How I Know CPMs Are Not Real Midwives

I know that CPMs are not real midwives from reading the MANA Statement of Values and Ethics, by which NARM recommends they practice. I have copied portions of it below, with my emphasis. ... read more »

Is Planned Home and Out Of Hospital Birth Safe?

A planned home birth takes place at home or in a residence rather than in a hospital. ... read more »

Should You Hire a Doula?

Birth doulas are trained labor coaches who can assist you through your labor emotionally and physically. Unlike a midwife, doulas can stay right by your side in the hospital room. ... read more »

All About Pregnancy Spotting

Pregnancy spotting is common in pregnancy, but that make it any easier to accept. During different times in gestation, pregnancy spotting can occur and the cause will be dependent on several factors. ... read more »

Labor and Delivery: Birthing Choices

The traditional birthing choice in the United States involves having a doctor-assisted delivery in a hospital setting. Despite the popularity of the traditional hospital birth, there are other birthing options women may want to consider. ... read more »

Should You Choose a Birth Center for Your Pregnancy Care?

From the first minutes after finding out you're pregnant, you areconstantly making decisions. Decision making will be a major part ofyour life for the next 18 years or so ' but before you jump intoparenthood, you may want to decide where you'll give birth. ... read more »

Home-Birth Apgar Scores Too Good to Be True?

A newborn baby's Apgar score provides a quick summary of the health of the child a minute after it's born and again at five minutes. Possible scores range from a low of zero to a high of 10. ... read more »

CPM Blows Whistle on Illegal Home Birth Practices

A former CPM, Leigh Fransen, has bravely stepped forward to blow the whistle on the illegal practices of homebirth midwives in the United States. ... read more »

3 Reasons I Would Never Use a Midwife Again

The care I received via the midwife was less than stellar, but that doesn’t mean all midwives are the same.  ... read more »

Types of Healthcare Providers During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a time in your life when many decisions will have to be made. One of the first, and most important, will be what type of healthcare provider you will see to make sure both you and the baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy. ... read more »

Midwives Provide Equal Care to Hospitals

The level of healthcare provided by certified nurse midwives may be better than or equal to the same care provided in a hospital setting, according to research published in the journal Health Services Research. ... read more »

Midwives and Doulas

Doulas and midwives are two choices a pregnant woman may choose to include as part of her birthing plan. ... read more »

Obamacare Short on Birthing Center Coverage

The law is new and not fully implemented yet; questions and discrepancies remain. One issue of concern to a growing number of American women is the lack of uniformity for birthing center coverage. ... read more »

Swedish Moms Enjoy Midwives ... And Very Little Medicine

Having a baby is basically the same around the world but each nation's approach to prenatal and maternity care varies according to national policy. In Sweden, most mothers-to-be enjoy the services of midwives instead of doctors and nurses. ... read more »

Home Birth Petition for Safe Deliveries

Anyone who has looked into state midwifery laws in the U.S. has come to the same alarming conclusion: in many states, homebirth midwives are virtually unregulated. ... read more »

Why Duchess Meghan May Prefer Pregnancy Care in the U.K.

The world was elated last week when news broke that Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are expecting their firstborn this spring. While the world is enthralled with Meghan’s pregnancy, the American born Duchess may just prefer the state of labor and delivery in the U.K. over her native U.S. Here's why! ... read more »

Is a Midwife Right for You?

It goes without saying that prenatal care is important to the healthy growth and development of a baby. In fact, one of the very first things most women do when they suspect they may be pregnant is make an appointment with their gynecologist. ... read more »

Ask an Honest Midwife: Is a Homebirth in a Big City Safe?

Although I am now retired from the practice of midwifery, I am here to answer your questions about home birth, birth centers, natural birth, and anything else you ever wanted to ask a "crunchy" midwife. Feel free to send in your questions. ... read more »

Will My Midwife Be Disappointed if I Need a C-Section?

I’m so sorry about the way your midwife has failed to stay connected with you! I am sure that hurts right now when you need support the most. I hope that I can help you understand that you should not take this personally. ... read more »

How To Naturally Treat Swelling and Protein in Urine

Dear Honest Midwife, I'm at 33 weeks with my first baby and planning a home birth. Lately I've been having serious swelling. My midwife checked my urine and says I'm spilling protein. She put me on a high protein diet and told me to take alfalfa tablets. ... read more »

My Home Birth Midwife Said What?!?

This here is a list of expressions spoken by home birth midwives Send in your submissions to [email protected]. ... read more »

Doula or Midwife: Which is Best for You?

Before you finish your second trimester of pregnancy, someone will probably ask if you plan to use the services of a doula or midwife. With all the health-care decisions you have to make during pregnancy, deciding whether to use a doula or midwife can feel like another overwhelming task. ... read more »

A very intense out-of-hospital birth story

During one of my checks I noticed that her baby’s heartbeat was only in the 90s when it should have been between 120-160. I went to tell the midwife, who came in and listened as well. ... read more »

How can I be sure I'm hiring the right doula?

I'm trying to decide whether or not to hire a doula for my next birth. Do you think they really help. Any tips for how to pick the right doula? ... read more »

Is it OK for a midwife to offer an alternative glucose test?

Before I became a midwife myself, I used one for my second baby. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to drink “that drink”! I was instructed to eat a sandwich and drink some juice for my glucose tolerance test. ... read more »

What Can't Doulas Do?

Birth doulas can be an extremely valuable source of support to mothers before, during and just after childbirth. Doulas, however, are not trained medical providers, and thus, there are limits on what they can and cannot do. ... read more »