Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy

You should sleep in the position that's most comfortable for you during pregnancy, though the left side appears safer than the back or right side.   ... read more »

Snuff Worse Than Cigarettes During Pregnancy

Recent research reveals using snuff to stop smoking cravings during pregnancy may be worse than smoking. Children born to mothers who used snuff were more likely to suffer difficulty breathing than those born to mothers who continued smoking. ... read more »

Symptoms of Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy

Sleep disturbances can turn a dream pregnancy into a nightmare. These disturbances add up to overall poor sleep quality for many women. ... read more »

How a Techno-Geek Startup Founder Copes With Pregnancy

Kate Matsudaira is a mover-and-shaker-type entrepreneur who thoroughly thrives on her life in the high tech industry. ... read more »

Restless Leg Syndrome in Pregnancy

Researchers in Switzerland recently published a study in the journal Neurology assessing the prevalence and effect of restless leg syndrome on pregnancy. Restless leg syndrome can affect sleep patterns and cause insomnia. ... read more »

Sleep Position During Pregnancy and Risk

According to research in Ghana, pregnant women who sleep on their backs (supine) are more likely to suffer stillbirth than women who sleep in other positions. ... read more »

Sleep Habits May be Connected to Early Birth

Researchers have found a potential link between sleep habits during pregnancy and increased risk of preterm delivery. ... read more »

Do Snoring Moms Have Smaller Babies?

Snoring is a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea, a breathing problem that occurs during sleep and causes lowered levels of oxygen in the blood. This lowering of blood oxygen levels can affect the health of a developing baby. ... read more »

Sleep Disruptions and Pregnancy Outcome

According to the study, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, depression during pregnancy affects sleep patterns and the affected sleep patterns may result in altered immune system function and increased risk of birth defects. ... read more »

The Third Trimester from the Male Perspective

The home stretch. The last few innings. The calm before the storm 'or perhaps the storm before the hurricane. Yes, we're talking about the third trimester of pregnancy. This is the time you and your partner are making final preparations. ... read more »

6 Tips for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

The September 2013 issue of the journal Psychosomatic Medicine features the results of a study examining how the quality of a woman's sleep during pregnancy affects delivery and the child she carries. ... read more »

Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can affect a woman's sleep patterns. Many women who sleep well at other times experience sleep disturbances during pregnancy. ... read more »

Treatment and Tips to Relieve Sleep Disturbances During Pregnancy

Many women experience sleep disturbances during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are several ways to make nighttime more relaxing and sleep-filled for women throughout every stage of pregnancy. ... read more »

Non-Medicinal Sleep Aids for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be an emotionally and physically exhausting experience, especially for the majority of pregnant women who have trouble falling or staying asleep. ... read more »

Third Trimester Sleep Quality Affects Metabolism in Male Offspring

The study found that male offspring of sleep-deprived mothers were more likely than the offspring of well-rested mothers to be overweight and suffer life-threatening metabolic disorders in mid-life. ... read more »

Sleep Apnea and Pregnancy

Pregnant women are at risk for sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing stops temporarily during sleep. Women with sleep apnea during pregnancy also struggle with daytime sleepiness and fatigue. ... read more »

Maternal Sleep and Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Researchers at the University of Michigan recently published a study correlating sleeping patterns and increased risk of stillbirth, preeclampsia and low birth weight. Sleeping patterns can be altered and thus, so can the increased risk of pregnancy complications. ... read more »

Sleeping Position and Sleep on the Back During Pregnancy

It is recommended that you sleep on the left side during pregnancy, especially during the last 3-4 months. Women who sleep on their back or the right side have an increased risk of stillbirth. ... read more »

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Start taking a prenatal supplement well before pregnancy. The most important part of pregnancy is the prenatal care. The first few weeks of gestation are full of quick growth for the fetus. ... read more »

Sleeping Position On Your Back During Pregnancy?

It's a bad idea to force yourself to sleep in a certain position during pregnancy. You should sleep in the position that's most comfortable for you. ... read more »

Insomnia During Pregnancy

I am pregnant and I can't sleep. What should I do? ... read more »

How To Sleep During Pregnancy

There are many safe ways how to sleep during pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, you are likely to get less and less sleep due to the baby growing. ... read more »

How to Get More Sleep During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Most women have problems with sleep during pregnancy. Our 12-step programs helps you with sleep issues during pregnancy. ... read more »

When You Should Try a Pregnancy Pillow

Once you start showing during your pregnancy, everyone will start telling you to get some sleep now while you still can. After delivery, you’ll spend every night rushing back and forth from your bed to the crib with little shut-eye.  ... read more »

Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy

After a long and tiring day of pregnancy, you lie down in bed to get some sleep. Your body is exhausted, and you feel as though you barely make it under the covers. As you start dozing off, your legs suddenly wake up and you feel as though you could run a marathon. ... read more »

Lack of Sleep During Pregnancy May Cause Birth Complications

Insomnia might be widespread and generally accepted as something that’s bound to happen to everyone once in a while. However, insomnia can have more adverse effects on the body than you might imagine. ... read more »

Pregnancy and Maternity Pillows For A Better Night's Sleep

Pregnant women often find it difficult to get good sleep because they can't get a comfortable position, and sometimes it’s for no reason at all. One way to sleep more comfortably? Invest in a good pregnancy pillow. ... read more »

Pregnancy Brings on Insomnia

According to a recent study though, insomnia in pregnant women actually goes beyond the usual causes. The first common cause of insomnia during pregnancy is the elevated levels of progesterone. ... read more »

Nap Wisely when Pregnant

Sleep is an extremely important element of your overall health, especially when you're pregnant. Even outside of pregnancy, lack of sleep can lead to serious problems including depression, hypertension and dangerously debilitating fatigue. ... read more »

Snoring Could Interfere with Fetal Growth

Even if you’ve never snored before your pregnancy, you and your partner might be heavily disturbed by the loud snoring that will likely come on during gestation. ... read more »