fertility news

    Fertility news

    Stress Could Reduce Fertility

    A study was done linking stress levels to infertility. According to the report, women who have higher than normal stress levels could have more difficulty conceiving. ... more »

    7 Fertility Myths Busted

    Fertility and conception expert Dr. David Knight, of Australia sees many couples experiencing difficulty getting pregnant. Knight suggests there might be some simple fixes to easy problems. ... more »

    Common Cause Links Female Infertility to High Risk of Ovarian Cancer

    A recent study indicates there may not be a cause-and-effect association between infertility and ovarian cancer but a common cause instead that leads to both. ... more »

    One Baby Aspirin a Day Ups Conception Rate After Miscarriage

    The findings of a 2013 study on aspirin’s effect on conception indicates taking one baby aspirin a day ups the chance of conception by as much as 17% for women who have a history of miscarriage. ... more »

    Immune System Encourages Pregnancy When Sex Life is Lively

    Fertility is highest at in the days leading up to ovulation so intercourse is encouraged then, but new research indicates intercourse throughout the menstrual cycle promotes conception, too. ... more »

    High-Powered Microscope Shows Sperm's Final Push to Fertilization

    No one had ever witnessed this event before but it could become instrumental in improving the success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF). ... more »

    Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy DNA Delay Menopause, Extend Fertile Years

    An extensive international study found that how the body handles DNA repair throughout a lifetime affects the timing of fertility decline and the onset of menopause. ... more »

    Slight Alteration in IVF Could Boost Success for Older Women

    Dr. Yan-Guang Wu and his research team found timing of egg retrieval is a key to success when treating older women. ... more »

    My Bun, Her Oven: Twin Becomes Surrogate for Cancer-Survivor Sister

    Identical twin sisters Dawn Ardolino Policastro and Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker of Mineola, Long Island in New York, share a bond so deep it carries forward into the next generation. ... more »

    Men: Watch Porn for Higher Sperm Quality

    A group of 21 healthy men recently volunteered to masturbate while watching pornographic videos and they were doing it for free, in the name of science. ... more »

    Men: Hold Off On Bacon Till After IVF Success

    The findings of a recent study suggests men who are part of a couple undergoing treatment for infertility may fare better if they hold off on the processed meats until a pregnancy is confirmed. ... more »

    IVF's 37-Year Evolution: From “Test Tube Baby” to Today

    Louise Joy Brown was born on July 25th, 1978, and was the first baby born of in vitro fertilization (IVF). She is less known by name than by her claim to fame: the world’s first “test tube baby.” ... more »

    War on Planned Parenthood Kills Bill Offering ART for Veterans

    Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash) drafted a bill that would allow veterans rendered infertile by combat injuries, their spouses, and surrogates to obtain assisted reproductive technology (ART). ... more »

    Baby on the Way for World's First Penis Transplant Patient

    A unidentified young man in South Africa is expected to be a very proud papa soon. Six months ago, he underwent the world’s first successful penis transplant and now has fathered a child. ... more »

    World's First Baby Born from Ovarian Tissue Harvested During Childhood

    A young girl in Belgium faced a lifetime of debilitating pain and organ damage due to sickle cell disease. Doctors proposed a stem cell transplant, which would save her life but destroy her ovaries. ... more »

    Too Many Infertile Black Women Overlooked by Research, Emotional Interventions

    Infertility affects women of all races, every socioeconomic situation, every culture and religion. Most of the research being done on infertility in the US, however, involves affluent white couples. ... more »

    Most Virile Sperm Ejaculated First; May Improve IVF Outcome

    A study finds that the most virile sperm are ejaculated first and the remainder of the ejaculated fluids may actually hinder fertilization. ... more »

    Biotech Company Produces First Ever Complete Human Sperm in Lab

    A biotech company based in France has recently announced their ability to grow human sperm cells in the lab, a breakthrough expected to help many couples overcome male-related infertility issues. ... more »

    Depression Diagnosis Likely to Resurface During Infertility Treatment

    When a person is diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD), he or she is at risk of relapses that bring back feelings of hopeless frustration, emotional isolation, guilt, and self-doubt. ... more »

    Drug That Puts Ovaries “At Rest” During Chemotherapy Spares Fertility

    Approximately 25% of breast cancer patients in the United States are younger than 50. The chemotherapy used to treat breast cancer often causes these young women to experience symptoms of menopause. ... more »

    Will Controversial New IVF Procedure Re-Energize Older Women’s Eggs?

