Bariatric Surgery Risk: Preterm and Low Birth Weight Babies

Women who have had bariatric surgery have higher risks for early delivery during pregnancy and having babies who were small for their gestational age, according to a new study published in BMJ. ... read more »

Streptococcus Bacteria and Premature Births

Pediatric researchers at the San Diego School of Medicine in California have discovered a link between a particular strain of the Streptococcus bacteria and premature births. ... read more »

Smoking Ban: Preterm Births and Asthma Hospitalizations Drop

Smoking bans are increasingly common in the last 3 decades. These bans have cleared the air and a recent study from the Netherlands indicates they've improved the health of newborns and children, too. ... read more »

Preterm Birth Rates in Blastocyst

Researchers from the Create Fertility Center in Ontario, Canada, recently published a study comparing preterm birth rates in pregnancies conceived with blastocysts versus day 5/6 embryos. ... read more »

Prematurity Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Premature delivery of a baby comes with a long list of potential complications, including prolonged hospital stays, difficulty breathing and difficulty maintaining proper body temperature due to low levels of fat on the neonatal body. ... read more »

An Ideal Pregnancy Weight Can Reduce Risk of Preterm Delivery

There is an 8-week window of opportunity during the second trimester to achieve ideal pregnancy weight and reduce the risk of preterm delivery. ... read more »

Students Save Struggling Newborns Around the World

Four students enrolled in Stanford University's Design for extreme affordability course developed an innovative new incubator that mothers in remote villages around the world are using to save the lives. ... read more »

Risk of Complications for First Time Moms Over Age 30

Conventional wisdom always held that pregnancy is a riskier for women over the age of 35. New research, published in the medical journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, suggests age-related risks actually begin as a woman leaves her 20s. ... read more »

Extreme Prematurity Linked With Neurodevelopmental Problems

According to a new meta-analysis study published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers from the Ottawa Hospital in Canada report an increased risk of neurodevelopmental problems in infants, and an extreme risk when associated with gestational age at birth. ... read more »

Healthy Pregnancy Diet: 15% Decreased Risk of Preterm Birth

Norweigan researchers examined the eating and drinking habits of 66,000 pregnant women to see if there were any links between dietary intake during pregnancy and their risk of preterm delivery. ... read more »

‘Kangaroo Care’ Boosts Mother-Child Bond and Preemie Health

The human touch is important. One person touching another, skin to skin, may be most important when establishing a bond between a mother and her newborn child. ... read more »

Researchers Say Progesterone Can Prevent Premature Births

Vanderbilt researchers believe progesterone could be the saving grace for some premature infants. Women with a known history of premature birth may reduce the risk of subsequent premature birth if progesterone is taken during the following pregnancy. ... read more »

Analysis of Birth Defects After ART

A new study published in the journal Birth Defects Research Part A, Clinical and Molecular Teratology reports birth defect status three years after birth via assisted reproductive technology (ART). ... read more »

How JFK Changed Preemie Medical Knowledge

Shortly after his birth, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was diagnosed with hyaline membrane disease, which is known today as infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS). ... read more »

Air Quality Impacts Unborn Fetus

The quality of the air pregnant women breathe has an impact on the developing fetus, according to a new study. The study was published in Environmental Health. ... read more »

New Blood Test Identifies High-Risk Preemies

A new blood test developed by researchers at the University of Missouri (UM) identifies high-risk preemies so they can be carefully monitored to minimize certain life-threatening complications. ... read more »

Famous Preemies: Leslie Lemke

Leslie Lemke was born prematurely with severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, and glaucoma; retinal damage soon followed. His mother abandoned him. ... read more »

Epidermal Growth Factor on Oxygen-Deprived Preemies

One very serious consequence of being born too soon is that the lungs are not mature enough to function properly. ... read more »

Cerebral Palsy Risk Increases with Preeclampsia

According to a new study published in BMJ, women who suffer from preeclampsia are at increased risk of giving birth to newborns with cerebral palsy if the newborns are premature or smaller than normal at birth. ... read more »

More Premature Babies Surviving: High Five!

