The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of your menstrual period (bleeding) and ends on the day before your next period. Your first cycle day (CD) is the first day you see bright red blood. The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones and female fertility depends on this cycle.

Vaginal Discharge

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Length of Bleeding

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Fertility during Menstrual Cycle

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28-Day Cycle And Ovulation

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TTC After IUD Removal

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Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

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All About the Birth Control Pill

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Questions About Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

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Irregular Menstrual Periods or Bleeding Abnormalities: A Window into a Woman's Health

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Your Menstrual Cycle and Periods (Menstruation): A Window into Your Health

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Cervical Changes During Menstrual Cycle (Photos)

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Next Menstrual Periods Calculator and Calendar

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The Menstrual Cycle Days

A menstrual cycle is the time period starting on your first day of your menstrual period, the time you bleed, and it ends the day before the next next menstrual period. ... read more »

Is A Normal Menstrual Cycle Always 28 Days Long?

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The Menstrual Cycle and Period

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Menstrual Cycle - Regular or Not

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Menstrual Cycle Calculator

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All About Pregnancy Spotting

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Dysmenorrhea: Painful Menstrual Periods or Cramps

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What Is an LH Surge?

There are three phases of your menstrual cycle: follicular phase, ovulatory phase, and luteal phase. In terms of the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, the ovulatory phase is most important. ... read more »

When Is Your Fertility Window?

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Antral Follicle Count - Ovarian Reserve Testing

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What Is Cycle Syncing?

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Women’s Risk of STD Infection In Sync With Menstrual Cycle

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Hyperthyroidism, FSH and LH

Gonadotropin, also known as FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone), could be a cause of infertility in women with hyperthyroidism. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 33

Lower backache on day 33. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 32

The cervix is low and open. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 31

Feeling pretty bloated on day 31. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 30

Breasts are feeling heavy now. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 29

The cervix feels dry on day 29. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 28

See what's happening on day 28. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 27

Cervical fluid is tacky on day 27. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 26

Breasts are swelling today. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 25

See what's happening on day 25. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 24

Cervix is high again. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 23

Breast are tender on day 23. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 22

Basal body temperature is starting to rise. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 21

The cervical fluid is dry. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 20

Is mittelschmerz starting? ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 19

Egg-white fluid is now gone. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 18

The cervical fluid looks egg-white. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 17

Certain changes taking place in the cervix now. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 16

There is egg-white consistency now. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 15

The cervix is now open and high. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 14

Cervical fluid is watery on day 14. ... read more »

Cervix Cycle Day 13

The cervix is starting to soften up. ... read more »