Renal Function Impaired in Small for Gestational Age Infants

Complications occur more often in infants born small for gestational age (SGA). Some complications require minimal medical intervention, while others could be cause for extreme concern. ... read more »

Prenatal Exposure to Glucocorticoids: Risk of Mental Health Issues

Obstetricians commonly administer a certain steroid to pregnant women expected to give birth prematurely, but a new study shows this medication may increase the child's risk for behavioral and emotional problems later in life. ... read more »

How JFK Changed Preemie Medical Knowledge

Shortly after his birth, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was diagnosed with hyaline membrane disease, which is known today as infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS). ... read more »

New Blood Test Identifies High-Risk Preemies

A new blood test developed by researchers at the University of Missouri (UM) identifies high-risk preemies so they can be carefully monitored to minimize certain life-threatening complications. ... read more »

Epidermal Growth Factor on Oxygen-Deprived Preemies

One very serious consequence of being born too soon is that the lungs are not mature enough to function properly. ... read more »

Will IVF Affect the Baby?

Although in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is associated with a higher risk of preterm birth, researchers report no neuropsychological side effects from early birth at three years of age. ... read more »

Measuring Preemie Temperature Using Infrared Technology

Researchers have recently published a small-scale study into the possibility of using infrared technology to track and record changes in premature infant body temperatures without coming in contact with skin. ... read more »

Breast Milk May Prevent Deadly Intestinal Problem in Preemies

Digestion issues are not uncommon for infants because they are very new to the whole eating process after all. However, there are some times when digestion and intestinal issues can become deadly serious. ... read more »

More Premature Babies Surviving: High Five!

With two of my four children born premature, I am pretty stoked about a new report in Pediatrics – a medical journal about increasing survival rates among infants born premature. ... read more »

7 Things I Learned Raising a Preemie: They Grow Fast

When I was sent home less than two days after my twins were born I was scared to death. My previous two pregnancies were large babies weighing just about 11 pounds each. This time around both babies weighed around that together. ... read more »

Study Indicates Massage Therapy Could Benefit Preterm Infants

A study published in the journal Early Human Development and conducted by the University Of Louisville School Of Nursing showed that massage therapy may help reduce stress for preterm infants. ... read more »

How Safe are Insulin Treatments for Preterm Infants?

Insulin is used to help treat various different types of diabetes, and you may even know someone who takes insulin regularly. However, insulin can also be used as therapy to improve glycemic control to reduce morbidity and mortality in intensive care adults. ... read more »

Hospital Lights May Hinder Development of Preemies

Preterm babies cannot come home right away. Usually, they must stay in the hospital until their doctor decides that they are strong enough to go home with mom and dad and start their lives. ... read more »

Benefits of Raising a Twin

One of the first things I remember feeling after my twins came home from the hospital was fatigue. That fatigue moved into utter exhaustion very quickly as I was determined not to force them on the same sleeping schedule. ... read more »

How to Find Out if You Are a High Risk Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Finding out if you have a high risk pregnancy is important. Having a high risk pregnancy means you have an increased risk of complications during pregnancy. ... read more »

Parents May Have Trouble Bonding with Preterm Infants

Children are supposed to naturally bond with their parents. However, very preterm and very low birth weight children can often be born with neurological impairments that make them less likely to form this bond and attachment. ... read more »

Music as Medicine for Premies and Their Parents

Did you know that music can be medicinal in nature for premature babies (a.k.a. premies)? It’s pretty incredible to realize that someone so young can respond positively to music. ... read more »

When Incubation after Birth is Necessary

There are many factors that might cause you to have a premature baby. In some cases, delivering your baby preterm could be completely out of your control and dictated by external factors. ... read more »

How Long Should You Wait to Have Another Baby?

Many couples like to space their children out so that the gap isn’t too large or too small. Usually this is because it’s easier to raise their children when they’re a similar age, but there are medical reasons for this as well. ... read more »

Show Me Some Skin: Benefits of Kangaroo Care for Infants

I brought my nephew to the zoo the other day, and as I wandered through the section that housed the new baby animals with their mothers, it got me to thinking about how differently most mother mammals interact with their newborns than human mothers. ... read more »

Special Therapy May Help Preterm Infants with Development

To help with emotional detachment and to promote all types of growth in preterm children, a type of therapy called Kangaroo Care was developed that involves skin-to-skin contact between mother and child. ... read more »