What Happens Each Pregnancy Week?

In every new pregnancy week, many changes occur in your body as your baby thrives and grows. There are three trimesters of pregnancy. Each trimester lasts approximately three months or 40 weeks for a full-term pregnancy. These trimesters are like goals for pregnancy. Make it to the second trimester and things are a bit safer. Make it to the third trimester and the pregnancy is nearing the exciting day of birth. Each of these trimesters marks a pregnancy milestone and brings new and exciting changes for mom and baby.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, women find out they are pregnant, attend the first prenatal appointment and notice a long list of changes in their body. Understanding what happens in the body during the first trimester of pregnancy is important — because some of these changes may not be quite what you expected! The second trimester is a very moving time, both literally and figuratively. Your belly is starting to show evidence of your growing uterus, you are feeling your baby move, and you may even find out the sex of your baby if you so choose. By the time the third trimester rolls around, you are accustomed to the various transformations your body has gone through. Unfortunately, it isn’t over yet. Many of the changes you noticed in previous months persist, though some come at a more rapid pace. Follow each pregnancy week to learn how your body changes, your baby changes, what Dad should focus on and tips for each week of pregnancy.

2 Weeks Pregnant

During week 2, you are not yet technically pregnant but should know about ovulation and fertility symptoms. ... read more »

33 Weeks Pregnant

During the 33rd week of gestation, brain development is rapid and the size of the head is growing to hold new brain tissue. ... read more »

Musculoskeletal Body Changes During Pregnancy

The musculoskeletal system endures a lot of changes during pregnancy and there is an increased strain on the muscles and ligaments supporting the vertebral column. ... read more »

23 Weeks Pregnant

The 23rd week marks a huge milestone for the fetus. Development has reached the point that the fetus could survive if an early birth was required. ... read more »

Third Trimester of Pregnancy: What Happens With My Baby?

You're finally in your third trimester, and you're feeling it from headto toe. While you enjoyed the second trimester thoroughly, the thirdtrimester starts a whole crop of new physical and emotional changes. ... read more »

Pregnancy Calendar

Create your own personal pregnancy calendar to find your fertile days and follow your baby's development from conception to birth. Follow along as your baby grows and see what's new each week! ... read more »

Your Body Changes During Pregnancy

There are many body changes during pregnancy that will happen both physically and emotionally. We will explain them here as well as offer some suggestions for relief. ... read more »

12 Weeks Pregnant

The 12th week starts a new day for the fetus. Growth speed is increasing exponentially and formed organs are starting to practice the functions they will have outside of the womb. ... read more »

11 Weeks Pregnant

At the start of the 11th week, your baby is now officially called a fetus, and the most crucial development phases are concluding. ... read more »

Cardiovascular Pregnancy Body Changes

  The following changes with the circulatory system during pregnancy happen week by week as early as the very first pregnancy week ... read more »

5 Weeks Pregnant

By week five baby is moving along quickly in the growth process and changes are now starting to happen that you are probably noticing. ... read more »

42 Weeks Pregnant

There is nothing worse than gearing up for the birth of the baby in the 40th week only to be forced to stay pregnant until week 42nd. ... read more »

41 Weeks Pregnant

For the baby, week 41 is nothing more than an extended vacation. The baby will continue to store fat and practice breathing throughout the 41st week of pregnancy. ... read more »

39 Weeks Pregnant

As the final days of pregnancy become a reality, the lightening process (dropping of uterine weight) can leave you feeling off balance and clumsy in week 39. ... read more »

38 Weeks Pregnant

There is nothing new happening in the body during the 38th week, but labor preparations are getting underway. You may not feel anything but a lot is going on. ... read more »

37 Weeks Pregnant

The 37th-38th week of pregnancy is considered early term. Pregnant women who make it to the 37th week no longer have to worry about having the baby early. ... read more »

36 Weeks Pregnant

Four weeks to go until the due date now! The body is making some rapid changes in the 36th week of pregnancy. ... read more »

35 Weeks Pregnant

The baby weighs in at more than 5 ½ pounds by the 35th week. There is very little room left in the uterus, so when your baby moves, you will feel it! ... read more »

