Syphilis During Pregnancy

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection. Due to the increased risk of pregnancy complications, women are typically screened for syphilis during prenatal testing. ... read more »

Pregnancy Guide For Women 35 and Older

Women over 35 may have more pregnancy complications. ... read more »

The Baby Gender Guessing Game

Gone are the days of husbands screaming out, “it’s a boy!” as he watches the doctor pull the baby out for the very first time. Though this is still an option, many people choose to learn the gender of their baby before the day of delivery. ... read more »

Paternity Testing Changes Makes Tests Safer

Current paternity tests must either be held off until the infant is born or involve amniocentesis to pull fluid from the amniotic sac for testing. ... read more »

Moms No Longer Have to Wait to ID Dad

The question of paternity is one many pregnant women face. Despite advances in our society and western culture as a whole, asking about paternity is still a touchy subject. ... read more »

Second Trimester of Pregnancy Tests

The second trimester is their favorite part of the pregnancy for many women. ... read more »

Thyroid to Blame for Some Pregnancy Complications

Researchers now believe that the thyroid may be responsible for some major complications during pregnancy. The thyroid is not currently a part of the screening processes that take place in the first trimester, but that could possibly change in the very near future. ... read more »

What to Expect at My First Prenatal Visit

If you recently had a positive home pregnancy test, scheduling your first prenatal visit is the next step. Having prenatal care is vital in order to ensure that both you and baby are healthy. ... read more »

Prenatal Blood Tests on Your First Visit

These tests screen and diagnose many conditions during pregnancy. ... read more »

Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Doctor's Appointments and Tests

If you’re in your third trimester (weeks 28 through 40 weeks) you’re in the home stretch. Doctor visits are coming up more frequently, and depending on how your pregnancy is progressing so far, you will either have them monthly or weekly. ... read more »

The Latest News in Prenatal Screening

The latest news in prenatal screening involves the science of genetics, but a true picture of fetal health is best assessed when a suspicious DNA result is assessed after a series of tests is performed. ... read more »

Nemaline Myopathy

Nemaline Myopathy is a non-progressive neuromuscular disease that affects muscle strength and development. This condition is one of the 40 diseases currently covered by the MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association). ... read more »

Fetal DNA Pulled from Mom’s Blood

According to a study published in the journal Nature, mom's blood may hold the key to DNA and genetic testing. This study could be the first step in making genetic testing a part of prenatal care for all women. ... read more »

Gestational Diabetes Testing in First Trimester Pregnancy

According to a study from researchers in Italy, PAPP-A testing may be a valuable addition to first trimester pregnancy screening. PAPP-A or pregnancy-associated plasma protein testing may hold the key for pregnant women at increased risk of GDM. ... read more »

Effect of Academic Detailing on Group B Strep Testing Rates

Researchers from Brazil recently published a study in the BMC Pregnancy Childbirth journal investigating the effectiveness of academic detailing on group B strep testing rates. ... read more »

Cost-Effectiveness in Treatment of Rh-Negative Pregnant Women

  Researchers in Quebec recently published a study comparing four possible treatments for Rh-negative pregnancies in an attempt to find the most cost-effective means of treatment with good clinical outcome.  ... read more »

Newborns Affected by Severe Illness Linked to Parasite

Toxoplasmosis is a cat parasite that can infect a pregnant woman if the woman touches cat waste, which is why pregnant women are told not to change cat litter boxes while pregnant. ... read more »

Hospital Care for Low Birth Weight Infants

If during the ultrasound an infant is deemed smaller than they should be for gestational age, special attention may be paid to infant size for the duration of the pregnancy. ... read more »

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: Focus of Large Research Companies

Research and development companies are working to make invasive prenatal testing a thing of the past. ... read more »

Prenatal Tests Before and During Pregnancy

Learn all about the prenatal testing and exams that take place during each pregnancy trimester. ... read more »

Can a Test Predict Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes mellitus, or GDM, is a form of diabetes that comes on or is first recognized during pregnancy in women that were not previously diagnosed. ... read more »

What Your Salivary Estriol Test Results Mean

When you become pregnant, your head might start spinning with all of the tests and evaluations that will suddenly fill your calendar. You might feel like, after a few weeks, there is simply nothing left on your body to test. ... read more »

Could Your HIV Test Show a False Positive?

If you are trying to conceive, you probably understand that there are a plethora of tests you will face to ensure that you and your baby will be healthy for the duration of the pregnancy and thereafter. Included in the list of tests is usually an HIV test. ... read more »