Pregnancy Complications And How To Prevent Them

During regular check-ups doctors check for proper fetal growth and development, but they are also looking for symptoms that may be associated with the 10 most common pregnancy complications. ... read more »

Preterm Delivery Risk Calculator by Mother's Age

Calculate your risk of having a preterm delivery/premature birth based on your age. ... read more »

Preterm-Born Mothers More Prone to Preterm Babies

A study revealed that mothers who were born prematurely are at increased risk of having at least one child born prematurely, too. ... read more »

How Your Weight Could Lead to Preterm Birth

For some women, getting pregnant is the hardest part of being pregnant. If you experienced trouble getting pregnant, but were eventually able to conceive, the battle isn’t over yet. ... read more »

Stress During Pregnancy May Mean You’re Having a Girl – and Early!

The online journal Human Reproduction has published the results of a study linking stress during pregnancy to early birth and an increased chance of having a girl. ... read more »

Preterm Birth Survival and Disability Data

When a preterm delivery is expected, parental counseling should be based on accurate data regarding survival rates and the likelihood of major disability among survivors at the given gestational age. ... read more »

Rate of Premature Births Dropping, But Still Too High

The March of Dimes has released a report revealing the rate of premature births are on the decline, but experts still believe the rate is too high. ... read more »

Placenta Testing Reveals Possible Preeclampsia Marker

Researchers testing placentas after infant births may have found a gene marker. The gene is associated with the immune system and may be the cause of some cases of preeclampsia. ... read more »

Does Alcohol-Free Mouth Wash Reduce Risk of Preterm Birth?

Researchers presented a study at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine yearly meet-up, The Pregnancy Meeting, regarding the possible benefits of using alcohol-free mouthwash to reduce preterm labor. ... read more »

Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Infertility

Researchers are McGill University in Montreal, Canada recently published a study in Human Reproduction about a possible link between preterm birth and difficulty getting pregnant. ... read more »

Exposure to Phthalates Increases Risk for Preterm Births

There has been growing concern about the dangers of exposure to thechemical phthalate, and now a new study shows an association between awoman's exposure to phthalate and preterm birth. ... read more »

Bacteria May Result in Preterm Birth

Bacteria could cause premature births, according to a new study.Preterm births occur when a pregnant woman's water breaks early. ... read more »

Neighborhood Economics and Fetal Weight

Does the neighborhood where you live affect risk factors for very preterm birth? Researchers in France found a correlation between social factors present in certain neighborhoods and increased risk of very preterm birth. ... read more »

Sweetened Drinks and Preterm Birth: Connected?

According to a study out of Norway, women who choose sugary drinks during pregnancy may be setting themselves up for increased risk of premature delivery. The study included at least 60,000 women. ... read more »

H1N1 Vaccine Reduces Preterm Births in 2009

Pregnant women who will be pregnant or give birth during flu season are encouraged to have the flu vaccination. Pregnancy reduces natural immunity, which makes pregnant women more susceptible to contracting the flu. ... read more »

Pregnancy in Women with Vasculitis

The study claims women diagnosed with vasculitis are more likely to have complicated pregnancies. Vasculitis does not appear to affect male fertility or health of the conceived offspring. ... read more »

Early Birth Could Lead to Increased Risk of Early Death

A report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reveals that children born before 37 weeks gestation have an increased risk of early death during early childhood and early adulthood compared to children born full-term. The study included more than 600,000 children born from 1973 to 1976 in Sweden. ... read more »

Preterm Births Lower Thanks to Smoking Bans

The smoking bans were put in place to protect non-smokers from the health effects of second-hand smoke, but the effects have also reached pregnant women. According to a new study published in BMJ, smoking bans in Belgium have reduced preterm birth rates. ... read more »

Does Vitamin C Decrease Preterm Birth Risk?

