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    Foodborne illness is a serious health risk for pregnant women and their unborn babies. During pregnancy, changes in hormones can cause a woman's immune system to become suppressed, so that it could be harder to fight off infections. Some food-borne illnesses can cause a woman to have pregnancy complications such as a miscarriage, stillbirth or serious health problems for the baby after birth. Along with nutrition concerns, a growing topic of importance is food safety during pregnancy. Before You're Pregnant: Protect your unborn baby from methylmercury and toxoplasmosis. And take folic acid supplements! While You’re Pregnant: Protect your unborn baby from methylmercury, toxoplasmosis, listeria, and other foodborne illness.

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    Three Common Fall Foods Are More Nutritious Than You May Think

    From golden to red hues and sweet to tart flavors, apples can please almost any palate. Apples are full of antioxidants which are linked to the prevention and control of gestational diabetes. ... more »

    The Fertility Diet - 12 Steps To Get Pregnant Healthier

    Most couples know about timing of pregnancy, ovulation, and sperm issues, but when it comes to nutrition and food, most have little clue. ... more »

    Foods To Improve Fertility

    Much advice is given about what to eat while you are pregnant. Even more advice can be found for what to avoid while you are pregnant. But what should you eat if you want to improve your fertility?  ... more »

    Food And Nutrition: During Pregnancy and Beyond

    Some foods are safe and others are not safe during pregnancy because changes in hormones can cause a woman's immune system to become suppressed. ... more »

    25 Tips For Food Safety at Home

    Did you know 48 million people are affected with food poisoning every year but most of them don’t make the headlines? That’s because most food poisonings happen quietly in the home. ... more »

    Healthier Eating: "Do" Focus on Benefits, "Don't" Dwell on Negatives

    Public health campaigns probably don’t present the information the right way. People are more motivated by accentuating the positive but so many public health campaigns focus on the negative. ... more »

    Pediatrics Group Says No to Fad Diets for Kids

    The AAP’s new recommendations embrace a healthy diet that incorporates the full range of foods, with healthy limitations on things everyone should eat in limited quantity: fat, salt, and sugar. ... more »

    An Avocado a Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol at Bay

    Medical science has just given the green light to avocado aficionados to indulge every day. And the science says we can do it guilt-free because it’s actually good for our health. ... more »

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    Boost Fertility Naturally with These 5 Foods

    Baby-making can be as delicious as it is fun. These five foods are not just yummy, they deliver nutrients that boost a woman's fertility and create optimum health during pregnancy and breastfeeding. ... more »

    Can Dessert Prevent Preeclampsia?

    A favorite treat for many women is found to help prevent a dangerous pregnancy condition. ... more »

    Fresh List of Dirty Foods: The New Dirty Dozen

    The 'Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen' list has been updated for 2013. ... more »

    Beer for Breastfeeding?

    After nine months of abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy, it may come as a shock to new moms when an alcoholic beverage is actually recommended during breastfeeding. ... more »

    A New Reason to Cut Back on Red Meat During Pregnancy

    Meat is a great source of protein- an essential nutrient every woman must consume during pregnancy.But red meat is not an optimal protein source for pregnant women. ... more »


    Phytochemicals are found in turmeric in large numbers and they have been investigated in preliminary research for their potential effects on diseases ... more »

    Cantaloupes In Pregnancy Not Advised - May Carry Salmonella and Listeria

    Cantaloupes appear  to be a healthy fruit, however they have been associated with potentially deadly salmonella and listeria outbreakes. ... more »

    Pregnancy Diet: Ancient Grains in the Modern World

    Ancient grains like buckwheat are making a comeback and are definitely worth trying- especially during pregnancy. ... more »

    Too Hot to Handle? Spicy Food During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

    It turns out that hot sauce can add more than just tongue-burning excitement to a meal. Capsaicin, the antioxidant that gives chili peppers their heat, has a wide range of health benefits. ... more »

    Is a Low-Acid Diet the Way To Go During Pregnancy?

    You may have heard of a new diet based on controlling the acid/base balance of the body to achieve a better state of health. The 'Alkaline Diet' is gaining popularity. ... more »

    Sweet Secrets for Sugar Cravings During Pregnancy

    Have baked goods gone from just good to gotta-have during yourpregnancy? Has your pantry's cookie supply been slowly diminishing witheach trimester? ... more »

    Nuts for Fertility

    Most women know that good nutrition can increase fertilityt, but there's another half of the fertility equation that has to do with the male: 30 - 50%of infertility are attributed to sperm issues. ... more »

    New Studies Focus on Iodine During Pregnancy: How Much is Too Much?

    With a healthy diet and help of daily prenatal vitamin, most pregnant and breastfeeding women are sure to get enough of all essential vitamins and minerals but are they consuming too much of them? ... more »

    Why to go Easy on the Green Tea During Pregnancy

    Could green tea be doing more harm than good in your pre-pregnancy diet? ... more »

    Pregnancy Nutrition: Q & A for All Pregnant Women

    Nutrition is one of the most important ways to prevent pregnancy complications (both fetal and maternal). The foods pregnant women eat set the stage for growth and development during pregnancy. ... more »

    A Soy Savvy Pregnancy: Is Soy Helpful or Harmful to Health?

