Study Explains How Egg Captures Sperm

Scientists have discovered precisely how the human egg cells capture sperm to start the process of fertilization. ... read more »

Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes carries the same symptoms and problems as other forms of diabetes not associated with pregnancy because the body loses the ability to handle food sugars and insulin development. ... read more »

Prenatal Pregnancy Tests

Once you get that positive result and know you're pregnant, you want the right tests and assurances about the health of you and your unborn child. That's where prenatal testing comes in. ... read more »

Tests Done Later in Pregnancy

There are many common tests done later in pregnancy. One of the most discussed by pregnant women is the glucose tolerance test and fetal testing. ... read more »

Glucose Tests During Pregnancy Predicts Future Heart Disease

Pregnancy glucose levels could be predictive of future cardiovascular disease (CVD). ... read more »

How to Know if You Have Diabetes During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Diabetes, the tendency to have increased blood sugars, is among the most common medical conditions in pregnancy. ... read more »

Glucose Consumption by Embryo May Reflect Health of Embryo

In Australia, researchers working in the field of infertility may have recognized a small factor that could measure the health of an embryo before IVF. ... read more »

Low-Fat Yogurt May Cause Asthma and Hay Fever

Researchers have found a connection between eating low-fat yogurt during pregnancy and an increased risk of hay fever and/or asthma in their children. ... read more »

Possible Culprit of Low Breast Milk Supply is Identified

New research is shedding light on why some breastfeeding women have alow milk supply. Insulin, the hormone that transports sugar from thebloodstream to the body's cells, may play an important role. ... read more »

Does the Dawn Phenomenon Affect Pregnant Women?

Researchers from Western Reserve University recently concluded that a rise in GH is noted in pregnant women, but that rise does not cause an increase in blood glucose. ... read more »

Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Pregnant Women

A recent study in the journal Diabetes Care reports no positive benefit from continuous monitoring of pregestational diabetes in pregnant women. Women recruited for the study were diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes prior to pregnancy. ... read more »

Metformin During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

All about Metformin during pregnancy, breastfeeding and trying to conceive (TTC). Is it safe? ... read more »

Glucose - Fasting (Plasma) During Pregnancy

Fasting glucose is a blood test that requires the patient skip food for at least 12 hours prior to the test. Typically, the test is administered first thing in the morning so the patient can stop about bedtime for the test the following morning. ... read more »

PAX3 Gene May Be Linked to Birth Defects in Diabetic Mother

A team of researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center have identified an enzyme that may increase the likelihood of birth defects in children born to mothers with diabetes. The enzyme, known as AMPK, signals cells to stop producing a specific gene, PAX3. ... read more »