34 Weeks Pregnant

Weight gain increases in the 34th week. Single pregnancies account for a weight gain of about one pound per week, while multiple pregnancies are a bit more around one and one-half pounds. ... read more »

32 Weeks Pregnant

By the 32nd week, all five senses are in full working order. Your baby can see, taste, smell, feel and hear. ... read more »

31 Weeks Pregnant

In week 31, growth is beginning to slow down a bit. All necessary body functions are working perfectly, and time spent in the uterus at this point is all about lung development and weight gain. ... read more »

30 Weeks Pregnant

In week 30 as your uterus continues to expand and your baby continues to grow, the added weight may pull the spine forward. This may cause you to feel lower back aches and pains. ... read more »

29 Weeks Pregnant

It's week 29 and the fetus is finally starting to look like a baby! ... read more »

28 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to your 3rd trimester! The 28th week of gestation is the start of the 7th month and the third trimester. ... read more »

27 Weeks Pregnant

Week 27 marks another huge landmark in pregnancy. This is the last week of the second trimester! ... read more »

26 Weeks Pregnant

The fetus continues to grow rapidly, weighing about two pounds and measuring nine inches or more by the 26th week. ... read more »

25 Weeks Pregnant

The abdomen is now about the size of a soccer ball in week 25. While many outsiders think the growing pregnancy belly is cute, you may feel a bit different. ... read more »

24 Weeks Pregnant

At 24 weeks, the fetus is usually considered "viable" by most doctors. That means it has a reasonable chance of surviving if born prematurely. ... read more »

22 Weeks Pregnant

An interesting thing happens around the 22nd week of pregnancy: mom-to-be start to feel better about their body, skin, and sexuality. ... read more »

19 Weeks Pregnant

Lanugo, or fine hair, has been growing on your baby’s skin since the 15th to 16th week. During week 19, vernix caseosa starts to develop. ... read more »

16 Weeks Pregnant

Between the 16th and 18th week, doctors will schedule an amniocentesis if one is necessary. By the start of the 4th month, you may start feeling movements. ... read more »

21 Weeks Pregnant

Week 21 marks a slight slowing of the growth process. The fetus continues to grow, but more attention is paid to internal organs and development than weight gain. ... read more »

20 Weeks Pregnant

The 20th week marks the halfway point for a normal pregnancy. Growth continues to add length and weigh to the baby. ... read more »

18 Weeks Pregnant

In week 18, all the changes in the womb are starting to show. Your baby now looks like a human and can weigh up to 8 ounces. ... read more »

17 Weeks Pregnant

During the 17th week of pregnancy, your baby is continuing to grow faster than ever before. ... read more »

15 Weeks Pregnant

By the 15th week of pregnancy, some parents are itching to find out the sex of the baby. ... read more »

14 Weeks Pregnant

The fetus is taking off and can measure up to 3 ½ inches in length and weigh up to 2 ounces. The best tips for the 14th week of pregnancy are to eat great food, drink plenty of water and exercise daily. ... read more »

13 Weeks Pregnant

The 13th week is the first week of the second trimester and your body is working hard, although you may feel pretty good. ... read more »

8 Weeks Pregnant

In week 8, you are more than halfway through your first trimester and baby continues to grow rapidly. ... read more »

10 Weeks Pregnant

Thanks to the ability of the human body to adapt, morning sickness should be easing off or disappearing by week 10. ... read more »

9 Weeks Pregnant

By the 9th week, cartilage is forming and bones are growing. Baby is forming the skeleton that s/he will use to stand, walk and run later in life. ... read more »

7 Weeks Pregnant

During the 7th week of pregnancy, while your baby may still be very small, many of the crucial organs are developing rapidly. ... read more »

6 Weeks Pregnant

The heart has now started beating and can often be seen early in the 6th week by transvaginal ultrasound. ... read more »

1 Week Pregnant

See what happening to your body in Week 1 of pregnancy! You are not officially pregnant yet, and while conception has not yet happened, the body starts to tick off the weeks from this point forward. ... read more »

3 Weeks Pregnant

Find out what is happening to your baby and your body, and learn tips for week 3 of pregnancy! ... read more »