The Magic of the Peanut Ball

Frequent position changes can still be done in moms who have the epidural, including various positions using a peanut ball. ... read more »

A Reflection on Working in Labor & Delivery

Working in Labor & Delivery can be extremely stressful and oftentimes overwhelming, but there’s a reason why we keep coming back. Watching women turn into mothers and men into fathers will never get old. ... read more »

How Bad Does Labor Really Hurt?

The million-dollar-question many pregnant women want answered is about the truth behind labor pain. Labor pain, like all other forms of pain, cannot be described in a way that pertains to all pregnant women. ... read more »

Should I Consider a Water Birth?

I remember toying with the idea of a water birth with my first two children. I can’t say I thought of the idea on my own. I watched a water birth on television and was amazed by the fact that an infant can be born into the water and swim to the surface. ... read more »

Hit the Ground Swimming—The Truth about Water Births

I admit that I wasn’t even entirely sure what a water birth was, much less how this type of birth could impact the birthing experience or the baby. Listening to her talk about her plans though, I found myself fascinated by this concept of delivery. ... read more »

Do Twice the Babies Mean Twice the Labor?

What was the truth about her double duty, however? Was she facing twice the labor concerns just because she was getting twice the babies? ... read more »

Obesity Causes Longer and More Complicated Labor

There are countless reasons why obese women should diet and exercise before becoming pregnant. There are many serious and even lift-threatening complications associated with obesity during pregnancy. ... read more »

How to Minimize Bloodshot Eyes after Labor

Assuming you don’t need a cesarean section, delivering your baby will be one of the most strenuous and tiresome experiences you will ever go through. No matter how much you mentally and physically prepare for the big day, your body will be strained. ... read more »

Your Water Breaking Might Not Be Breaking News

Often, a gush or a trickle of fluid is a sign that the amniotic sac has opened in preparation for birth. However, birth can just as easily start without this show of fluid, so it’s important that you’re prepared either way. ... read more »

Are Forceps Safe?

Doctors do avoid using them when they can because many mothers resist the procedures, but a new study does show that the Kielland’s forceps are absolutely safe for delivery. ... read more »

Fitness Will Shorten Labor Duration

Pregnant women should exercise through their pregnancy. Exercising during your pregnancy will help you keep your weight down, which will help you experience less complications during your labor and it will make your baby healthier in every way. ... read more »

You Don’t Have to Take on Labor Lying Down

Believe it or not, lying down is not the only way to give birth. Movies and television shows have made it seem as though once you get your first contraction, you’ll be lying in bed all the way up until your baby is in your arms. ... read more »

Wireless Fetal Monitoring has its Benefits

When you arrive at the hospital for your delivery only to be hooked up to a thousand wires for fetal monitoring, you might be disappointed. Fetal monitoring is necessary to the health and stabilization of your baby during labor. ... read more »