Childhood Cancer Can Increase Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy in childhood cancer survivors could be riskier than previously thought. Chances of premature labor, early delivery and hemorrhage are higher in certain cancer cases. ... read more »

Concerning Symptoms During Pregnancy You Should Not Ignore

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Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Cervical Length - Risk of Prematurity

There is a reverse direct relationship between cervical length and the risk of premature births. ... read more »

Researchers Create Patch to Repair Ruptured Membranes

One of the leading causes of premature labor is ruptured membranes.There are a variety of reasons why the 'bag of waters' ruptures tooearly, but once the bag has broken the pregnancy must end within a short period to prevent complications. ... read more »

Premature Labor Symptoms and Signs - When To Call The Doctor

Premature labor and delivery is the #1 reason for newborn death. You should call the doctor or go to the hospital if you have any of these symptoms or signs. ... read more »

Pulsations in Uterus During Pregnancy

I am 33 weeks pregnant and feels strange pulsations in my uterus, what could they be? ... read more »


Up to one in 10 women has asymptomatic bacteriuria in pregnancy. If untreated, about one-third of these will develop symptomatic infection of the bladder or kidney. These infections can lead to complications such as premature labor and delivery. ... read more »

Premature Contractions

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There is a New HeRO for Premature Infants

J. Randall Moorman, a cardiologist from the University of Virginia co-invented the HeRO system to reduce the number of fatalities in the premature population. ... read more »

Magnesium Sulfate During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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Nifedipine During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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Bed Rest as a Medical Intervention During Pregnancy

The signs and symptoms of premature labor are varied and may include spotting and early contractions, and pregnancy with multiples. ... read more »

No Benefit From Weight and Dietary Changes for Preterm Labor

Patients with a history of preterm labor and delivery do not benefit from controlled weight gain and dietary changes, according to research completed at the University of Rochester Medical Center. ... read more »

Robotics Helps Woman with Cervical Incompetence

For Dr. Sami Kilic, robotics is the answer for pregnant women with incompetent cervixes that threaten the viability and health of the pregnancy. ... read more »

Study: Labor Induction After a Premature Rupture

When a pregnant woman's membranes rupture between the 34th and 37th week of gestation, labor is often induced to reduce the risk of fetal infection and/or breathing problems. ... read more »

Study: Magnesium Sulfate for Neuroprotection

Magnesium sulfate is currently used as a neonatal neuroprotectant for deliveries at less than 30 weeks gestation. Researchers recently started collecting data for a trial covering gestational ages 30 to 34 weeks. ... read more »

Are Compounded Drugs Safe for Use During Pregnancy?

With news of deaths associated with compounded drugs created by New England Compounding Center reaching a feverous pitch, the risk of compounding drugs and the role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the production of these drugs is up in the air. ... read more »

How to Find Out if You Are a High Risk Pregnancy in 12 Steps

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Premature Labor - Signs and Symptoms

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Premature Labor - Risk Factors

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Dental Problems May be Linked to Premature Birth

The treatment of gum disease may be a contributing factor in keeping premature birth at bay. A study published by BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology reports a significant link between periodontitis and preterm birth. ... read more »