Facts and Myths About Gay and Lesbian Parenting

Change often causes a division between those that are in support of the change, and those that aren't. Gay and lesbian parenting is one such change. ... read more »

Gay Male and Lesbian Parents: Adoption and Divorce

Gay male and lesbian couples typically raise children in three contexts. The first is where one of the partners is already the biological parent of a child.  ... read more »

Transgender Pregnancy: Trans Men and Trans Women

A transgender pregnancy is a pregnancy by a transgender person. Transgender subjects can be either trans men or trans women. ... read more »

Hospital Rules and the Rights of Gay and Lesbian Parents

Before April 15, 2010 ' gay and lesbian couples were given no legal rights in a hospital setting. ... read more »

Custody and Access Issues for Same Sex Couples

When married heterosexuals who have children divorce, the parents are automatically presumed to be the legal parents of their children and absent a termination due to unfitness, they retain their rights upon divorce.  ... read more »

Foster Care – Alternative for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Finding proper foster parents for the many children living in state custody is an on-going battle. ... read more »

Legal Issues of Gay and Lesbian Pregnancy

When Sharon Bottoms lost custody of her two-year-old son in 1993, she was appalled by the decision of the court system. ... read more »

Gay and Lesbian Parenting – Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption is the legal term for the second adoption of a biological child or adopted child by a same sex partner. According to law, states have the right to honor or deny second parent adoption. ... read more »

How to Find a Doctor For Gays And Lesbian Pregnancy

Choosing the right obstetrician is important to any pregnant couple however, when the parents are gay or lesbian, certain interview questions may change a bit in order to assure the chosen obstetrician has no problems with parental sexual orientation. ... read more »

Traveling with a Baby For Gays and Lesbians

Gay communities tend to offer support and advice for gay holidays, family outings and gay-friendly hotels and destinations. ... read more »

Growing Up with Two Moms or Dads

Growing up with two moms or two dads is not a new concept. Society, however, has not embraced the concept until the last 10 years. ... read more »

Second Parent Adoption

According to law, states have the right to honor or deny second parent adoption. The law was passed to allow a second parent to adopt a child without removing legal parental rights from the first parent. Not all states, in the United States, honor second-parent adoptions. ... read more »

Should Lesbian Parents Have Girls and Gay Parents Boys?

According to Hollywood, gay men act more like women and lesbians act more like men. This, of course, is both improbable and unjustified. ... read more »

Gay And Lesbian Pregnancy and Parenting

Gay and lesbian pregnancy pose some different and difficult questions. Below are common topics discussed between gay or lesbian couples with regard to conceiving and parenting a child. ... read more »

Tips for Gay and Lesbian Couples Finding a Surrogate Mom

Gay and lesbian couples may choose surrogacy as alternative to pregnancy or adoption. Surrogate mothers carry a child with sole intention of allowing the couple to adopt the child(ren) after birth. ... read more »