Exercise is becoming a staple in more and more woman's lives, including during pregnancy. Many women view exercise as an integral, if not vital, part of their daily lives and schedules. All women should consult their physician before beginning any exercise program during pregnancy to confirm they do not possess any contraindications for exercise.

Should You Keep Your Pulse Below 140 When Exercising?

One of my pregnant patients recently asked me if she should keep her heart rate no higher than 140 beats per minute when exercising?  Answer:There is presently no scientific basis and no official recommendation to keep the heart rate during pregnancy below certain levels. ... read more »

Your Fitness During and After Pregnancy

You will have a lot on your plate with the newborn, your recovery, and trying to get back to that pre-pregnancy body, so what sort of post-partum fitness routine should you look to? ... read more »

Is It Safe To Lift Weights During Pregnancy?

There is no reason to stop lifting weights during pregnancy as long as you modify your workout and take a few extra precautions. Any muscle loss results in diminished mobility and strength — and these are two things you will need a lot of as a new parent. ... read more »

Are Trampolines Safe During Pregnancy?

Jumping on a trampoline carries a high risk of falls and injuries. Should you do it during pregnancy? ... read more »

How to Have a Successful Pregnancy in 12 Steps

The obstetrician or family planning expert can help the mother-to-be, plan out the most effective lifestyle changes to optimize the health of mom and baby during gestation. ... read more »

Exercise in Pregnancy Leads to More Normal Baby's Birthweight

Mothers who choose to exercise during their pregnancies give birth to normal birth weight babies more often, according to a new study. The choice to exercise is also healthy for mom. ... read more »

Exercise During Pregnancy May Improve Heart Health for Life

Pregnant women know they should be exercising during pregnancy, but often fatigue and other pregnancy symptoms get in the way. Researchers, however, are not willing to let pregnant women take the easy road.  ... read more »

How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Exercise during pregnancy is important to improve the pregnancy outcome. Our 12-step program helps you improve your exewrcise during pregnancy. ... read more »

Exercise is Healthy for Pregnant Women

Physicians should recommend low to moderate levels of exercise to their pregnant patients, even if they have not exercised prior to pregnancy. ... read more »

Is Hiking Safe During Pregnancy?

Hiking is an activity with several health benefits. You get to see beautiful places, challenge your skill and stamina, and get in a great cardio workout in the process. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Lacrosse During Pregnancy?

Lacrosse is a great, interactive team sport that gives you an intense cardio workout to boot. Some compare it to field hockey, although in lacrosse, you use a stick that has a head for catching and a ball instead of a puck. The rules are different but the basic concept when it comes down to the running workout it provides is virtually the same. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Soccer During Pregnancy?

The world knows it as football but in the US it's called soccer.  Soccer is a sport to get a good cardio workout, strengthen your leg muscles, and fine-tune your agility. It is the #1 sport worldwide and many women enjoy watching and playing soccer regularly by joining neighborhood teams. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Football During Pregnancy?

Football has been well documented as a risky sport, even for professional players with professional equipment. It’s not a surprise then that playing football during pregnancy is not the safest of choices. ... read more »

Dieting During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not the best time to diet. Your body requires a larger amount of calories, vitamins, and nutrients to keep the baby's development on track. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Kickbox During Pregnancy?

Kickboxing is a contact sport combining martial arts kicks with boxing moves and may be dangerous for pregnant women. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Play Tennis During Pregnancy?

Conflicting reports about playing games such as tennis can be confusing, but here are some guidelines that will help you to decide if playing tennis during your pregnancy is safe. ... read more »

Exercise Hormone Destroys Worst Fat Cells

Some people really enjoy exercising but most of us, probably not. We understand the need for it and most of us intend to do more but we find distractions and make excuses instead. A new study, however, may provide incentive than any we’ve ever heard before. ... read more »

Is Boxing Safe During Pregnancy?

Boxing is a great aerobic activity, and its popularity is increasing. Boxing is an ideal stress reliever (what other sport allows you to punch your way to serenity?). But is boxing safe during pregnancy? ... read more »

New Pregnancy Exercise Routines

Women who are pregnant should start a daily exercise program even if they have not exercised prior to pregnancy. ... read more »

Is It Safe To Bicycle During Pregnancy?

