How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Start taking a prenatal supplement well before pregnancy. The most important part of pregnancy is the prenatal care. The first few weeks of gestation are full of quick growth for the fetus. ... read more »

Vitamin C Eases Lung Damage in Newborns of Smoking Mothers

A new study says vitamin C can help reduce newborn lung damage if their mothers were smokers during pregnancy. ... read more »

Smoking While Pregnant: Poor Impulse Control in Child

A study provides evidence that the children of mothers who smoked while pregnant are more likely to exhibit poor impulse control and be thrill seekers as adults than are the children of non-smokers. ... read more »

Mindfulness Training Reduces Urge to Smoke

A group of scientists has discovered that mindfulness training reduces the urge to smoke. This research could help millions of women quit smoking during pregnancy. ... read more »

Quit Smoking in Pregnancy to Reduce Risk of Premature Birth

A new study shows that quitting will decrease your risk of giving birth prematurely, even if you’re already pregnant when you stop. ... read more »

Smoking and SIDS

SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, refers to death occurring in infants with no known cause.According to this study on the effect of smoking on SIDS rates, parents who choose to smoke increase the risk of their infants dying from SIDS three times. ... read more »

Dangers From Smoking During Pregnancy

What happens if a woman smokes during pregnancy? ... read more »

Fatty Molecule Linked to Brain Damage Via Lack of Oxygen

When babies are deprived of oxygen in utero, brain damage can result. Researchers have found a connection between brain damage and a fatty acid molecule, which could spark new treatment protocols to reduce the risk of brain damage. ... read more »

Smoking Linked to Clubfoot and Other Physical Birth Defects

Doctors are constantly reminding pregnant women of the risk factors associated with smoking during pregnancy such as lower birth weight and increased risk of miscarriage. But despite the warnings, there have been no proven physical birth defects associated with smoking, until now. ... read more »

Nicotine Increases Risk of Heart Problems in Infants

More and more studies are being released connecting fetal habits with lifelong side effects in children. According to researchers nicotine increases fetal blood pressure, which could lead to increased risk for heart disease and high blood pressure later in life. ... read more »

Periconception Maternal Characteristics and Fetal Growth

At the University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, researchers found a connection between periconception maternal characteristics and fetal growth as measured in crown rump length (CRL). ... read more »

One Stillborn Pregnancy May Lead to Another

If a pregnancy ends with a stillbirth, the woman is more likely to suffer another stillbirth in the future, according to new research published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. ... read more »

Women with Low Zinc and Copper Have More Miscarriages

About 15-percent of women suffer from spontaneous abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. Doctors and researchers are constantly looking for reasons why these spontaneous abortions occur. ... read more »

Secondhand Smoke Adds Years to Kids’ Arteries

Most adults that smoke know it is bad for their health. What may be less widely understood is the harm the smoker does to the children he or she shares a home and an automobile with. ... read more »

E-Cigarettes Not So Healthy Alternative

A new study suggests the need to re-think the safety of e-cigarettes. They aren't quite so safe for smokers or others in the vicinity. ... read more »

Surprise Finding: Preemies Face COPD in Mid-20s

Adults born prematurely (ex-preterms) and diagnosed with BPD are at increased for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). ... read more »

Walking 30 Minutes Reduces Tobacco Cravings in Pregnant Women

Pregnant women who want to stop smoking should go for a walk, according to a new study. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk for lowered birth rate, prenatal death, and behavioral problems in children. ... read more »

Effect of Maternal Smoking on Birth Weight

According to a study published in the journal PLoS One, maternal smoking reduces birth weight, supporting current research. Researchers from Lund University tested the effect of maternal smoking using sibling analysis. ... read more »

Vitamin C May Help Infants Born to Smoking Mothers

When women claim they are unable to stop smoking during pregnancy, there has been nothing the obstetrician could do to improve the health of the unborn fetus, until now. ... read more »

Smoking Cessation During and After Pregnancy Study

According to the study, only 50% of women stop smoking during pregnancy and of those, less than 35% maintain a smoke-free environment four years after birth. ... read more »

Maternal Cigarette Smokers and Increased Risk of PPROM

PPROM or preterm premature rupture of membranes is considered more dangerous than PROM (premature rupture of membranes). PROM occurs after the 37th week of gestation, but labor soon follows. ... read more »

Attachment Issues May Spark Heavier Maternal Smoking

  When a pregnant women fails to connect emotionally with the fetus it could lead to heavier smoking during pregnancy, according to a study published in the Maternal and Child Health Journal. ... read more »

Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Fetal Biometry

Restriction of fetal growth is one known complication of smoking during pregnancy. Researchers know the connection exists, but little is known about when the growth restriction starts and how it progresses. ... read more »

Effect of Smoking on Respiratory Function in Pregnancy

Smoking can increase risk of lung cancer in men and women, but researchers from George Mason University in Virginia focused on the impact of smoking on maternal respiratory function and fetal health in a study published in Southern Medical Journal. ... read more »

