemical Could Inhibit Your Baby’s Intelligence

Whereas adults have strong immune systems, the developing fetus has not yet grown the systems and cells necessary to fight off disease. ... read more »

Start Teaching Your Baby Language in the Womb

One of the most important things you can do for your baby's development is start talking to him as early as possible. Many studies support the idea that babies begin learning language long before they utter their first word. ... read more »

The Benefits of Reading to Babies in Utero

I knew that babies could hear before birth, but it hadn’t occurred to me that they might actually benefit from something like being read bedtime stories. Was it really going to make a difference in how the baby develops after birth? ... read more »

Why You Need Calcium When You’re Pregnant

Calcium is a very important part of your diet when you are pregnant. Not getting enough could seriously impair your health and the health of your baby. Calcium is essential to fetal development, specifically for the bones and teeth of your baby. ... read more »

Mommy, Read Me that Story You Did When You Were Pregnant

Everyone knows I love to give books as baby gifts. It’s just what I do. What I didn’t realize until recently is that mothers love receiving these books, and not just because they are a great start to a library for their future little ones. ... read more »