Working out in a structured exercise program is beneficial to you whether you are expecting or not. Unless you have pregnancy complications, have a high-risk pregnancy, or your doctor/midwife has immediate concerns regarding exercise, you can feel free to continue enjoying physical activity and exercise as long as you are careful. ... read more »

Myths About What Causes Miscarriage

Most stories about causes of miscarriages are old wives tales which say that miscarriages are the result of everything from stress and sex to excessive exercise and bad karma. ... read more »

Healthy Exercise and Supplementation

Moving and exercising during pregnancy is a great way to keep away many aches, pains and bouts of swelling. In addition to exercise, mom needs to understand how supplementation changes during pregnanc ... read more »

3 Essential Steps for Daily Self Care

Self care after birth begins with taking personal responsibility and becoming proactive. Start saying to yourself “I deserve to be happy and healthy”, “I will make time for myself today” or “I need to be healthy for my child” . ... read more »

Infertility - What Can I Do At Home?

Infertility is not a word anyone wants to hear, but it is a word many couples are familiar with. At first, the diagnosis can be overwhelming, but being told you are infertile does not always mean you’ll never have children. ... read more »

How Much Exercise is Too Much for Fertility?

The healthier you are, the easier it will be for you to conceive. By maintaining a healthy weight and eating right, your reproductive organs will work the right way, as will the rest of your body. ... read more »

5 Habits You Should Retire During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a time in life when you have to give up everything you love, but you do have to think about making a few changes during pregnancy if your habits could be harmful to baby. ... read more »

CrossFit and Pregnancy

I recently stumbled on a blog post claiming Crossfit is safe for pregnant women. While staying physically active during pregnancy is vital, Crossfit may not by ideal for the majority of pregnant women. ... read more »

Typical patient questions about lifestyle

Many of my patients ask me about lifestyle issues and pregnancy, especially about exercise, alcohol, caffeine, and artrificial sweeteners. Here are my straight-forward answers: ... read more »

Post-Pregnancy Workouts to Get Rid of that “Baby Fat”

One of the most common complaints I hear from my friends after they have their baby is that they can’t get rid of those extra pounds packed on during pregnancy. ... read more »

How to Get a Workout Doing Everyday Chores and Activities

Getting to the gym or outside to exercise can be difficult with infants and toddlers. However, this doesn’t mean you have to neglect your body and sit around all day looking after kids. ... read more »

It’s Okay to Play Tennis While Pregnant

If you played tennis before your pregnancy, you probably considered it the perfect way to stay fit while having fun. Unlike running on the treadmill or lifting weights, tennis combines cardio and muscular exercise in a fun way. ... read more »

Swimming is a Safe and Fun Summer Pregnancy Workout

There are countless benefits to exercising during your pregnancy. However, when your belly is so big you can’t even see your toes, it can be difficult to decide which exercises are safe or even plausible. ... read more »

What is the Best Exercise Class to Take during Pregnancy?

If you’re the type of woman that enjoys working out with others and learning in a class environment, then you may enjoy taking an exercise class during pregnancy. Not just any class will do though. ... read more »

Are There Prenatal Gymnastics Classes?

What happens, though, when babies just don’t turn around? What if they turn around and then change their minds and turn back? I know breech births exist, but what do they really mean and can they be avoided? ... read more »

Could Exercise be a Treatment for Post-Natal Depression?

Post-natal depression is a serious problem for new mothers. Not only does it affect the woman who has given birth, it can have serious negative effects on their family members and their baby. ... read more »

Types of Exercises for Your Baby

Your newborn doesn’t move much yet, but before you know it, they’re be crawling and scooting everywhere. To help your infant get a head start on these activities and to help them improve gross motor skills, try a few simply baby exercises that will: ... read more »

Working Out Will Help You, but Not Your Baby’s Birth Weight

Having a baby with a healthy birth weight is ideal. Birth weight can have an effect on many factors of lifelong health, including infant mortality, development as a child and even adult health. ... read more »

Fitness Will Shorten Labor Duration

Pregnant women should exercise through their pregnancy. Exercising during your pregnancy will help you keep your weight down, which will help you experience less complications during your labor and it will make your baby healthier in every way. ... read more »

How Much Exercise Should Babies and Toddlers Get?

Make sure you don’t neglect your children’s physical health as well. Babies and toddler need structured physical activity in order for them to thrive and develop healthily. ... read more »

When you Work Out, So Does Your Baby

Exercise is recommended for women at all stages of their pregnancy. Of course, your exercise routine late in the third trimester will differ from the one you did at the beginning of your first. ... read more »

Pregnant and Prone to Heat Cramps

When you’re pregnant, you feel like you’re constantly exercising. Essentially, even just walking around with the added weight of your baby, especially in the third trimester, is like exercise. ... read more »