Baby gear includes everything for the baby including: High Chairs, Baby Strollers and Accessories, Bouncers & Rockers, Slings and Carriers, Car Seats, Car Seat Covers, Nursing Pillows.

Graco Recall of Infant Car Seats

Safety concerns for children have led the agency to issue a recall request to the manufacturer of approximately 3.8 million car safety seats designed for children. ... read more »

Baby Gear and Safety: Choosing a Safe Rattle

Buying a rattle for baby as a gift or for your own infant seems like a harmless and inexpensive choice. Babies place everything in their mouths so rattles are both functional and fun. ... read more »

Infant Car Seats Great for Travel, Risky as Cribs

Car seats are made for travel and a recent study highlights the dangers of using them as cribs. ... read more »

Pacifiers Recalled Over Choking Risk

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a recall of three models of infant pacifiers due to the risk of choking. ... read more »

10 Secrets of the Baby Product Industry

The baby-product industry generates $23 billion in sales each year but do we really need all that cute stuff? Industry insiders say we don't but they're glad we buy it anyway. ... read more »

Consumer Reports’ Top 5 Infant Car Seats

To keep your littlest passengers safe, Consumer Reports have devised a new series of rigorous tests for car seats for children of all ages. ... read more »

Beware Baby Safety Gates

Baby safety gates work as ideal ways to define baby's realm of exploration but the extent of their safety depends on how safely they are used. ... read more »