Bladder Infections: Diagnosis and Treatment

A bladder infection occurs when bacterium from the area surrounding the urethra invades the bladder. Bladder infections are relatively common and can be treated with a course of antibiotics. ... read more »

Recurrent Bladder Infections

If the urine culture is negative after treatment, but symptoms persist, additional testing to determine the cause of symptoms will likely be ordered. ... read more »

Pyelonephritis During Pregnancy

is an infection of the uppermost section of the urinary tract. The condition is more common in women with asymptomatic urinary tract or bladder infection. ... read more »

Bladder Infection During Pregnancy

Pregnant women may be more susceptible to urinary tract infections and bladder infections. ... read more »

Fewer Baby Boys Getting Circumcised in US: Good Idea?

A study of the lifelong effects of circumcision indicates fewer baby boys today are getting circumcised in the United States than in previous decades. ... read more »

Bladder Infections: Overview, Causes and Symptoms

A bladder infection is a type of urinary tract infection that affects both men and women. ... read more »

Acute Pyelonephritis in Pregnancy

Pyelonephritis is an ascending urinary tract infection that may reach the kidney. Severe cases of the infection may lead to pus surrounding the kidney, kidney failure or death. In a pregnancy setting, any infection poses a risk to fetal and maternal health. ... read more »

OTC Pain-Relievers Show Promise Preventing Recurrent UTIs

As many as 40% of women who experience a UTI will have recurrent episodes. A recent study suggests prevention of recurrent UTIs could soon be just a store shelf away. ... read more »

Healthy Vaginal Microbiome and Reproductive Health

We are not the only inhabitants of our bodies.  Each adult human body plays host to roughly 10 million microscopic organisms that help maintain health from head to toe.  Those that inhabit the vagina are important for reproductive health, healthy fetal development, and may even influence the child’s risk for eczema and allergies during infancy. ... read more »

Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy

Some pregnancy hormones affect the bladder and attached organs, and this can increase the risk of bacteria ascending into the bladder and creating a urinary tract infection (UTI). ... read more »

Antibiotics for Your UTI are Safe for Your Baby

Urinary tract infections are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Even outside of pregnancy, they are extremely common in women and have many different causes. Immediate treatment for urinary tract infections, also called bladder infections, is essential. ... read more »

Urinary Tract Infections during Pregnancy are Preventable

You’ve probably had at least one urinary tract infection in your life as a woman of childbearing age. Urinary tract infections, also called bladder infections or UTI’s, are common in women even outside of pregnancy. ... read more »

The Dangers of Potty Training Too Early

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your baby to develop at a fast pace, but there is one specific milestone you shouldn’t push upon your child. Studies show that potty training your child too early can lead to serious and permanent problems. ... read more »