Baby gear includes everything for the baby including: High Chairs, Baby Strollers and Accessories, Bouncers & Rockers, Slings and Carriers, Car Seats, Car Seat Covers, Nursing Pillows.

5 Baby Gear Items You Should Leave in the Store

Having a new baby is exciting and expensive. There are essentials that every family must buy ' diapers, wipes, food, clothing and a safe place to sleep. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips – Car Seat Installation

One of the most important aspects of caring for a newborn is the infant and baby car seat installation. ... read more »

Beware Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates work as ideal ways to define baby's realm of exploration but the extent of their safety depends on how safely they are used. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Buying Baby Clothes

There is nothing more cherished than stocking baby's drawers with little outfits and onesies. Buying new baby clothes is very expensive, ... read more »

Best Infant Car Seats - Consumer Reports

Which infant car seats are best? ... read more »

How to Safely Buy Used Baby Gear

Most of the baby gear items are purchased new at the store and the original owners often return the merchandise to the store or manufacturer, but not all unsafe baby gear is taken off the market. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby Walkers

Between the years of 2003 and 2006, more than 250 children were treated for injuries associated with baby walkers in one hospital in Columbus, Ohio. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Choosing the Best Baby Swing

There are times when baby just will not calm down. These are the times when parents take comfort knowing there is a baby swing in the house. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Bassinets and Baby Safety

The bassinet is one of those purchases that many parents never make. Instead, a family heirloom bassinet is handed down from generation to generation, leading to an increased chance of safety concerns, wear and tear. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby And Infant Car Seats

Despite a huge push for parental car seat education, about 90% of all baby and infant  car seats are installed incorrectly or used incorrectly on a daily basis. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: All About Infant Swings

There is nothing more overwhelming that a crying baby that will not be soothed. Many parents find that swinging in an infant baby swing is a comforting motion for baby ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby Bedding Selection and Safety

There is nothing cuter than seeing an infant lying in a baby crib with furry little animals on the sheet, bumper and pillow. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Baby Mobiles

Hanging over the baby's crib is the first introduction to education. Baby mobiles provide entertainment, soothing music and contrasting colors that stimulate brain activity. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Changing Table Purchase and Safety

The changing table is an invaluable piece of equipment that will help mom and dad protect those back muscles while making a baby change here and there. ... read more »

Baby Gear Tips: Buying a Baby Crib

There used to be only one choice in baby crib; the rectangle crib with one side that had to be forced down with great parental effort. ... read more »

Baby Gear and Safety: Choosing a Safe Rattle

Buying a rattle for baby as a gift or for your own infant seems like a harmless and inexpensive choice. Babies place everything in their mouths so rattles are both functional and fun. ... read more »

10 Secrets of the Baby Product Industry

The baby-product industry generates $23 billion in sales each year but do we really need all that cute stuff? Industry insiders say we don't but they're glad we buy it anyway. ... read more »

Pacifiers Recalled Over Choking Risk

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of three models of infant pacifiers due to the risk of choking. ... read more »

Infant Car Seats Great for Travel, Risky as Cribs

Car seats are made for travel and a recent study highlights the dangers of using them as cribs. ... read more »

Graco Recall of Infant Car Seats

Safety concerns for children have led the agency to issue a recall request to the manufacturer of approximately 3.8 million car safety seats designed for children. ... read more »