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Stress Could Reduce Fertility

A study was done linking stress levels to infertility. According to the report, women who have higher than normal stress levels could have more difficulty conceiving. ... more »
How Often Should I Have Sex During Fertile Days When TTC

7 Fertility Myths Busted

Fertility and conception expert Dr. David Knight, of Australia sees many couples experiencing difficulty getting pregnant. Knight suggests there might be some simple fixes to easy problems. ... more »
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Common Cause Links Female Infertility to High Risk of Ovarian Cancer

A recent study indicates there may not be a cause-and-effect association between infertility and ovarian cancer but a common cause instead that leads to both. ... more »

One Baby Aspirin a Day Ups Conception Rate After Miscarriage

The findings of a 2013 study on aspirin’s effect on conception indicates taking one baby aspirin a day ups the chance of conception by as much as 17% for women who have a history of miscarriage. ... more »
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Immune System Encourages Pregnancy When Sex Life is Lively

Fertility is highest at in the days leading up to ovulation so intercourse is encouraged then, but new research indicates intercourse throughout the menstrual cycle promotes conception, too. ... more »
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High-Powered Microscope Shows Sperm's Final Push to Fertilization

No one had ever witnessed this event before but it could become instrumental in improving the success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF). ... more »
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Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy DNA Delay Menopause, Extend Fertile Years

An extensive international study found that how the body handles DNA repair throughout a lifetime affects the timing of fertility decline and the onset of menopause. ... more »

Slight Alteration in IVF Could Boost Success for Older Women

Dr. Yan-Guang Wu and his research team found timing of egg retrieval is a key to success when treating older women. ... more »
My bun her oven

My Bun, Her Oven: Twin Becomes Surrogate for Cancer-Survivor Sister

Identical twin sisters Dawn Ardolino Policastro and Allison Ardolino Dinkelacker of Mineola, Long Island in New York, share a bond so deep it carries forward into the next generation. ... more »
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Men: Watch Porn for Higher Sperm Quality

A group of 21 healthy men recently volunteered to masturbate while watching pornographic videos and they were doing it for free, in the name of science. ... more »