Pregnant Women Want Money to Stop Smoking

According to a research study at John's Hopkins University ' pregnant women are willing to stop smoking if you pay them money along the way. The research study was completed at the Center for Addiction and Pregnancy with results that were quite positive. ... read more »

Preterm Births Lower Thanks to Smoking Bans

The smoking bans were put in place to protect non-smokers from the health effects of second-hand smoke, but the effects have also reached pregnant women. According to a new study published in BMJ, smoking bans in Belgium have reduced preterm birth rates. ... read more »

Why Cigarettes and Wine are Bad for Baby

Rules that involve the avoidance of alcohol and tobacco products mayseem like rules that can be safely bent from time to time but there aresound scientific reasons why these rules exist. Basically, they're badfor the baby. ... read more »

Pregnant Women Can Drink – New Study Claims

Researchers working with the Danish National Birth Cohort claim drinking in the early parts of pregnancy has no negative impact on the pregnancy or fetal health, according to a new report. ... read more »

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Teen Asthma

Pregnant women are warned about the effects of smoking during pregnancy from the first obstetric visits. While smoking can cause premature birth and reduced birth weight, it now appears there is a long-term risk to worry about as well. ... read more »

Smoking Ban Helps Reduce Risk of Pregnancy Complications

A report published in the Journal of Women's Health proves that banning smoking can have a positive impact on pregnancy. The result was a significant reduction in early birth risk. ... read more »

Premature Births with Stress-Related Premature Aging of Placenta

Premature births are the subject of many scientific studies, including a recent one that links stress-related premature aging of the placenta to premature rupture of the placental membranes. ... read more »

Smoking Ban: Preterm Births and Asthma Hospitalizations Drop

Smoking bans are increasingly common in the last 3 decades. These bans have cleared the air and a recent study from the Netherlands indicates they've improved the health of newborns and children, too. ... read more »

Third-Hand Smoke: DNA Damage Risk for Infants and Toddlers

Third-hand smoke, the gunk that settles on floors, furniture, draperies, and even kids' toys, has the potential to damage DNA. ... read more »

Smoking During Pregnancy May Cause ADHD in Child

Smoke from tobacco products is a known risk factor associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and it is present in the environment in more ways than the obvious. ... read more »

Ultrasound Scans Show Harm of Smoking During Pregnancy

Researchers have discovered facial differences in fetuses from smoking and non-smoking mothers remarkable enough to visually document the harm of smoking while pregnant. ... read more »

Smoking During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism

Tobacco smoke and the chemicals produced have long been linked to problems and conditions with the fetus. The conditions range from low birth weight, prematurity and in some instances birth defects. ... read more »

Nicotine Replacements Linked to Child Obesity Risk

Smoking is one of the toughest habits to break but many women find that pregnancy gives added incentive to kick the habit. Some turn to nicotine replacement therapy to ease the transition. ... read more »

Is Any Form of Tobacco Safe During Pregnancy?

It's impossible to dispute the fact that cigarette smoking is harmful to one's health. Women who smoke during pregnancy risk harming the developing fetus, especially the developing brain. ... read more »

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Health Complications in Males

A recent study finds that fetal exposure to tobacco increases the likelihood that a male child will develop obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders as an adult. ... read more »

Smoking During Overweight Pregnancy May Cause Fetal Heart Damage

Being overweight during pregnancy significantly increases pregnancy complication risk. Smoking during pregnancy also increases pregnancy complication risk. ... read more »

Breastfeeding Moms Less Likely to Resume Smoking

A recent study of new mothers and their smoking habits found less interest in cigarettes the longer the baby was breastfed. ... read more »

Secondhand Smoke Can Be Disastrous For Pregnancy

A recent study compared the effects of smoke exposure at various levels to the pregnancy outcomes of more than 80,000 women. ... read more »

Scotland Bans Smoking, Reduces Premature Births

In March of 2006, Scotland passed legislation that banned smoking in public settings. The legislation did not focus on pregnant women, but the ban has proven to be quite helpful in terms of reducing the number of preterm deliveries in the country. ... read more »

White Women Like to Smoke During Pregnancy

If you pass five pregnant white women this week, chances are high that at least one of them has smoked within the past month. ... read more »

Tobacco and Marijuana Use in Low-Income Pregnancies

According to a study published in the Journal of Addiction, Research and Therapy, marijuana use in pregnancy may be more prevalent than tobacco use because pregnant women perceive the drug as a safer alternative to tobacco use. ... read more »

Study: Semen Quality Decline Over Past 20 Years

The quality of semen has declined in the past 20 years, according to studies that looked at falling sperm counts and evidence of reduced motility. ... read more »

Maternal Smoking and Impact on Adult Offspring

Smoking during pregnancy and high maternal stress hormones increase the risk for nicotine dependence in daughters, according to a new study. ... read more »

Maternal Smoking and Psychological Traits in Offspring

Maternal smoking habits have been associated with multiple psychological issues in offspring, but researchers from the University of Missouri believe confounding factors may play a more important role than the direct effect of maternal smoking during pregnancy. ... read more »