Mom vs. Dad Baby Talk and Child Development

A recent study from Washington State University (WSU) explored the different ways different people speak to young children and how these communication differences affect or influence the child. ... read more »

Newborn and Baby: Month 6

Intimacy is an important part of the parent relationship, but your life has been all about baby for the last six months. That needs to change. Intimacy is difficult with work, life, baby and home, but you can make time with a little planning. ... read more »

Baby Talk Improves Baby's Brain Power

Scientists are trying to figure out how speech and language development happens and they are increasingly finding that it’s all about baby talk. Baby talk improves brain power even before birth. ... read more »

Human Touch Instrumental for Baby’s Language Development

A Purdue University researcher and her team of colleagues have discovered that touching a baby could be as important for its speech development as hearing words and sentences. ... read more »

Language Skills Improve When Parents Talk to Preemies

A new study indicates the more words per hour a preemie hears in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), the sooner s/he catches up on language. ... read more »

Children’s Literacy Associated with Iodine Deficiency in Womb

According to the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, iodine intake must be supplemented during pregnancy to ensure adequate levels to prevent a possible neurological defect. ... read more »

Reading With Your Children vs. Reading to Them

My favorite time of the day was always during school hours, and not just because I loved to learn. Sometimes, simply reading to your children is not enough to give them the pre-reading skills they need for modern preschools and kindergartens. ... read more »

Is Early Drinking Linked to Verbal Development?

Research now suggests that children who develop verbal and cognitive skills early could be more likely to engage in an early exploration of alcohol in their adolescence. ... read more »

Toddler Communication Skills: 2 to 4 years

Toddler Communication Skills: 2 to 4 years ... read more »

When To Start Watching What You Say

As I was thinking about language development in infants recently, I concluded that babies should be spoken to as adults so that they get an accurate sense of their parents’ language early on. ... read more »

Study Reveals that Infants Are Able to Learn During Sleep

You’ve probably heard of people learning different languages in their sleep by listening to an mp3 of recorded phrases and words, but did you know that babies can also learn while they are asleep? ... read more »

Early Speech Development in Infants

Language development is something nearly all parents focus on strongly during their babies’ development. Anticipating first words and first ability to truly communicate desires is something shared universally. ... read more »

Breastfed Children Less Likely to Stutter

My friend’s twins both developed a stutter around first and second grade. This is isn’t an uncommon development for twins and it can be quite easily treated with speech therapy. ... read more »

Children Who Struggle with Reading May be Omega-3 Deficient

A deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids has been linked to various medical and developmental issues throughout the years. ... read more »

Is Your Baby a Lefty or a Righty?

Though you might notice your baby using one specific hand more as he nears his first birthday, there is no telling whether he is a lefty or a righty until he turns two or three. ... read more »

The Amazing Multilingual Baby!

The language-learning capability of babies is truly astonishing. In the earliest moments of life, babies are able to differentiate between the phonetics of different languages and will respond most to phonetics heard in utero. ... read more »