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Prenatal Antenatal Birthing Pregnancy Childbirth Education Class

This pregnancy guide has everything you need to know from conception to postpartum: pregnancy basics, labor, birth, parenting, breastfeeding, nutrition, safety concerns, and more. ... more »
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Childbirth: Aromatherapy for Pain Management

One of the alternative techniques you can use for the management of pain during labor is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be a great way to reduce the amount of stress you're experiencing. ... more »
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Childbirth: Prenatal Yoga for Stress Relief and Pain Management

Among the great ways to become better prepared for childbirth is prenatal yoga. It can also help you stay fit and keep you relaxed during your pregnancy. Lowering your stress level is good for you and your baby. ... more »
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Where Did These Breasts Come From?

Expecting women will have to deal with breast growth, pain and milk production as a part of the pregnancy journey. Why and how do breasts grow during pregnancy? ... more »
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Most Common Pains During Pregnancy

When conception occurs, pregnancy hormones kick into overdrive and cause some serious changes in the female body. These changes are not limited to promoting the healthy growth of the baby. ... more »
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Dealing With an Expanding Tummy

Stretching skin and moving organs are not pleasant all the time, but the woman can rest assured everything will move back into its normal space after the baby is born. ... more »
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Proper Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnant women used to be told to eat for two during pregnancy. But eating for the baby is much more involved than simply eating more food. ... more »
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Clothing and Fetal Safety

Unfortunately, holding onto that pre-pregnancy body is not just not an option which means a new wardrobe will be necessary.  ... more »
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Cervical Dilation and Effacement

The cervical plug that developed in the beginning of pregnancy will fall out at the end of the third trimester. The cervix will then start preparing for birth, called cervical dilation and effacement. ... more »
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Breast Changes and Pain

From the first weeks after conception, women often complain about breast tenderness and pain. In the beginning, the pain can be attributed to the sudden increase in progesterone and estrogen. ... more »