Is Planned Home and Out Of Hospital Birth Safe?

A planned home birth takes place at home or in a residence rather than in a hospital. ... read more »

Australian College Of Ob-Gyn (RANZOG) Is Against Homebirth

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG), which considers itself an authority on childbirth safety, recently came out with a statement that differs from the one published by the British or the American organizations of Ob-Gyns. RANZOG concluded that home birth is associated with increased risks and cannot be supported. "The Royal Australian and ... read more »

During COVID-19: Is Home Birth Better than Hospital Birth?

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Midwives and Doulas

Doulas and midwives are two choices a pregnant woman may choose to include as part of her birthing plan. ... read more »

Home Births Have Higher Neonatal Mortality Rate, Says Study

A new study found that there is a significantly heightened risk of early and total neonatal mortality in at-home births, which is even higher if the woman is 41 weeks or more or if it is her first time giving birth. ... read more »

Labor and Delivery: Natural Delivery

Natural birthing techniques are non-invasive procedures that help women accept pain while in labor. ... read more »

Giving Birth

It's an amazing experience to bring a baby into the world, so it's normal for pregnant women to look forward to giving birth.  ... read more »