NICU Infection Rates Attributed to Reduced Nursing Staff

The nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) are the primary care providers. They work with newborns that need special care and advanced medical attention. Specialized care can mean a heavier burden is placed on the nursing staff. ... read more »

Vitamin D Levels and Birth Weight

According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, pregnant women with lower than normal vitamin D levels during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to infants falling into the low birth weight category. ... read more »

Cerebral Palsy Risk Increases with Preeclampsia

According to a new study published in BMJ, women who suffer from preeclampsia are at increased risk of giving birth to newborns with cerebral palsy if the newborns are premature or smaller than normal at birth. ... read more »

Shift Work May Affect Fertility

Shift work may increase a woman's risk for fertility and menstrualproblems, according to new research. Researchers found that women who performed shift work had a 33 percenthigher risk for menstrual issues and an 80 percent higher risk forfertility problems. ... read more »

Diabetes and Birth Weight Affects Coronary Artery Disease

Scientists have long been debating the link between birth weight and coronary artery disease. Some studies have linked the two events clearly while others negate the original link altogether. ... read more »

Can Nicotine Exposure While Pregnant Affect Child's Reading?

We’ve heard for a long time that even second-hand smoke is bad for adults and children, but what are the prenatal effects? ... read more »

How to Find Out if You Are a High Risk Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Finding out if you have a high risk pregnancy is important. Having a high risk pregnancy means you have an increased risk of complications during pregnancy. ... read more »

Asthma More Likely in Low Birthweight Babies

Babies and infants born with lower than average birth weight may be at increased risk for developing asthma later in life. ... read more »

Parents May Have Trouble Bonding with Preterm Infants

Children are supposed to naturally bond with their parents. However, very preterm and very low birth weight children can often be born with neurological impairments that make them less likely to form this bond and attachment. ... read more »

You Might Be Required to Take a Drug Test after Conception

When you become pregnant, your doctor will administer a wide range of tests. Most of these tests will be done to make sure there are no complications that could negatively affect your pregnancy. ... read more »

How Long Should You Wait to Have Another Baby?

Many couples like to space their children out so that the gap isn’t too large or too small. Usually this is because it’s easier to raise their children when they’re a similar age, but there are medical reasons for this as well. ... read more »

Working Out Will Help You, but Not Your Baby’s Birth Weight

Having a baby with a healthy birth weight is ideal. Birth weight can have an effect on many factors of lifelong health, including infant mortality, development as a child and even adult health. ... read more »