Constipation Remedies During Pregnancy

 Constipation can be due to a variety of factors including an increase in the production of the hormone progesterone which slows the movement of food through the digestive tract, along with the pressure of the baby on the rectum, as well as iron supplements which can worsen constipation. ... read more »

Healthy Food Choices During Pregnancy

It can be difficult to know which foods are the healthiest, especially when you are away from home. ... read more »

How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

A healthy pregnancy starts with variety. The foods you eat need to follow the food pyramid and cover each of the recommended food groups. ... read more »

Chicken During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

Take care during pregnancy to ensure that the chicken is fresh and cooked well before eating to avoid diseases caused by the listeria bacteria. ... read more »

Living Longer with the Mediterranean Diet

Moderate consumption of alcohol, low consumption of meat and meat products, and high consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts, olive oil and legumes can lead to longer life. ... read more »

Licorice Affects Baby's IQ

Women who eat large amounts of licorice while they are pregnant may be hurting their baby's chances of getting into Harvard later in life. ... read more »

PCBs and other Pollutants May Play a Role in Pregnancy Delay

A study showed that couples with high levels of PCBs have been found to take longer to get pregnant. ... read more »

How To Eat Safe Food

There are always many opportunities to gather and share food, if it's during the holidays or in between. Whether you eat in someone's home, at work, or at a restaurant, it's important to get educated and be careful about what you eat. ... read more »

Reduce Pregnancy Complications By Eating Correctly

If mom gains too much weight during pregnancy, baby will grow up weighing too much and possibly suffers from weight-related health concerns well into adulthood. ... read more »

Is It Okay to Let a Curious Baby Move on to Finger Foods?

Recently, I was babysitting a seven-month-old and stuck to his worried mom’s schedule strictly. I only fed him at the suggested times, changed his diapers as often as requested and gave him “tummy time” precisely for the allotted amount of time. ... read more »