Itchy and Scratchy: How to Treat Your Child's Eczema

Eczema is a common pediatric skin condition causing an itchy rash, which when severe can cause irritability, sleep problems and if it gets infected it can make your little one unwell. ... read more »

Are Immunizations Started in the Hospital?

If mom and dad have agreed to have baby immunized, the vaccination process will be started in the hospital, but with only one vaccine. The only vaccine currently given at birth is Hepatitis B. ... read more »

Australian Researchers Study Co-Sleeping for the First Time

Co-bedding or co-sleeping is the practice of a mother sleeping with an infant from birth to 24 months. There is a connection between co-bedding and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), but this connection does not deter some mothers from sharing a bed with an infant.  ... read more »

Newborns Aware of Their Own Existence on Day Two

One question many parents ponder is when does this glorious littleperson know it is indeed a separate and unique human being. When doesthe sense of self come into a baby's existence? ... read more »

Mom’s Respond Stronger to Baby’s Cry After Breastfeeding

According to a study just published in The Journal of Child Psychology, new mothers who choose to breastfeed are more likely to bond with baby than those who choose to breastfeed and bottle feed or bottle feed alone. ... read more »

Infant Surgery: Regional Better Than General Anesthesia

The currently preferred method to dull pain in infant surgery is general anesthesia (GA) but a recent study indicates less invasive anesthesia — regional anesthesia (RA) — may produce safer outcomes. ... read more »

Infant BMI Predicts Childhood Obesity

A recent study identifies ways to assess BMI during infancy, when interventions may be more effective. ... read more »

Polyamines in Human Breast Milk for Preterm and Term Infants

Researchers from the University of Murcia, in Spain, recently published a study revealing the differences between the level of polyamines in the breast milk of mothers born to preterm infants and the breast milk of mothers with infants born term. ... read more »

Infant Formulas and Insulin Resistance

Researchers from Slovak Medical University recently published a study in PLoS One regarding the possible connection between formula feeding and reduced insulin sensitivity. ... read more »

Brain Development Affected by Environment and Experience

Recent studies have revealed that maternal stress, weight and eating habits can affect infant health well into adulthood. A new study now reports that life experiences of the mother during pregnancy may also have an impact on health. ... read more »

The Fetus Knows Pain Earlier Than We Thought

Most mothers believe baby is immune to pain while in-utero, but new research reveals the fetus can feel the difference between pain and normal touch as early as 35 weeks gestation. ... read more »

Hoarseness in Infants Almost Always Requires Treatment

From growling and mumbling to yelling and singing, your baby will be making a wide range of interesting noises. However, a hoarse voice in an infant may be a strong indication of a bigger problem. ... read more »

Puberty at 3 Months Old: What Would You Do?

Three months after birth, her grandmother noticed pubic hair had already started growing. When the baby girl's parents took her to the doctor to find out what was happening, they were told she was going through puberty at only three months old. ... read more »

Is Maternal Instinct Natural?

There are tons of scientific articles about maternal instinct and how all mammals display this instinct on some level, but what most people are truly asking about when they pose this question is not the scientific side of the matter. ... read more »

Infants and Eye Mucus

If you’ve ever had pinkeye or another ocular infection, you know how terrifying it can be to wake up without the ability to open your eyes. Many adults clearly remember the feeling of waking up in bed without the ability to see. ... read more »

How Not to Photograph Your Infants

Check out some of these tips on how not to photograph your infant so that your pictures will turn out better and maybe your children will actually want to show their friends their baby pictures when they get older. ... read more »

What You Need to Know about Infant Ear Piercing

Whether you’re following tradition or simply enjoy the aesthetic, you might decide to pierce your baby’s ears. Many parents feel that, since their little girl will have her ears pierced eventually, it is better to do it when they won’t remember the pain. ... read more »

Should You Use a Bath Seat for Your Baby?

Sitting up is one of the first major milestones in your baby’s life. Once he or she can sit up and look around, your baby will have the opportunity to get a good look at the world around them. ... read more »

Not All Vapor Rubs Are Safe For Baby

Many of us have fond memories of our mothers taking care of us when we were sick as children. Though some of the home remedies are now considered dangerous and outrageous, some still hold true as trusted treatment for minor symptoms at home. ... read more »

Is it Bowlegs or Blount’s?

Bowleggedness is a common trait in infants in newborns. When babies are growing in the womb, they are in cramped quarters and their legs cannot extend fully until they’ve been born. ... read more »