    A new in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is said to re-energize the egg so conception occurs more readily but the procedure is still experimental and controversial. ... more »

    Secret to Successful IVF Embryo Implantation Revealed

    Ongoing research of IVF is raising the success rate of the procedure but one aspect of the technique has remained mysterious - the frequent inability of an embryo to implant in the uterine wall. ... more »

    New Sperm Extraction Technique Overcomes Low-Sperm-Count Male Infertility

    A new treatment for male infertility is bringing hope to many men who suffer low-sperm-count male infertility. ... more »

    Thyroid Disorders Linked to Female Infertility

    A recent study makes a strong case for including thyroid health in the nation’s universal screening protocols. ... more »

    Fetal Exposure to Household Phthalates Linked to Male Infertility

    A new study strengthens the case for health risks associated with a common household chemical found in plastic products and packaging. ... more »

    Teenagers’ Sperm Cells Exhibit High Rate of Mutations

    A recent study suggests the children of teenage fathers may exhibit higher rates of low birth weight as well as greater risk for autism, schizophrenia, and birth defects that include spina bifida. ... more »

    ART Increasingly Safe for Mother and Child

    As assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures have been perfected in recent years, the success rate of these procedures has risen admirably while safety concerns have diminished. ... more »

    Mitochondrial Donation: Fears and Benefits

    Lawmakers in the United Kingdom (UK) are on the verge of a final vote that will decide whether or not a specific form of in vitro fertilization (IVF) will be legally allowed in the UK. ... more »

    Family Study Implicates Gene Mutation as Cause of POI Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

    A team of researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel has recently discovered a link between premature ovarian failure (POF) and a specific gene mutation. ... more »

    Like the Egg, Sperm Suffers Consequences of Aging, Too

    The findings of a recent meta-analysis of studies of sperm quality and paternal age suggest DNA quality within the sperm is compromised as men age. ... more »

    Terrorism and Fertility

    You don't have to experience a terrorist attack firsthand in order to feel its effects profoundly. It touches every element of life, often with lasting effects. ... more »

    Marijuana Can Deform Sperm, Contribute to Infertility

    Samples from men who were 18 to 30 years old who had used marijuana in the three months before producing sperm samples were more likely to be of poor quality. ... more »

    Study Calls for Improved Fertility Testing of Obese Men

    Improvements may be needed in assessing male infertility. Obese men may face fertility challenges not routinely measured at this time. ... more »

    Cell Phones in Pockets Linked to Diminished Sperm Quality

    A growing body of scientific study indicates the front pant pocket may not be the ideal place for a man to keep his mobile phone if he wants to father children. ... more »

    Artificial Insemination Success Influenced by Uterine Contraction Rate, Sperm Source

    Medical researchers have published a study that demonstrates a higher IUI success rate when there are more uterine contractions per minute during the procedure and when the sperm comes from a donor. ... more »

    Placenta Accreta: Novel Approach Saves Lives, Spares Fertility

    Dr. Patrick Nicholson used a novel, two-step approach to treat placenta accreta, whereby mothers’ lives are saved, their fertility spared, and no babies suffered ill effects of treatment. ... more »

    Stress Affects Sperm, Semen Quality; Fertility Suffers

    A new study suggests too much stress does a lot more damage than merely taking fun out of life. It can affect a man’s fertility by diminishing the quality of the sperm and semen he produces. ... more »

    Body Purges Defective Eggs to Maintain Reproductive Quality

    In humans and other mammals, this purging of the weakest links begins in the womb, where the budding eggs of a female fetus are eliminated to maintain reproductive quality years in the future. ... more »

    High Cholesterol Compromises Male, Female Fertility

    The findings of a recent study indicate high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream compromise a couple’s risk of conceiving a child. ... more »

    Black Women More Likely To Be Infertile, Less Likely to Seek Help

    Married black women are twice as likely to struggle with infertility than married white women, even so, they’re only about half as likely to seek medical help to have a baby. ... more »

    US Fertility Scorecard by State

    If states could be graded according to how infertility friendly they are, Alaska, New Hampshire, and Wyoming would earn an “F,” according to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. ... more »

    Father's Age Influences IUI Success

    Scientific evidence reveals that men should also be concerned with their advancing age and reproductive health. ... more »

    Semen Quality Affects Male Lifespan

    Just one study connecting male infertility and life expectancy has been conducted in the United States, making it only one of three ever conducted anywhere in the world. ... more »

    Absence of DNA-Organizing Protein Affects Sperm Quality, Male Fertility

    A study conducted in 2007 revealed a protein, Chd5, re-organizes the DNA of a cell in a way that stops development of cancerous tumors. ... more »

    Conception After 40: Choose IVF First

    The latest study on infertility and older women suggests the most effective approach to fertility treatment when the cause of infertility is unknown is to choose IVF first. ... more »

    Converting Skin Cells to Stem Cells to Create Viable Sperm

    A team of research scientists at Stanford University was able to convert skin cells of infertile men into human sperm cells. ... more »

    Clomid Does Not Increase Long-Term Breast Cancer Risk

    Women who took Clomid during treatment for infertility are not at increased risk for developing breast cancer, even if they took the drug 30 years ago, according to a new study. ... more »

    Hawaii Considers Expanding Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment

    In Hawaii, state law requires insurers to cover the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) but only to a select few. State legislators are considering proposed upgrades to the legislation. ... more »

    Egg, Sperm Recognition Mechanism Could Aid Infertility Diagnosis, Improve Treatment Options

    Researchers at Cambridge University in England have unlocked the secret of attraction between sperm and egg at the exact moment of conception. ... more »

    Scientists Cultivate Testicular Tissue to Preserve Fertility for Young Boys with Cancer

    An increasingly important aspect of cancer treatment in children is how cancer treatment today affects the child's ability to reproduce as an adult. ... more »