Russian Mother and Baby

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Native American Mother and Baby

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Eskimo Mother and Baby

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Chinese Mother and Baby

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Peruvian Mother and Baby

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Bolivian Mother and Baby

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Custody and Access Issues for Same Sex Couples

When married heterosexuals who have children divorce, the parents are automatically presumed to be the legal parents of their children and absent a termination due to unfitness, they retain their rights upon divorce.  ... read more »

Gay and Lesbian Parenting – Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption is the legal term for the second adoption of a biological child or adopted child by a same sex partner. According to law, states have the right to honor or deny second parent adoption. ... read more »

The Role of Nonresident Fathers After Separation or Divorce

According to some of the literature, approximately eighty percent of children reside with their mothers after divorce, and the majority of fathers have little or no contact with the children.  ... read more »

Legal Issues With Same Sex Couples and Adoption

Adoption was unknown at common law and therefore in the United States it required statutory authorization.  The first adoption statute was not enacted until 1851, in Massachusetts. ... read more »

Parenting Plans: Children of Separated Parents

Custody and access arrangements following separation and divorce have been the subject of much child development and divorce research. Beneficial parenting plan options now consider children’s developmental and psychological needs and provide alternatives for parents. ... read more »

European Legal Approach to Parental Work Family Conflict

Commentators have stated that France and Sweden, for example, provide a more generous maternity and parental leave than what is available here in the United States. ... read more »

African Mother and Baby

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Scandinavian Mother and Baby

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Mothers and Babies of The World

The mothers and babies of the world page showcases the multi-media collages of Susan Pollet, Esq. ... read more »

Gay Male and Lesbian Parents: Adoption and Divorce

Gay male and lesbian couples typically raise children in three contexts. The first is where one of the partners is already the biological parent of a child.  ... read more »

Pregnancy, Maternity Leave and the Work Family Conflict

The two main federal statutes covering a pregnancy at work are the Family and Medical Leave Act ('FMLA') and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. ... read more »