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recently published a study in the American Journal of Perinatology on the impact of vitamin C supplementation on preterm birth rates. ... read more »

Chemotherapy During Pregnancy: No Developmental Problem Risk

Using chemotherapy during pregnancy for the treatment of cancer comes with great concern for the health of the fetus. Researchers have recently completed a study involving a small number of children born after in-utero exposure to chemotherapy. ... read more »

Increasing Mean Arterial Blood Pressure in Preterm Infants

A study in the Archives of Diseases in childhood reports a possible new treatment for increasing mean arterial blood pressure (MABP) in preterm infants. Doctors administered tocolytic indomethacin to 18 mothers in preterm labor. ... read more »

An Ideal Pregnancy Weight Can Reduce Risk of Preterm Delivery

There is an 8-week window of opportunity during the second trimester to achieve ideal pregnancy weight and reduce the risk of preterm delivery. ... read more »

Cervicovaginal Microbiota Predicts Preterm Birth Risks

Researchers in Philadelphia report they may have found a way to pinpoint the risk of preterm delivery as early as the second trimester. ... read more »

Healthy Pregnancy Diet: 15% Decreased Risk of Preterm Birth

Norweigan researchers examined the eating and drinking habits of 66,000 pregnant women to see if there were any links between dietary intake during pregnancy and their risk of preterm delivery. ... read more »

Pregnancy Nutrition: Eat Your DHA!

Research finds a new reason why adequate DHA intake is important during pregnancy. ... read more »

The Benefits of DHA During Pregnancy

The first five years of a 10-year double-blind study from the University of Kansas are complete and researchers are reporting a positive benefit of taking DHA during pregnancy. ... read more »

37 to 38 Week Delivery: Risk of Health Issues

A new study published in the journal sheds light on a problem with the 37-week theory. According to the study, infants born at 37 weeks to 38 weeks are at increased risk of health problems compared to infants born closer to 40 weeks.  ... read more »

Progesterone No Help in Preventing Preterm Twin Births

This Lancet study shows that progesterone does not prevent preterm births in twins. ... read more »

USA Lags Behind in Preterm Births

Born too soon: the global action report on preterm birth by the World Health Organization (WHO) provides the first-ever national, regional and global estimates of preterm birth.  ... read more »

Insomnia and Preterm Birth

Life stresses can cause the mind to race in all directions, but when you're pregnant, insomnia may have a deeper effect than just a few days of fatigue. Researchers believe there could be a link between insomnia and preterm birth. ... read more »

Prevention of Preterm Birth With Five Interventions

According to a study in The Lancet , there are five interventions for all 39 countries with higher development that could lead to a 5% relative reduction of preterm birth rate from 9·59% to 9·07% of livebirths. ... read more »

Does an early first pregnancy mean an early second pregnancy?

When I became pregnant again, I wondered if the shorter pregnancy the first time around would mean a shorter pregnancy the second time around. ... read more »

Study Reveals New Consequences of Pre-Term Birth

One of my distant cousins was born extremely pre-term. At first, they doctors were worried that he wouldn’t make it, but after a few months in the hospital, he was ready to go home. ... read more »

Retinal Detachment and Preterm Birth

Though his story shows that extremely preterm children can lead healthy lives despite their tumultuous beginnings, not every preterm child outgrows the medical issues often associated with early birth. ... read more »

Preterm Birth: A Side Effect of Contaminated Water?

In the United States we are often protected from some of the leading causes of maternal and infant death associated with pregnancy. This is because much of our country has access to clean drinking water, medical help, and prenatal care. ... read more »

Preterm Birth and Speech Development

There are countless negative side effects associated with preterm birth. Essentially, babies born prematurely have not finished fully developing, and problems can be chronic. ... read more »

An Easy Way to Predict Preterm Birth

A recent study shows that there’s a very simple way to help you predict whether or not you might experience preterm labor. ... read more »

Do Probiotics Prevent Preterm Delivery?

If you deliver your child preterm, there could be pregnancy complications that interfere with the birth, and there will most definitely be higher costs associated with the post-delivery care of your child. ... read more »