Pre-Trimester for Men: The Baby's Health is Affected By The Father's Health

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Preconception Counseling and Care - For Her and Him

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The Six Trimesters of Pregnancy

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What Is the Pre-Trimester?

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Does Race Play a Part in Preconception Care?

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Which Preconception Tests Can and Should You Get?

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Folic Acid is Vital for Fetal Development

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What You Should Know Before Pregnancy: Top Pre-Trimester Tips

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Pregnancy Related Problems of Older Women

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Preconception Medical Issues

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Preconception Counseling May Spare Time, Heartbreak

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Preconception No-Nos

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Preconception Health for Men

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Preconception Health for Women

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Preconception Medications

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Get a Preconception Checkup for a Healthy Pregnancy

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New Guidelines for Periconception Care

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a select panel of external partners issued guidelines for preconception care of women, emphasizing the importance of providing this type of care in the primary care setting. ... read more »