Musculoskeletal Body Changes During Pregnancy

The musculoskeletal system endures a lot of changes during pregnancy and there is an increased strain on the muscles and ligaments supporting the vertebral column. ... read more »

Weight Gain and Weight Changes During Pregnancy

There are general guidelines for proper weight gain during pregnancy and these are used for more than just guiding mom during her prenatal visits. ... read more »

How Do Your Breasts Change During Pregnancy?

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is soreness of the breast. In early pregnancy, the breast tissue undergoes quite a few changes in preparation for milk creation and feeding of the newborn. ... read more »

Eye Vision Changes During Pregnancy

The changes in the eyes / vision during pregnancy can be attributed to corneal edema, retinal changes, central serous choroidopathy, glaucoma and pituitary adenoma. ... read more »

Your Feet Will Grow During Pregnancy

During all three of my pregnancies I swore my feet were growing. Even the comfy shoes I loved so much no longer fit and I was left with slippers and oversized shoes that I inevitably threw away after birth. ... read more »

Perfect Vision is Not Possible during Pregnancy

When my sister in law was pregnant late last year, we were surprised when she came over wearing her old prescription glasses from high school. She explained that her eyesight changed in her second trimester. ... read more »

Varicose Veins Might Make an Unwanted Visit during Pregnancy

You may have thought that varicose veins only show up when you enter your golden years, but unfortunately, you were wrong. Many women find that varicose veins make an unwelcome appearance during their pregnancy. ... read more »

The Fountain of Youth is In Your Baby Bump

We’ve all heard about that “pregnancy glow.” However, a recent study actually shows that pregnancy might not only improve the appearance of a woman’s body. It might actually improve her body biologically. ... read more »

Pregnancy is a Natural Botox

No matter how much makeup you put on or how many family members tell you you’re “glowing,” you might feel less than you’re best. For that reason, many women who become pregnant wonder about Botox and collagen treatments during their pregnancy. ... read more »

Pregnancy Brain Might Give Way to Increased Brainpower

When my sister-in-law was pregnant, she locked herself out of the house at least five times. She would leave to get in her car or grab the mail only to realize that her entire keychain was sitting right where she left them on the coat hook inside. ... read more »

The Dangers of Hair Coloring during Pregnancy

What is so wrong about a pregnant woman dying her hair? Is this just more of pregnant women wanting to be true to themselves and embrace a “new” persona along with motherhood, or are there really dangers associated with hair coloring? ... read more »

What Expectations Do Women Have about Pregnancy?

My friend had a baby earlier this summer and she told us she was pregnant around November. As soon as she told us, all the usual questions were asked. Do you want a boy or girl? What names do you have picked out? Has morning sickness started yet? ... read more »

You Might Have to Give Up the Jewelry Too

Your body goes through so many subtle changes during you pregnancy that you’ll need to give some items up for the full nine months. Foods that were once your favorite might become nausea inducing because of imbalanced hormones. ... read more »

When it Comes to Salivation, the Grass is Always Greener

While some women might not be able to produce any saliva during their pregnancy, others will be spitting out extra left and right. Of course, spitting isn’t always the most polite option, so the excessive saliva will usually leave you feeling sick. ... read more »

Don’t Worry, You’re Excused

If you pass a bit of gas around the dinner table during your pregnancy, your company will surely excuse you. Gas is extremely common during pregnancy, and you’ll feel like you can’t control your belching or your flatulence like you used to. ... read more »

Why Nosebleeds are Common

During pregnancy, your blood volume increases and your blood vessels change size to match it. Most of your vessels are malleable enough to do so without incident, but the vessels in your nose are tiny and sensitive to change. ... read more »

Thicker Hair during Pregnancy Not Reserved for Your Head

When you become pregnant, your hair will get thicker and shinier. Especially if you have thin hair normally, you’ll be impressed with the added volume your pregnancy will give your locks. ... read more »

Don’t Worry – You’re Not Going Bald

While sitting with a friend that had recently given birth, we started talking about the ways her body had changed. Weight gain was clearly one of the more obvious outcomes, and though she feels dedicated, her daily jogs aren’t making a difference just yet. ... read more »

How to Spend Your Time Now That You’re Pregnant

If you’re the type to go out every weekend with your friends and have a couple of drinks at the club, you may experience a period of boredom after getting pregnant. Obviously you can’t go out drinking and dancing at a bar, but you still have plenty of options ... read more »

Memory and Mood Impaired During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, many changes occur throughout your entire body. While the changes directly related to your baby bump are most obvious, many of the other changes are invisible to the naked eye and affect you on a psychological level. ... read more »