Pregnancy, Maternity Leave and the Work Family Conflict

The two main federal statutes covering a pregnancy at work are the Family and Medical Leave Act ('FMLA') and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. ... read more »

Websites and Articles About Stepfamilies

There is a voluminous amount of 'popular' literature about issues involving stepfamilies on the internet, and in newspapers throughout the United States, with much advice. ... read more »

Tips for Requesting Maternity Leave

If your income is financially relevant, think through your post pregnancy plan carefully. Many mothers want to stay home with their baby for the first year, but not all mothers are in a financial situation that allows such a prolonged maternity leave and disability payments will not continue for one year. ... read more »

Impact of a Single Parent Household on a Family

What do we know about single parents? Due to an increase in the numbers of children born outside of marriage and the rise in divorce rates, there has been a three-fold increase in the proportion of children growing up in single-parent families since 1960.  ... read more »

European Legal Approach to Parental Work Family Conflict

Commentators have stated that France and Sweden, for example, provide a more generous maternity and parental leave than what is available here in the United States. ... read more »

Legally Speaking: Substance abuse and Pregnancy

How has the legal system dealt with the problem of women's substance abuse during pregnancy? There is no state which criminalizes drug use during pregnancy. ... read more »

Parenting Plans: Children of Separated Parents

Custody and access arrangements following separation and divorce have been the subject of much child development and divorce research. Beneficial parenting plan options now consider children’s developmental and psychological needs and provide alternatives for parents. ... read more »

British Dads Likely To Get Maternity Leave Job Protection

The British powers that be are, however, recognizing that fathers are instrumental to the family unit and that bonding with their babies is something fathers can do to benefit themselves and their families. ... read more »

Legal Issues of Gay and Lesbian Pregnancy

When Sharon Bottoms lost custody of her two-year-old son in 1993, she was appalled by the decision of the court system. ... read more »

Legal Issues With Same Sex Couples and Adoption

Adoption was unknown at common law and therefore in the United States it required statutory authorization.  The first adoption statute was not enacted until 1851, in Massachusetts. ... read more »

Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace

According to the EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, pregnant employees or potential employees cannot be treated unfavorably because of the pregnancy. ... read more »

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Wants More Baby Talk on the Job

Sandberg wants more baby talk on the job without the threat of discrimination, lawsuits, and diminished opportunity. ... read more »

Parents Pushing for Autism Coverage from Obamacare

Enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) leaves coverage of autism and many other medical issues up to state exchanges to establish the details of coverage if any. ... read more »

Crime or Choice: Law Against Drinking While Pregnant in UK

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom (UK) will soon be called upon to determine if drinking alcoholic beverages while pregnant is a crime or merely a reckless exercise of personal choice. ... read more »

51 Baby Names Outlawed in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the name Sandi has been banned, along with 50 others, in the latest update to the Saudi government's running list of banned baby names. ... read more »

Hawaii Considers Expanding Insurance Coverage for IVF

In Hawaii, state law requires insurers to cover the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) but only to a select few. State legislators are considering proposed upgrades to the legislation. ... read more »

Employers Do Discriminate Against Pregnant Employees

It's against federal law and many state laws to discriminate against pregnant employees but employers are a crafty lot, according to Reginald Byron. ... read more »

Hands OFF My Belly!

What is it about a perfectly pregnant tummy that leads total strangersto reach out and rub it? Some expectant mothers don't mind thetouchy-feely intimacy when it's the hand of a friend or family memberdoing the rubbing but what about strangers? ... read more »

Should Pregnancy Be Added to Protected Groups Under Anti-Discrimination Laws?

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) just turned 35 years old but many feel it's not being utilized properly. Too many loopholes allow employers to minimize a pregnant woman's position in the workforce in spite of the protections supposedly provided. ... read more »

Australia May Prosecute Moms Who Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a "real problem" in the Northern Territory (NT), according to its attorney-general, John Elferink. ... read more »

Egg Freezing and Divorce

An unnamed 38-year-old woman in New Jersey is divorcing her her husband of 8 years. What separates this story from an otherwise common tale, is that the woman is asking her husband for $20,000 in the divorce settlement so she can freeze and store her eggs. ... read more »