With two of my four children born premature, I am pretty stoked about a new report in Pediatrics – a medical journal about increasing survival rates among infants born premature. ... read more »

7 Things I Learned Raising a Preemie: They Grow Fast

When I was sent home less than two days after my twins were born I was scared to death. My previous two pregnancies were large babies weighing just about 11 pounds each. This time around both babies weighed around that together. ... read more »

Multiple Births - Risks To The Child

The health risks for twins and triplets are greatly increased compared with those for singletons mostly because multiples tend to be born prematurely and underweight. ... read more »

Artificially Sweetened Drinks and Preterm Delivery

New research suggests that drinking lots of artificially sweetened beverages may be linked with an increased risk of premature births. ... read more »

Raising a Preemie: They Do Require Special Care

The special care for my premature newborns started immediately after birth. Twin A was unable to maintain a healthy body temperature so she was under a heating unit for a few hours after birth. ... read more »

Raising a Preemie: That Little Bit of Formula

Preemies are like tiny little creatures with all ten fingers and toes. With that tiny little body comes a tiny little appetite. Some new twin moms choose to breastfeed and others choose to bottle feed.  ... read more »

Raising a Preemie: Starting Small

In our minds, we saw two tiny little toddlers and two tiny little children starting school, but that image soon disappeared when our twins started growing faster than other infants of the same gestational age.  ... read more »

Benefits of Raising a Twin

One of the first things I remember feeling after my twins came home from the hospital was fatigue. That fatigue moved into utter exhaustion very quickly as I was determined not to force them on the same sleeping schedule. ... read more »

Premature Labor - Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of premature labor ... read more »

Premature Labor - Risk Factors

The following are risk factors for increased risk of premature labor and premature births. ... read more »

Computers and Pregnancy

Can working on computers hurt my baby? ... read more »

Decongestants May Reduce Risk of Premature Birth

The use of decongestants during pregnancy is common. Most often, women who choose not to use over the counter medications are trying to protect the fetus from potential harm. ... read more »

7 Things I Learned Raising a Preemie: Kangaroo Care

Learning never changes when you are a parent. From the first moments your infant comes into the world you are learning. When I gave birth to premature infants I was forced into a world I had never known. ... read more »

Parents May Have Trouble Bonding with Preterm Infants

Children are supposed to naturally bond with their parents. However, very preterm and very low birth weight children can often be born with neurological impairments that make them less likely to form this bond and attachment. ... read more »

Why Are Pre-Term Boys More at Risk of Death?

Some diseases and conditions that affect children can often affect one gender more than the other. Though there are many reasons for this, sometimes it’s a mystery that researchers and scientists have yet to figure out. ... read more »

Maternal Obesity and the Risk of Premature Birth

Women can struggle with pregnancy and fertility for all types of reasons. They may have pre-existing conditions and disorders that prevent them from conceiving easily, or they may have issues with being able to carry a healthy baby. ... read more »

Infant Pain Linked to Dampened Pain and Stress Later in Life

Babies born prematurely often face up to months in the NICU. There, they undergo painful inflammatory procedures every day. ... read more »

When Incubation after Birth is Necessary

There are many factors that might cause you to have a premature baby. In some cases, delivering your baby preterm could be completely out of your control and dictated by external factors. ... read more »

You Might Be Required to Take a Drug Test after Conception

When you become pregnant, your doctor will administer a wide range of tests. Most of these tests will be done to make sure there are no complications that could negatively affect your pregnancy. ... read more »

Several Factors Influence Preterm Survival Rate

When my cousin was born, my aunt and uncle were told that he didn’t have a high chance of surviving the week. He was extremely preterm at about 24 or 25 weeks and was also born with medical complications. ... read more »