How to Take a Breath during a Toddler Meltdown

When your toddler is showing signs of a tantrum and you aren’t able to stop it in time before it becomes a full breakdown, what can you do? ... read more »

Teaching Toddler Siblings to Get Along

Many families have children close together so that they have at least two toddlers at the same time. Some friends of ours have two girls right now that are just getting out of toddlerhood, but when they were a few years younger, our friends noticed the older girl was beginning to be very unkind to her younger sister. ... read more »

Best Vacation Spots for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Though summer is still about six months away, it never hurts to tentatively start planning your vacation, especially if you have young children. Vacationing with babies and toddler can be difficult, but if you plan out the excursion well enough, it can be a fun-filled adventure for your family. ... read more »

Inexpensive Daddy-and-Me Toddler Dates

There’s just something special about spending some time with your dad away from the rest of your siblings and your mom that makes it extra special. Even from a young age, kids enjoy doing activities with their fathers, no matter the occasion.  ... read more »

What Your Toddler's Tantrums are Telling You

My cousin’s twins had legendary meltdowns as toddlers, which caused my cousin no end of trouble and made going out in public a hectic ordeal. Many parents believe that their children have tantrums and meltdowns because they are simply angry about something. ... read more »

Traveling with Baby without Losing Your Mind

A mother climbed on board with two toddlers tethered to her with child leashes and a baby strapped to her chest in a sling. Was there anything she could do to make traveling easier for herself, her children, and everyone else on the flight? ... read more »

How Much T.V. Should Babies and Toddlers Watch?

At some point in their lives, your children will probably watch some sort of television program. This won’t ruin their lives or hinder their development, but too much TV might prevent them from doing other enriching activities. ... read more »

How to Handle a Newborn and a Toddler at the Same Time

It can be tough to juggle two young children at the same time. Check out a few of these tips for raising a newborn and toddler together without losing your mind. ... read more »

How Important Is Having Children?

At some point in our lives, we are all faced with the question of whether or not to have children. This question is a multi-facetted question because there are a number of factors to consider when making the huge decision of whether to have kids or not. ... read more »

Are You a Serial Yeller?

Have you had that moment yet? The moment as a new parent when you realize you are treating your child exactly as your parents treated you, despite your eternal vows to yourself to never turn into them? ... read more »

How to Make a Food-Refuser Eat His Food

As an adult, it’s difficult to understand a food refusal problem in infants. My nephew recently started clenching his mouth shut when his mom tries to feed him, and she’s concerned that he isn’t getting enough nutrition. ... read more »

You Might Have Caused His Separation Anxiety

Last night my husband and I were discussing our different experiences with separation anxiety as children. We assumed it must have been a gender difference, but I looked into it and found that gender actually has nothing to do with it. ... read more »

How Not to Photograph Your Infants

Check out some of these tips on how not to photograph your infant so that your pictures will turn out better and maybe your children will actually want to show their friends their baby pictures when they get older. ... read more »

Are Infant Simulators a Good Idea for Women?

These infant simulators may be good practice for women who want a little more experience before having children. Several of my friends are only children and have no younger cousins. This means that they often have no experience around babies and toddlers. ... read more »

Is That Smile a Reflex or Are You Happy to See Me?

While it’s cute, the smiles are actually an instinctive reflex for the four-month-old. When he sees the whole family smiling and looking into his eyes, he automatically does the same. ... read more »

How Dad’s Parenting Style Differs

Though women get to carry around their baby for nine months prior to giving birth, dads play a crucial role in parenting that just can’t be mimicked by the mother. But research suggests that dads do it in different ways that kids crave as they grow and learn. ... read more »