Having a baby is a life-changing experience. There is so much to learn and know about from newborn care and baby's health and development to simpler but necessary things like bathing your baby and taking care of your baby's cold, and so much more.

Interpreting Your Baby’s Gaze

Their brains are not fully developed, and love is a complex feeling, as it involves many levels of caring and trust. However, as your offspring, there is no doubt your baby feels attachment and positive emotions. One way you’ll be able to tell is with her eye contact. ... read more »

When to Check Your Baby for a Hair Tourniquet

There will be days when your baby just does not stop crying. You’ll make sure he’s well fed, cleaned up, and comfortable, but the wailing won’t stop. These are the days that expectant parents truly fear. ... read more »

What Does Your Baby’s Smile Mean?

I once heard that babies don’t actually smile because they’re happy. Instead, their raised cheeks and exposed gums were actually just involuntary facial movements no different than a kicking leg or a flailing arm. ... read more »

Don’t Baby Talk to Your Baby

Language is one of the most incredible feats of the human brain, and it is truly what separates us from other species. There is no definite moment when we are able to comprehend language, and it sort of comes in waves as we learn human behavior in general. ... read more »

Not All Vapor Rubs Are Safe For Baby

Many of us have fond memories of our mothers taking care of us when we were sick as children. Though some of the home remedies are now considered dangerous and outrageous, some still hold true as trusted treatment for minor symptoms at home. ... read more »

Learning What Your Baby’s Cries Mean

There are certainly benefits to being the picture perfect mom, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re behind the curve if you can’t live up to the expectations of your peers. ... read more »

Types of Exercises for Your Baby

Your newborn doesn’t move much yet, but before you know it, they’re be crawling and scooting everywhere. To help your infant get a head start on these activities and to help them improve gross motor skills, try a few simply baby exercises that will: ... read more »

Is Your Baby Hairy?

Your baby’s body will surprise you. When you see a perfect baby in movies, it is usually older, and many of the natural imperfections that come along with childbirth are cleaned up or edited out. ... read more »

Should You Skip the Sling?

Baby slings are one of those new inventions that truly complete the modern-mom look. They come in stylish colors in patterns, and every mom-on-the-go in New York City and beyond can be seen toting their baby in a casual sling that compliments their outfit. ... read more »

Don’t Worry about the Consistency of Baby’s Stool

My friend, who recently had a baby, was telling me that every time she opens up her baby’s diaper she feels as though there is a new surprise awaiting her. She went on to explain that sometimes the consistency is totally random. ... read more »

What Your Baby’s Gagging Means

Many different theories exist regarding the best time to switch your baby to solid foods.  Some experts agree that you should let your baby dictate when he or she is ready for solid foods, while others think it’s best to stick to a strict schedule. ... read more »

Why Your Baby is Head Banging

Twenty percent of babies bang their head against their crib or any nearby object. In some cases, they’ll just roll their heads back and forth rhythmically. ... read more »

Is it Bowlegs or Blount’s?

Bowleggedness is a common trait in infants in newborns. When babies are growing in the womb, they are in cramped quarters and their legs cannot extend fully until they’ve been born. ... read more »

Finding Baby’s Favorite Burp Position

Recently, I was spending time with a friend and her three-month-old baby. Immediately after she fed him his usual formula, he got a little fussy and she picked him up to burp him. ... read more »

The Amazing Multilingual Baby!

The language-learning capability of babies is truly astonishing. In the earliest moments of life, babies are able to differentiate between the phonetics of different languages and will respond most to phonetics heard in utero. ... read more »

Increasing Your Baby's Fluid Intake will Help Fight Infection

When your baby comes down with a common cold, you might feel at a loss for home remedies. Many of the common remedies we use as adults are unsafe to try on infants. ... read more »

Predicting Your Baby’s Height

When I was born my dad was 6’4 and my mom was 5’2. They always joked through my infancy that I was either going to be a perfectly normal height or I was going to take on one of their abnormal height characteristics. ... read more »

Is Your Baby Passing a Lot of Gas?

Babies can get away with a lot of otherwise grotesque behavior. They can spit up at the dinner table, drool in front of company and urinate on the ceiling. And, no matter what they do, they will still be the cutest person in the room. ... read more »

Don’t Be Too Frugal with Baby’s Formula

One subject that always caused disagreement in the house when I was there was whether or not they should refrigerate the baby’s leftover formula. ... read more »

Is It Okay to Let a Curious Baby Move on to Finger Foods?

Recently, I was babysitting a seven-month-old and stuck to his worried mom’s schedule strictly. I only fed him at the suggested times, changed his diapers as often as requested and gave him “tummy time” precisely for the allotted amount of time. ... read more »

How Much Fiber is Too Much for Baby?

Fiber was the issue that spurred her frustration, as one pediatrician told her to increase the amount of fiber in her baby’s diet, while the other insisted that she cut back. ... read more »

Does Breastfeeding Make Your Baby Poop More?

When it comes to your baby’s bowel movements, there really is no “normal.” Your baby might poop at least after every feeding while your friend’s baby might only poop once every week. ... read more »

Choking Hazards You May Not have Thought Of

Choking is obviously one of your biggest concerns regarding your baby. You have diligently baby-proofed the home removing all things smaller than your thumb to ensure that nothing will end up in our baby’s mouth that shouldn’t be there. ... read more »

Is Your Baby Lazy?

Everything you have read about watching your baby for symptoms of an illness urge you to pay attention to your baby’s energy levels. If your baby seems lethargic, something might be wrong and you should see a physician immediately. ... read more »

The Basics of Giving Baby Acetaminophen

Now, when your baby starts to get sick or experiences any discomfort or pain, you’ll have to give him medicine, and it will be one of the most nerve-racking experiences thus far in your experiences of motherhood. ... read more »

The Risk of Raising an Urban Infant

I have researched car pollution’s effect on pregnant women, but I hadn’t learned anything about its effects on a baby’s lungs. As you might suspect, the results are not good. ... read more »

There is Such a Thing as Too Clean

Everyone’s body produces oils at a different rate. My friends always get jealous when I tell them that I only wash my hair every two days, and some even get grossed out. ... read more »

Teach Your Baby to Read Program Is a Scam

A few years ago, a program designed specifically for babies came out that claimed it could teach a child as young as nine months to read. ... read more »