The beginning of pregnancy is called conception and usually begins at the time of implantation of the blastocyst, the formation of a viable zygote, and the attachement of it to the uterine lining. This usually happens about 1 week after fertilization and ovulation.
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Conception- What Are The Odds Getting Pregnant

Your chances getting pregnant depend on many variables including your age, your frequency of having intercourse, when you have intercourse, and other variables. ... more »

Mucus Plug as an early Pregnancy Sign and Symptom

The mucus plug is located inside the cervix. From early pregnancy, the mucus plug will form inside the cervical canal, as a barrier that could help protect the baby. Consequently, many women notice in early pregnancy an increase in vaginal discharge which may or may not be cervical mucus as and early pregnancy sign and symptom.  ... more »
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Blood pregnancy quick does positive show up?

I had sex with my now ex boyfriend on November 23rd and we were pretty careful. I had sex with my new boyfriend on December 4th. I was in the hospital yesterday, and the doctor told me my blood test came back pregnant. He said the levels in the blood put me at "days" pregnant. Is there any chance I could be pregnant by my new boyfriend?? ... more »
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HELP...levels and ultrasound.

I am on CD10. Uterine lining is 6mm, E2 4276, P4 .49, LH 9.9. I have 23 follicles. I am also on estrogen. What is next? I'm not sure if my levels are good. I do know my lining is not thickening, which I know that will cause a canceled transfer. Can someone explain or help me? Also I am triple layered. ... more »
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How long does the egg live?

After ovulation, the egg lives for about 12-24 hours. Fertilization can take place only during this time period, but the sperm needs at least 9-12 hours inside the woman's body to get ready. ... more »
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How to Avoid Using Fertility Drugs to Become Pregnant

Many couples struggling to achieve pregnancy can conceive naturally by following some simple guidelines before resorting to expensive and potentially hazardous fertility medications. ... more »
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con·cep·tion Definition: CONCEPTION the process of becoming pregnant involvin ... more »
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Men Without Children At Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Researchers recently revealed that having children decreases a man's risk of cardiovascular disease. ... more »
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All About a Conception Calculator

The conception calculator can be used to estimate the date of pregnancy conception. Conception calculators use the first day of the previous menstrual cycle to estimate the date of conception. ... more »