placenta previa

    Does a Previous C-Section Scar Affect Implantation?

    Researchers from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit at Queen Charlottes and Chelsea Hospital in London recently published a study in the journal Human Reproduction on the effect of C-section scarring on future implantation. ... more »

    Complications, Vaginal Bleeding and Twin Pregnancy

    Researchers and authors from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology with Washington University report women who experience vaginal bleeding early in a twin pregnancy may be at increased risk of pregnancy complications. ... more »

    Tori Spelling had placenta previa a potentially dangerous pregnancy complication

    Placenta previa is a potentially life-threatening condition during and after pregnancy when the placenta covers the cervix . ... more »

    When Your Placenta is in the Wrong Spot

    When your placenta moves up, it also makes way for your baby to leave the birth canal when it’s time for labor. However, some women’s placentas never make their way up, and this condition is called placenta previa. ... more »

    Placenta Creta and Fertility Preservation

    Placenta previa, a medical condition characterized by a low attachment of the placenta over the cervical opening, can increase the risk of hysterectomy and excessive blood loss during C-section delivery. ... more »

    Placenta and Ultrasound

    The placenta is the organ that supplies all the oxygen and nutrients the growing fetus needs. ... more »

    Bleeding in Pregnancy

    Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy is far more common during the first trimester of pregnancy than many women believe. ... more »

    Placenta Previa

    A placenta previa is a placenta that is implanted at or close to the internal os (mouth) of the cervix.
 Placenta previa happens in about 1 in 200 pregnancies. ... more »

    Placenta Creta: Accreta, Increta, Percreta

    A placenta creta, accreta, increta, or percreta is a placenta that grows during pregnancy into or through the uterus. Having this condition is life-threatening and requires expert medical care. ... more »

    Cesarean Section and Delivery

    When vaginal births are too risky or the birth must happen very quickly, a cesarean section or delivery, or c-section, is chosen by the obstetrician for the safety of both baby and mom. ... more »

    Risk Factors For Placenta Previa

    A placenta previa is a placenta that covers the cervix. There are several risk factors that increase the chance of a placenta previa. ... more »

    Placenta Previa

    A placenta previa is a placenta that is implanted at or close to the cervix. ... more »

    Cesarean Section Maternal Risks

    Complications of a cesarean section include bleeding, infections, injury to organs, and future placenta accreta and placenta previa. ... more »

    Is it Safe to Use a Vibrator During Pregnancy?

    There are no scientific studies which address whether using a vibrator during pregnancy is safe or not. For for most normal, healthy pregnant women, orgasm is a good release. ... more »

    Placenta Anomalies - What Are The Odds Having A Placental Anomaly?

    What are my odds that I will have a placenta previa an accreta or another placental anomaly? ... more »

    Orgasm Sex and Pregnancy

    Studies have shown that having an orgasm during pregnancy has no adverse effect on the pregnancy, it does not hurt the baby, nor does it complicate the pregnancy. It also does not improve your fertility and your chances getting pregnant. ... more »

    Masturbation During Pregnancy

    Can I masturbate while I am pregnant? ... more »