Beyond Bone Health: Vitamin D Status May Affect Weight Gain

Known for its role in maintaining bone health by facilitating calcium absorption in the intestine, vitamin D also acts as a hormone in the body and affects the growth and differentiation of many different types of cells. ... read more »

Vitamin D Supplementation May Lower Autism Risk

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have less of the hormones attributed to social behavior: oxytocin, serotonin, and vasopressin. But vitamin D can stimulate the production of these hormones. ... read more »

Is Baby Getting Enough Vitamin D?

For the most part, your breast milk is packed with nutrients for your baby. When you first begin breastfeeding, the milk is going to be thicker because it is essentially a shot of immunoglobins for your baby. ... read more »

Calcium and Vitamin D While Pregnant and Breastfeeding

It may be puzzling that the recommended average daily intake for calcium and vitamin D remains essentially the same during pregnancy and lactation as before pregnancy given the high-demand to support both mother’s bone health and the needs of a growing baby. ... read more »

Maternal Vitamin D Level and Diabetes in Offspring

Yet another health benefit of vitamin D has been added to the long list of this micronutrient's essential functions which include promoting calcium absorption and maintaining good bone health. ... read more »

Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase Risk of Schizophrenia

Deficiency in Vitamin D has been linked to various health problems and risks including bone mass loss in women. Researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute have now linked low levels of Vitamin D during pregnancy to an increased risk of schizophrenia. ... read more »

Vitamin D Levels Affect IVF Success

According to the study, published in CMAJ Open, women with adequate vitamin D levels are more likely to conceive with IVF than women with lower than adequate levels. ... read more »

25-Hydroxy - Vitamin D (Plasma) During Pregnancy

25-hydroxy vitamin D is the inactive form of vitamin D. This test tells doctors, with the most accuracy, how much vitamin D is currently in the body. ... read more »

Offspring Bone Health Not Affected by Maternal Vitamin D Intake

Based on information collected in the Children of the 90s study, maternal vitamin D intake has no impact on the bone health of offspring. The study, completed at the University of Bristol, included data collected from almost 4,000 mother/child pairs. ... read more »

Maternal Vitamin D Intake Linked to Offspring Muscle Health

High vitamin D intake during pregnancy may increase the child's muscle strength, according to a new study. ... read more »

Immune System Function Affected by Birth Date

Researchers from the University of Oxford, Queen Mary and the University of London have concluded the month of birth plays an important role in function of the immune system, particularly as it relates to the development of multiple sclerosis (MS). ... read more »

1, 25 Dihydroxy- Vitamin D (Serum) During Pregnancy

The blood test for active vitamin D is known as the 1, 25 dihydroxy vitamin D test. 25 hydroxy vitamin D tests show the amount of inactive vitamin D. After that basic form is activated, it changes to 1, 25 dihydroxy. ... read more »

Vitamin D During Pregnancy Makes Kids’ Muscles Stronger

New research indicates a mother's exposure to vitamin D during pregnancy makes her children's muscles stronger. ... read more »

Not Enough Vitamin D Linked to Poor Pregnancy Outcome

According to researchers from the University of Calgary, insufficient vitamin D intake during pregnancy may be associated with gestational diabetes, reduced fetal growth and increased risk of C-section. ... read more »

Vitamin D Increases IVF Success

Canadian researchers have discovered a promising link between a woman's vitamin D intake and her chances of successfully getting pregnant using in vitro fertilization (IVF) ... read more »

Do Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women need more Calcium and Vitamin D?

It may be puzzling that the recommended average daily intake for calcium and vitamin D remains essentially the same during pregnancy and lactation as before pregnancy given the high-demand to support both mother’s bone health and the needs of a growing baby. ... read more »

PreNexa Prenatal Vitamins Added More DHA and Vitamin D

A pharmaceutical company, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., announced its introduction of a new formula for its prescription prenatal vitamins marketed under the registered trademark name PreNexa. ... read more »

Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels and Pregnancy Outcomes

Researchers from the Department of Community Health at the University of Calgary recently reviewed more than 30 studies to find a connection between vitamin D levels and pregnancy/neonatal outcomes. The review was published in the British Medical Journal. ... read more »

Effect of Solar UV Radiation on Childhood Cancer Rates

Previous studies have reported a connection between UV exposure during pregnancy and lowered the risk of some forms of cancer in children. Additional studies have mirrored the results but in cases of adult cancers. ... read more »

Children’s Body Fat Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency in Mother

According to the research study, when maternal vitamin D levels are lower than they should be, it may result in higher body fat stores in children. ... read more »

Vitamin D Levels and Birth Weight

According to researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, pregnant women with lower than normal vitamin D levels during pregnancy are more likely to give birth to infants falling into the low birth weight category. ... read more »