Terrorism and Fertility

You don't have to experience a terrorist attack firsthand in order to feel its effects profoundly. It touches every element of life, often with lasting effects. ... read more »

Transitioning from Pregnancy to Motherhood: The Psychological State

Researchers from Shahroud University of Medical Sciences in Iran recently published a study on the psychological changes that occur between pregnancy and early motherhood. The study was published in the journal Asia-Pacific Psychiatry. ... read more »

Teens' Happy Moods Contagious Like the Flu

A recent study of teenage moods discovered a happy ending: negative moods do not spread among teenage friends but happy moods are contagious, just like the flu. ... read more »

Mindfulness Therapy Instead of Antidepressants

Prescription antidepressants are the traditional line of treatment for overcoming a depressive episode and staving off relapses but they come with side effects that many people cannot tolerate. ... read more »

Autistic Children Sometimes Bond More Closely with Family Dog

Gretchen Carlise is a doctoral candidate at the Center for Human-Animal Interaction. Her dissertation explores the many ways a family dog can enhance the lives of autistic children. ... read more »

Mental Health Issues Linked to Junk Food

Pregnancy is a time in life when many women throw caution to the wind, at least occasionally, and eat the foods they love – the foods they crave, but researchers now believe giving in to those cravings for junk food may have long-term effects on offspring. ... read more »

Pregnancy Linked to Mental Health Conditions in Female Vets

U.S. female veterans who become pregnant may be at increased risk for mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to researchers at Yale University School of Medicine. ... read more »

Can Maternal Smoking Cause Mental Health Disorders?

I know that smoking definitely causes health problems for mothers and their children. Even smoking around toddlers is dangerous and can cause as many issues as smoking during pregnancy. ... read more »

My Postpartum, Part 1

I stare down at her and I am filled with fury. Fury that she has wrecked my world. Despair, because I have to live in this hellish new reality. Resentful, that she needs me so much. ... read more »

When Postpartum Depression isn't Just Depression

The name postpartum “depression” can be misleading because sometimes postpartum depression doesn't manifest as typical feeling "down" depression. ... read more »

Women Are Meant to Have Children

There is no doubt about the mental stress caused by infertility. Women who try to conceive and hit the brick wall of infertility face stress, depression, anxiety and other mental side effects – this is something researchers already know. ... read more »

The Dangers of Postpartum Psychosis

Postpartum depression is fairly common. Most of us know someone who had postpartum depression. However, the cousin of postpartum depression, postpartum psychosis, is far more dangerous for women and can pose serious concerns for both the mother and child. ... read more »

Early Childhood Trauma and Its Effects on Mental Health

Every parent I know worries about the impact of early childhood on adulthood. For this reason, they strive to set up healthy eating habits, confidence and much more. ... read more »