Welcome to Toddlerhood: Gross Motor Skills 12 - 24 months

Welcome to Toddlerhood: Gross Motor Skill Development 12 - 24 months ... read more »

Welcome to Toddlerhood: Communication Skills 12 - 24 months

Learn about toddlerhood and the communication milestones from 12 months old through 24 months old. ... read more »

Welcome to Toddlerhood: Cognitive Skills 12-24 Months

As your child approaches her first birthday, her cognitive skills are still very basic. In the second year of life, brain development is rapid, as she begins to interact more with the outside world. As she develops through childhood and into adulthood her cognitive skills will help her: process information, think, learn, read, write, remember, reason, create and focus. ... read more »

Daytime Naps Maybe Not So Beneficial After Age 2

A new study provides sound scientific evidence that once a child reaches age 2, naps can be more trouble than they’re worth. ... read more »

Baby Proofing Your Home

Watching your baby takes her first steps can be the thrill of a lifetime. Baby proofing the house is important as those first steps are the harbinger of big changes in both of your lives. ... read more »

Your Toddler’s Ability to Focus on Cognitive Tasks

These days, it’s pretty common to teach infants sign language in order to help them communicate before they can speak properly. ... read more »

Is Your Baby a Toe Walker?

When your baby finally takes his first steps, you will be ecstatic. It is really the moment when you finally realize that your little bundle of joy is actually a human being that will someday be making decisions and choices of his own based on his personal preferences. ... read more »

Toddler Communication Skills: 2 to 4 years

Toddler Communication Skills: 2 to 4 years ... read more »

Should I Potty Train Before Trying to Conceive?

This is the reason potty training experts say toddlers should start potty training at 18 months – not because they are all emotionally ready, but because the body is physically capable of learning how to hold it at 18 months. ... read more »

Inexpensive Daddy-and-Me Toddler Dates

There’s just something special about spending some time with your dad away from the rest of your siblings and your mom that makes it extra special. Even from a young age, kids enjoy doing activities with their fathers, no matter the occasion.  ... read more »

How to Take a Breath during a Toddler Meltdown

When your toddler is showing signs of a tantrum and you aren’t able to stop it in time before it becomes a full breakdown, what can you do? ... read more »

Teaching Toddler Siblings to Get Along

Many families have children close together so that they have at least two toddlers at the same time. Some friends of ours have two girls right now that are just getting out of toddlerhood, but when they were a few years younger, our friends noticed the older girl was beginning to be very unkind to her younger sister. ... read more »

Best Vacation Spots for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Though summer is still about six months away, it never hurts to tentatively start planning your vacation, especially if you have young children. Vacationing with babies and toddler can be difficult, but if you plan out the excursion well enough, it can be a fun-filled adventure for your family. ... read more »

Top 5 Toddler Food Choking Hazards

It’s pretty exciting when your toddler begins to eat solid food, but eating solid foods also comes with new trials like picky eating and unfortunately, choking hazards. ... read more »

When To Start Watching What You Say

As I was thinking about language development in infants recently, I concluded that babies should be spoken to as adults so that they get an accurate sense of their parents’ language early on. ... read more »

Why Toddler Constipation Will Have You Missing Dirty Diapers

Constipation is not a fun experience for anyone, but for infants, toddlers and preschool-age children, it can be a genuinely traumatic experience. ... read more »

What Your Toddler's Tantrums are Telling You

My cousin’s twins had legendary meltdowns as toddlers, which caused my cousin no end of trouble and made going out in public a hectic ordeal. Many parents believe that their children have tantrums and meltdowns because they are simply angry about something. ... read more »

How Much T.V. Should Babies and Toddlers Watch?

At some point in their lives, your children will probably watch some sort of television program. This won’t ruin their lives or hinder their development, but too much TV might prevent them from doing other enriching activities. ... read more »

How to Handle a Newborn and a Toddler at the Same Time

It can be tough to juggle two young children at the same time. Check out a few of these tips for raising a newborn and toddler together without losing your mind. ... read more »

How You’ll Know It’s Time to Potty Train

It’s natural to fear the day your baby is ready to potty train. Even though you’re excited for him or her to reach such a major milestone into childhood, the task can seem daunting and messy. ... read more »

Teaching Your Baby and Toddler Sign Language

To help their daughters try to communicate even though they couldn’t talk, our friends decided to teach them sign language when they were still very little. ... read more »