    Some researchers have cautioned against consumption of soy protein, reporting findings that soy increases the risk of breast cancer. This, however, is not the case. ... more »

    Gluten Free for the Gluten Tolerant During Pregnancy?

    Pregnant women may be missing out on important nutrients if they go 'G-free' gluten free during pregnancy without the getting the right advice. ... more »

    Go Nuts for Walnuts

    When craving a healthy and satisfying snack, nuts may be one of the best foods to turn to- and according to new research, some types are even healthier than others. ... more »

    Iron Deficiency is a Problem for Many during Pregnancy

    A new study suggests that pregnant women are twice as likely to be iron deficient than non-pregnant women, and the number of pregnant women with inadequate iron stores was higher than expected.  ... more »

    Food Poisoning During Pregnancy

    Food poisonioccurs when you are exposed to harmful organisms through eating or swalloing contaminated  food or water. ... more »

    Is Chocolate Healthy?

    New study shows chocolate has heart healthy effects in diabetic women. ... more »

    Caesar's Salad During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

    Cesar's salad is not recommended during pregnancy because it could contain raw eggs which can carry salmonella and infect the pregnant woman. ... more »

    Raw Eggs During Pregnancy

    Raw or undercooked eggs can carry harmful organisms such as E.Coli and Salmonella, which in turn can infect a pregnant women during pregnancy  leading to an intestinal infection. ... more »

    Can You Have Liver Pate During Pregnancy

    Pate is not recommended during pregnancy because there is an increased risk of infection with listeria, listeriosis. ... more »

    The Best Type of Fiber for Reducing Diabetes Risk

    When it comes to diabetes prevention, fiber is a key ingredient in keeping blood sugars within a healthy range. ... more »

    100% Fruit Juice Does Not Mean 100% Healthy

    Don't be fooled by these health claims, which though true regarding some of what they do contain, fail to mention the many nutrients they leave out. ... more »

    Food To Avoid In Pregnancy

    It is  important at all times to eat nutritious and balanced meals. But there are certain food that you should avoid to prevent pregnancy complications and to ensure your and the baby's health. ... more »

    Make Your Calories Count When Morning Sickness Strikes

    Up to 75% of women experience morning sickness during theirpregnancy, and many of them worry that they may not be getting enoughnutrition during times when keeping food down isn't easy. ... more »

    Five Healthy Dessert Ideas to Beat Sugar Cravings

    Consuming too much refined sugar during pregnancy can lead to weight gain and diabetes, which exposes the developing baby to large amounts of sugar in the womb. ... more »

    Six Energy-Alternatives During Pregnancy

    There are many other healthy ways besides consuming caffeine to gain energy. Read on to learn six caffeine-free energy-boosting strategies that you can practice to ensure a healthy pregnancy.   ... more »

    What is the Best Packed Meal for Work During Pregnancy?

    If you're one of those people who look forward to hitting the local deli or coffee shop during your work lunch break, packing meals during pregnancy may be a bit difficult. ... more »

    5 Nutrition Tips to Help With Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

    Fortunately, there are many strategies to manage nausea and vomiting to promote a healthy, more comfortable pregnancy. Read on to learn about possible dietary modifications that can help. ... more »

    Diet May Influence Baby’s Gender

    Could choosing your baby's gender be as simple as changing the way you eat and diet? According to new research, it just may be- though not every dieter will find it simple. ... more »

    Gender Selection of Baby's Sex By Timing and Diet

    A study from the Netherlands showed that women who had sex up to three to four days before ovulation ate a certain diet were 81 percent more likely to conceive a girl. ... more »

    Do Not Ditch All Fish While Pregnant

    Many woman may not know is that eating fish during pregnancy may actually confer some very big benefits for their baby- and studies have been done to prove it. ... more »

    Food Too Dirty to Eat During Pregnancy?

    The most important time to be careful about food safety is during pregnancy. Both mother and fetus are at high risk of some food borne illnesses due to weakened immune system during pregnancy. ... more »

    “Eating for Two” is a Eating a Little Too Much During Pregnancy

    Many women believe that pregnancy gives the go ahead to and eat for two. Though this seems to make some sense, it is (unfortunately for some) a nutrition myth. ... more »

    Peanut Consumption During Pregnancy Packs a Plus

    A new study suggests that pregnant and breastfeeding women should eat peanuts during pregnancy to protect child from future peanut allergy. ... more »

    Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

    There are many foods you should avoid when trying to conceive and while you are pregnant including raw sprouts, certain fish, and deli meat. ... more »

    Diet Sodas during Pregnancy

    Diet soda and pregnancy is an issue that still has not been completely decided. The main issue here are the artificial sweeteners such as saccharin in pregnancy as well as caffeine during pregnancy. ... more »