Gay and Lesbian Parenting – Second Parent Adoption

Second parent adoption is the legal term for the second adoption of a biological child or adopted child by a same sex partner. According to law, states have the right to honor or deny second parent adoption. ... read more »

Legal Issues With Same Sex Couples and Adoption

Adoption was unknown at common law and therefore in the United States it required statutory authorization.  The first adoption statute was not enacted until 1851, in Massachusetts. ... read more »

Traveling with a Baby For Gays and Lesbians

Gay communities tend to offer support and advice for gay holidays, family outings and gay-friendly hotels and destinations. ... read more »

How to Find a Doctor For Gays And Lesbian Pregnancy

Choosing the right obstetrician is important to any pregnant couple however, when the parents are gay or lesbian, certain interview questions may change a bit in order to assure the chosen obstetrician has no problems with parental sexual orientation. ... read more »