Pediatrics Group Says No to Fad Diets for Kids

The AAP’s new recommendations embrace a healthy diet that incorporates the full range of foods, with healthy limitations on things everyone should eat in limited quantity: fat, salt, and sugar. ... read more »

Pediatrician Offers 7 Tips for Traveling with Baby

Traveling with a baby can be tricky so Dr. Pia Fenimore recently offered her 7 favorite tips for traveling with a baby and responds to “ask the expert” questions from the local newspaper. ... read more »

Newborn and Baby: Month 12

This month you will spend quite a bit of time planning baby's firstbirthday party. Take some time to look back on the past 12 months. Youbrought a tiny human being home from the hospital ' completely dependent on you for everything. ... read more »

Surprising Reason Why Babies’ Noses Are So Stuffy

A runny nose and stuffed-up head signal a cold in almost everybody but newborns are different. Unexpected symptoms such as a stuffy nose with no discharge can be mystifying. ... read more »

Ways To Make Doctor Visits More Effective

This list involves things parents can do before and during face-to-face time with a pediatrician that will help the doctor make a speedy, accurate diagnosis and get the child feeling better quickly. ... read more »

Should Pediatricians See Unvaccinated Kids?

The measles outbreak has left pediatricians facing a dilemma: should they see unvaccinated kids or turn them away so contagious diseases don't infect other patients too young to be fully vaccinated? ... read more »

Hoarseness in Infants Almost Always Requires Treatment

From growling and mumbling to yelling and singing, your baby will be making a wide range of interesting noises. However, a hoarse voice in an infant may be a strong indication of a bigger problem. ... read more »

Should Baby be a Part of the Juicing Fad?

I don’t know about your town, but my town is going absolutely juice-crazy. Every day a new juice place pops up that offers fresh squeezed vegetable and fruit juices straight from an industrial strength juicer. I’m definitely not complaining. ... read more »

Did I Cause My Son's Food Allergy?

When I was raising my twins, I remember the pediatrician telling me to hold off on introducing common food allergens until they were 12 months old. I followed the guidance of my pediatrician, but with the first introduction of peanuts my son suffered an allergic reaction. ... read more »

When You Find Baby Making a Salad out of Your Poinsettias

I did research about plants and babies to find out which are poisonous, and research shows that few plants are actually fatal. ... read more »

What You Need to Know about Croup

Especially if you're a first time mom, any of your baby's strange behavior or unusual symptoms will send you into a panic. If your baby makes the slightest cough or shows the most subtle sign of lethargy, you'll instantly assume the worst. ... read more »

Babies Don’t Have a Steady Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is an excellent indicator of overall health in adults. Often, people who have a blood pressure that is too high have a serious problem that they need to fix, and blood pressure is an excellent indicator for doctors, as it clues them into that problem. ... read more »

Is Your Baby a Lefty or a Righty?

Though you might notice your baby using one specific hand more as he nears his first birthday, there is no telling whether he is a lefty or a righty until he turns two or three. ... read more »

Dealing with Pediatric Constipation is All about the Fiber

Even while your child is still using diapers, you might wonder if his or her stool is too stiff, and you might assume laxatives are required. A child’s body is generally very healthy, so the solution is actually in the diet. ... read more »